Mesotherapy Cost in India : Treatment of Hair Loss and Skin Care

Mesotherapy Cost in India : Treatment of Hair Loss and Skin Care

Jaipur Skin City is the only clinic in Pink City Jaipur that has the vision to give the best cosmetology and dermatology treatments to needy patients at very affordable Mesotherapy Cost in India. Jaipur Skin City consists of the top skin specialist in Jaipur. It is a matter of privilege to say that the Jaipur Skin City is the only first hair and skin clinic in Pink city with two fully operational branches. Any patient can sense the drastic change after getting treatment from here. The clinic has specialized surgeon Dr. Sachin Sharda who has achieved much in his medical career. He is a top skin specialist and is quite popular as he provides quality treatment to all his patients.JSC is the ideal place for patients who aspire to get the best possible treatment of both skin and hair.

What actually is the Hair Transplant?

The process of regrowing the natural hair is termed as the hair transplant. This process involves taking the hair follicles from the back portion of the head (donor area) and later implanting them into the bald area(recipient area). The backside hair follicles are known as the permanent follicles whereas the ones at the front are known as temporary follicles. With age, the temporary follicles will decrease in the number (Hormone-sensitive). While the permanent follicles are known to be hormone insensitive.

Thus the permanent follicles (hairs) are implanted in the bald area in case of a hair transplant. After the transplantation, the transplanted hair gives a resemblance to that of the natural hair and does not fall again. In Jaipur city, this is the latest hair transplantation technology.

About Mesotherapy

About Mesotherapy

The hair rejuvenation latest technique is known as Mesotherapy. This procedure is minimally invasive. In this treatment, the scalp is gently cleaned. After this process, the small doses of necessary medicines are microinjected below the scalp. The use of vasodilators is there for distal circulation improvement.

 This helps to enhance and improve the partially blocked microcirculation systems. With this, it loses the aging pilar cysts. The hair regrowth is improved with better circulation. It also makes the hair follicles much nourished. 

The creation of microholes is there over the main scalp by using a dermaroller. With this, the hair follicles are stimulated and new hair growth is promoted. The growth factors will trigger the cell metabolism. All this will help in speeding up the hair follicles revival and also revitalizing the hair growth. This process is helpful to all those patients who consistently suffer from huge hair fall. Mesotherapy costs in India can vary from one clinic to another clinic.

What one can expect from the treatment?

One would notice a hair fall decrease and new hairs will grow along the existing hairline. Also, the texture of hair will improve.

Which person can undergo mesotherapy?

A person can successfully undergo mesotherapy. For both men and women, this process is equally effective. One should definitely go for it if one suffer from the things listed below:-

  • Patchy Hair Loss
  • Progressive Baldness
  • Progressive Thinning of the Hair

Does the treatment cause pain?

The pain is subjective and patient-specific.To some people, the treatment looks like a hot massage while others find it unbearable. By using topical anesthesia or numbing gel the pain sensation will considerably get reduced.

What are the side effects?

A safe procedure that doesn’t have any large and long term side effects is termed as Mesotherapy. Under complete aseptic conditions the procedure is performed and with this folliculitis can be avoided.

The treatment takes how much time?

A lunchtime procedure is termed as the Mesotherapy. For the entire process, it will take around ½ hr to 1 hr. One can go back to the workplace immediately after the procedure gets over.

How many sessions are required in the treatment?

A person requires at least four sessions. The therapy can be prolonged further upto 10 or 12 sessions. With these anti-hair loss solutions, therapy can also be combined.

How long will the results last?

If more than four treatment sessions are received by you then only you can expect long laying results with an 80 percent success rate.

Hair can be washed after how much time?

One can do the hair wash after 24 hours of mesotherapy with the routine shampoo.

Jaipur skin city is highly recommended for the best results

For obtaining the best and speedy results a healthy diet must be maintained by the patient. Intake of junk food and toxins should be eliminated. A fitness regime should be followed religiously. Also one can do regular exercises that are suggested by the doctor.

Why would one choose the Jaipur Skincity?

JaipurSkinCity is the dedicated and ideal clinic where a person can achieve the best results in the treatment process. JSC should opt as it exhibits the following things:-

  • Absolute Value for Money Prices
  • New Innovations
  • Latest Techniques
  • Best Results

At the JSC a personalized treatment plan is there for every individual.

Mesotherapy Cost in India

Jaipur Skin City is mainly known to provide cost-effective treatments for all. For more details, you can contact 9468975757. For the hair loss treatment, the mesotherapy is a non-surgical and painless procedure. The mesotherapy cost in India will purely depend upon the individual to individual clinic.


If you are the one who aspires to take the mesotherapy treatment then the ultimate clinic to visit is Jaipur Skin City. Mesotherapy cost in India definitely varies from one place to another. One should definitely make a visit to the Jaipur Skin City to have the finest mesotherapy treatment with sure success rates. JSC is widely known for effective treatments at very affordable prices.


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