Mid back Vs High Back Chair

Mid back Vs High Back Chair

It can be challenging to know which chair is perfect for you when various options are available, but one specific feature might be worth considering if you want to fight back pain: high back vs. mid-back chair. Various things differentiate the chairs, such as ergonomics, design, budget, feel and durability, etc.

Furthermore, many other factors also differentiate the chairs and back, including high back, low back, and mid-back. It would be best if you chose a suitable office chair that comes with comfortable and provides productivity. In this post, we will look at the high back vs mid back chair and expectantly, after reading this post, you will be able to select the appropriate type of chair.

Both high back and mid-back chair have their advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on your necessities. Let’s know the difference between the high back and mid-back chair and its comparison and look at which one fulfills your needs best.

High Back Office Chair

As its name shows, a high back chair is a chair with a taller backrest that extends to the upper back. Its taller backrest support both your head and neck. If we discuss its appearance, these chairs are higher and superior to mid-back chairs. Its built-in bigger backrest makes sure excellent support to your back, neck, and shoulders, thus providing more comfort to your work and body.

Moreover, high-back chairs offer more adjustment options for an adapted and customized seating experience that doesn’t give the mid-back chairs. These chairs are perfect for tall people. High-back chairs are more comfortable and ergonomic in many ways than mid-back chairs.

High Back Chair

Advantages of High Back Chair

Here are some commonly experienced advantages of high back chairs:

  • High-back chairs provide proper upper and lower back support.
  • These chairs come with a headrest that permits you to sit straight for long periods.
  • Reduces the risks of suffering from the issue of sagging.
  • High back chair comes with at least 2D arms support.
  • High back chair tilt mechanism is more flexible then mid back chair.

Moreover, these chairs’ most important benefit comes when you are sitting and working for long hours, like 7 to 8 hours every day. These chairs are better for those who are sitting and working for longer hours. High back chairs offer comfort to your neck, head, and lower and upper back also.

Mid Back Chair Office Chair

The mid-back chair is a chair that does not come with a headrest to support your head and neck. Its seat high is lower than your shoulders. Yet, these chairs come with a perfect backrest feature. The mid-back chair’s important feature is that it makes sure an appropriate amount of support to your mid and lower back very well. The large backrest of mid-back chairs offers support to the curve of your spine and also protects it.

You can use mid-back chairs for periods of four hours or more and are more reasonable for use behind the table or in a conference room. These chairs make them a perfect selection for workplace environments where chairs are used for innumerable purposes. Mid-back chairs are best for those who are not looking forward to sitting for long hours.


Mid Back Chair

Advantages of Mid Back Chair

Here are some commonly experienced advantages of mid back chairs:

  • Perfect choice for flexible workplaces.
  • It offers numerous options in colors.
  • Available in various designs like ergonomic, ribbed, and modern designs.
  • Offers mobility in small spaces feature.
  • Comes with both leather and mesh quality.

Differences between a High Back vs Mid Back Chair


The first thing which makes the difference between mid back and high back office chair is the cost. The high back office chair price starts from 80$ but if we talk about mid back then you will easily get mid back office chair under $50 which office height adjustability and tilt tension feature.

The reason of high cost is the mechanism that a high back chair chair offers. Take a gaming chair for e.g. You will get high backrest, lumbar support, neck pillow and if you go for high price then you will see 4D armrest option in them which is the great feature.


The reasonable difference between the high back and mid back chair is the appearance. A high-back chair comes with a more noticeable appearance than a mid-back chair. The high back comes with an additional part, such as a headrest, making it slightly bigger than the mid-back.


A high-back chair has various adjustment options, but a mid-back does not have one. Moreover, a high back provides sufficient support when you are slightly tall and feel uncomfortable sitting in the mid-back chair. It is a perfect option for those people who suffer from backaches. The backrest of the mid-back chair protects the shoulder blade and thus increases the overall level comfortably.

Which one should opt?

Now the question is which one you should opt? If you are a kind of person who spends more than 8 hours a day on a chair then you should opt high back office chair so you would hardly feel any back pain plus it will boast your productivity level.

But if you are don’t spend too much time on a chair then opt mid back. Thus, it will save your cost but if you go for high back and you never those those features then it will be the waste of money.

And if you need a chair for small place then go for mid chair. Thus, high back chair doesn’t possess heavy weight only but it also cover a lot of space. Now, its up to your requirements.


In this post, we have discussed the High back vs mid back chair. Both types of chairs are expensive. At the same time, high-back chairs are more expensive than mid-back chairs. The mid-back chair gives support to the lower back, and the high-back chair offers support to the upper back, shoulders, and neck. I hope this article will provide you with enough information on what you want to know about the chairs. Good luck!


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