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I am my story… all the best, bad and even the horrible!

The place I was born was Mauritius. I was about three years of age, wearing full leg braces, suffering from polio at the time my father passed away after a gruelling three years in a wheel chair disabled by a stroke. My mother, then a beautiful young woman was faced with the daunting task of raising my three older sister and my. Although the life in Mauritius was challenging for me, it was also many good times. I remember vivid and fond memory of the time I played soccer alongside my buddies on the dirt road that was just close to our house, getting chosen school captain three times in consecutive years. As captain, I led the team to a historic inter-school win and of course , the constant and unending love and affection of my mother and two sisters. When I was in school I was always among the elite five of students. Academic achievement was an extremely crucial goal in my home country because it was considered an opportunity to live the best life for the family. I would always study hard and did my best. I always felt happy to see the smiles on my parents’ faces, but not necessarily the acknowledgement or the diploma of the Headmaster. I was required to be a hard worker and I had to be successful and beat all odds, just like my mom did for her kids. With everything going on around me, I subconsciously I assumed the role as my father. I was now entrusted to complete all the things I would have done if his life been different.

I was always creative, entrepreneurial in my work, building, or fixing anything. Since at the age of nine I started making sling shot from leftover strips of elastic bands that my mother had made from her sewing machines, and then made small sailing boats made of dust pans with handles that were long from old oil bottles and offered them to local shopkeepers and my school buddies for a few shillings which could be used to purchase school supplies, but not enough to purchase that dream soccer boot which was often on the Christmas wish list. In my earlier childhood, there was a lot in hospital trips for Maurice Roussety. Ranging from acute asthma attacks, diphtheria, gangrenous infections and being allowed to live after swallowing a two cent coin, I soon became recognized at an area hospital.

At the age of 13, my mother moved to Australia. I went to Chandler High school, a tiny public school located that was located in Noble Park. I was a bit rusty in my English as a student, had a intense French accent and had a passion for soccer (rather rather than Aussie rules) with a dark complexion and dressed in a different way. I was more taller than the average 13 year old. What… is that my look from my classmates as well as my teachers? In the early days immigrants like me were rare and infrequent At the very least, within Chandler High. I was never the same in school and never truly accepted. At times, I thought of ending the whole thing.

I then built an impressive consulting business. I and then I studied Economics as well as Commerce. I and went on up to Masters degrees, and even an Ph.D. However, my accomplishments have taught me nothing about life and its vagaries. My most significant lessons came later in my life, when everything was shattered, fell into an unforgiving pit and reached rock bottom, possibly just a few feet below. I lost everything – my family and my reputation, as well as my money and my determination to live. What do you know, I did my best to dig myself out of that gloomy hole, and am now digging into the business of life. I would be delighted to share more with you.


Financial Modeling

Financial modeling- Robust adaptive, integrated, and dynamic models of economics and finance that are able to defend and validate growth models

Growth Models

Growth models- Use agency and fundamental theories to create low-cost structures and models to dominate existing markets and to penetrate new markets


Maurice Roussety Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy: Unlock your potential by working together in a process that maps your company and organizational path towards achievable objectives


Intellectual Property Valuations

Intellectual property valuations: Innovative and innovative appraisal methods that have been validated by a PhD and tools to evaluate current and prospective growth assets


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A deal you shouldn’t turn down…

  • We are delighted to take the time to get know you.
  • We are happy to create content specifically for you.
  • Traveling with joy
  • Flexible to stay within your budget
  • We are happy to fully refund my fees If you are not satisfied

Our commercial arrangement

  • 60-Minute keynote speech

$4,500.00 plus GST (plus non-refundable travel/accommodation/transfers).

  • Full day workshop

$4,500.00 plus GST (plus non-refundable travel/accommodation/transfers).

  • General talks (support speaker)

$2,500.00 plus GST (plus non-refundable travel/accommodation/transfers).

  • Multiple day events

Let’s chat and come to a compromise that will work for you and me.

As you can see this, the published rates are meant to serve as a general guideline. I am aware that every organization has its own needs as well as budgets and relationship goals that drive me to keep a flexible approach to rates and general benefits for my time.

  • Accommodation and travel

Travel within Australia and also to New Zealand can be at affordable ratesThe cheapest option is to fly from New Zealand. QANTAS is the most preferred airline. The accommodation should be 5 star standard when possible, with transfers from and to the venue or accommodation included.

  • Terms of payment

The bookings will be confirmed but will be confirmed only after an Authorization Agreement is completed and the deposit of 50% is received.

  • Briefing of the client

When the booking is confirmed A briefing session (in person or via video link) will be scheduled. The session will concentrate on meeting you in person and identify your specific needs.

  • Audiovisual

A video-based audio presentation is tailored for each spoken project. The presentation will be provided prior to the event in order to ensure compatible with the venue. A PDF version of the slides will be sent to you, which is available to share with the attendees prior to or prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

A headset or microphone with a lapel is recommended to facilitate effective communication and interaction with an public.

  • Media

I’m always willing to attend to any media needs before, during and after the event.

  • Bookings

It’s all about you

Your company is unique. Your requirements are particular to you. Your people expect value. Here’s a challenge to any presenter or speaker! For me, it’s a blessing that not all presenters and speakers adapt their style and contents to fit your business as well as your requirements and individuals. While I usually speak about cost-effective growth techniques (of the which, franchising can be one) management and small-business issues but I also have an experience which never ceases to enthrall the audience. I love the process of learning about the audience and you before giving a presentation… it’s an exciting process of discovery that guarantees a clear agreement on goals and presentation of informative content. Take a look and see if these topics that are frequently discussed might be of interest to you, and If not, then we can cooperate to design a customized program specifically for you. By my by the way, I am sure you won’t be disappointed by my services that I provide an FULL REFUND GUARANTEE of my costs.


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