Men’s Favorite Polo T-Shirts for 2021


Why are Polo shirts becoming more and more popular among young men? Most people’s impression of POLO shirts is that they are “rustic,” “greasy,” and so on. But with the change of Polo T-shirts in recent years, the old “dad piece” has made a full comeback with the retro trend, becoming a styling tool for trendy young people, who can even pull the Polo shirt out of their dad’s closet. It’s not outdated at all. Today we will teach you how to choose a suitable men’s Polo t-shirt and some tips for matching it. For more Polo shirts, we can buy them from the men’s Polo t-shirt wholesale website and direct from retailers. Read on for more information.

How to choose a qualified Polo t-shirt? We can choose from the following aspects.

  1. Comfortable Fabrics

    I think most people first choose the fabric, the quality of the fabric, the vast majority of the degree determines the number of times we wear it, so the choice of fabric is crucial, only choose the comfortable fabric, we can wear comfortable. As for polo t-shirts, we should look for a good quality cotton blend.

    Polo Neck Button Decor Short Sleeve Tee

    The porous surface of the fabric is conducive to air permeability and moisture absorption. The honeycomb texture gives the garment a more textured look, weighs more, and is more durable and washable than regular cotton. Most high-end polo t-shirts these days are made of pearl cotton. Avoid polo t-shirts high in polyester and spandex. Synthetic fibers give off unnatural reflections and make clothes look cheap. And wear one or two easily pilling.

  2. Comfortable Collar

    Polo t-shirts differ from t-shirts in that they have collars and lapels. This is the most important characteristic of the Polo t-shirt. The collar and neck itself should be straight, not pulled, and not distorted by washing or wearing. The wrinkled collar looked dull and untidy. The neckline should fit perfectly around your neck and feel comfortable with the first button. We should also refer to the size chart when we buy in the online store to ensure that the size we buy is suitable for us. After all, comfort is the most important thing.

    Ribbon Detail Solid Color Polo T-shirt

    Putting on the first button is a Stoic feeling, taking off two buttons is a stylish feeling, but don’t take off three buttons, it will look a little sloppy.

  3. The Most Stylish Way to Wear a Polo T-shirt

    Most people think Polo shirts are old-fashioned, but they just don’t know how to wear them. Put on a Polo shirt and you instantly become a streetwear icon. So let’s read on.

    >Don’t Turn the Collar Up
    One of the most important things about Polo wear that people think is old-fashioned is that you have the collar up. It’s true that Polo shirts have been worn with the collar up from the beginning, but that was an athlete’s way of protecting his or her neck from getting sunburned outside. We didn’t have to do that. Putting down the collar is the key to looking stylish. In the cool summer, we can also change the white tee into a pure white Polo T-shirt, with a pair of jeans, change another style.

     Men's Shorts Sleeve Plain Polo T-shirt

    >Polo T-shirt with Embroidery Print
    If you don’t want to look flashy, you can opt for simple Polo shirts with embroidered patterns, which will look sophisticated and simple. It is also most common to wear a white T, which can be exposed at the neckline to add a layer.

    Solid Color Short Sleeve Business Polo Shirt

    Also can choose geometric pattern collocation color in the design, wear up to be able to have level feeling more. Color and geometry are interdependent, without color, geometry is meaningless. Now there are more and more friends who are walking at the forefront of the trend. The successful motion geometry and color blocks make the wear more interesting.

    All-over Geometric Print Polo Tee

    Geometric Pattern Colorblock Polo T-shirt

    >Age Reduction Polo T-Shirt Suit
    In order to avoid being too straightforward, try not to match well-worn trousers. Changing trousers into shorts will make you more youthful. “Old style” doesn’t exist at all. If you want to match it without making a mistake, choosing a set of men’s Polo shirt suits couldn’t be easier. It is versatile and saves us time.

     2 Pieces Contrast Color Half Zipper Polo Shirt & Sweat Shorts Set

    >Summer Cool Hawaiian Polo Shirt
    For a cool summer fashion item, how can Hawaiian Polo shirts be missing? It is simply a must for vacation travel. The clothes are covered with prints on a large area, full of summer elements. The neckline has a Polo shirt logo lapel design, and a row of simple buttons is even more different. Cool fabric with a loose fit. It should be a must-have summer fashion item for every man.

     Hawaii Style All-over Print Polo Shirt

    >Classic Stripe

    Since stripes often appear in many fashion items, why do Polo shirts have no stripe elements? We can choose the following relatively thin striped Polo shirt, which will make us look slimmer in appearance. The following Polo shirts are made of cotton blend fabric, which has good perspiration and breathability and has a certain degree of elasticity. Wearing this Polo shirt will not be tight at all. Very suitable for summer wear. Use black and white classic contrast colors in the color scheme. Make it look more mature and stable. Whether in daily leisure or commuting, it is very all-match. It is also definitely a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe.

     Hit Color Stripe Polo Shirt

The above is all about men’s polo shirts. In fact, there is no saying that a piece of clothing is out of date, only that it is worn correctly. We can also match many different styles of a piece of clothing. It cannot be said that it is not good to match it wrongly. As long as you put aside your mindset, you can always gain more. To purchase more men’s Polo shirt styles, please continue to the men’s Polo t-shirt wholesale website. Polo t-shirt styles here have everything. I hope today’s content is helpful to you. For more Polo t-shirts, please leave a message in the comment area below to share with us.

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