Marble Fountains – Installing a Fountain in Your Yard


Do you have a harmonious garden and want to add a touch of freshness and modernity? Several solutions are available to you! We focus today on the garden fountain. A decorative element in its own right will prove a charming asset to your green spaces. Find some tips for choosing the right fountain and installing it as it should in this article. Having a marble fountain can bring a new spot for relaxing evenings.

Aesthetic and Soothing, The Garden Fountain Has It All!

A pond often brings the final touch to the layout of a garden. Whether it’s a simple basin or a stream with a waterfall, the fountain is a natural source of relaxation. The magic of moving water pleases young and old alike! This type of installation is now available in many models: in all styles, all sizes, and at all prices. You are sure to find the template that suits you. There is something for everyone in the central fountain, a marble fountain to be fixed to the ground or a wall fountain! Depending on your chosen material, you can give your fountain a specific character: cast iron, stone, ceramic, concrete, resin, etc.

Installing A Fountain in Your Garden Cannot be Improvised

The fountains that you will find in specialized DIY stores are available in the form of a “ready to install” kit, with a pump for the circulation of the water and a lighting system, such as spotlights or colored light. Setting them up is usually quick and easy, so following the instructions is all you have to do. The right marble fountain will be the one that will fit best into your garden as well as your living environment. It should be neither too small nor too large. In addition, it is important to take care to choose the appropriate place for its implantation.

The location should be semi-shaded to limit the effects of water evaporation. Likewise, ensure that the ground is flat for optimal operation and guaranteed waterproofing. To limit the infiltration of residues in the basin (they could block the evacuation) or mold proliferation. It also avoids placing the fountain under tall trees. It is better to have a marble fountain as it is easier to clean. As mentioned above, make sure that the surface on the ground is flat. To complete this step, check the level for a layer of sand on the ground and tamp it down.

The heart of a fountain system is the electric pump that circulates the water. It is therefore essential to provide a power supply. Once everything is aligned and the place prepared, you can seal the base of the marble fountain with cement and then mount the various elements of the basin.

Consider More Choices

You can also opt for a closed-circuit fountain, which continuously recycles water. It is the most common solution these days for continuously running a fountain. A water supply is necessary if the fountain system does not allow this.

Smart Tip For Your Marble Fountain!

For an ecological and economical installation, remember to make an electrical connection by connecting the fountain to a solar panel. These systems require little time and material. They consist of a photovoltaic panel, a battery, a pump, and a cable connecting everything. The solar energy is transformed into electricity and injected directly into the device.

Take Your Precautions Before the Arrival of Winter

Before the temperatures become negative, it will be necessary to consider draining your fountain and cleaning the pipes. It will prevent them from freezing, which could damage them.

The Advantages of a Fountain in Your Garden

Installing a garden fountain is not only a question of aesthetics. It brings many advantages to your green spaces. The fountain is undeniably at the top of the list of beautiful and valuable projects in terms of landscaping.

How to Improve the Decoration of Your Garden with a Marble Fountain?

The supply of garden fountains is almost endless since, ultimately, the only real limit is that of the imagination. The imagination of private individuals who know more about the effect they wish to obtain can do wonders. It will be good if one utilizes the imagination of creators who use all the materials at their disposal to modulate their fountains to their artistic vision. Whether it is in natural or sculpted stone, whether it has single or multiple jets, whether it sits at the heart of your garden or adorns the exterior wall of your home, the fountain allows you to structure an entire space visually. The latter, by its style, can transform the atmosphere of your garden.

A Garden Marble Fountain To Create A Zen Atmosphere

It is no coincidence that a fountain is present in the heart of many Zen gardens. The flow of water is a sound, by nature, soothing. This light lapping instantly brings a feeling of serenity and invites contemplation as much as meditation. More individuals are taking the plunge and installing a fountain in their garden. The soothing benefits of this discreet ambient noise are immediate, even if the rest of your garden does not have the “Zen” theme.

The Benefits of a Garden Fountain for Wildlife

Your marble fountain can become a popular meeting point for local wildlife. When the surroundings are calm, all these animals will like to come and quench their thirst in the water of your fountain. It is a show as entertaining as it is exciting while helping to take care of the environment.

The Freshness Asset of the Garden Fountain

Another advantage, and not the least, of a garden fountain is its freshness! The summer period brings its excitement, but it also brings in its wake, sometimes stifling days. The simple presence of a fountain near your patio can help to cool the surrounding air. You will then have the joy of being able to enjoy your exteriors in the middle of summer without suffering too much from the heat. Be careful, however, to ensure that the water level should not drop too much due to the phenomenon of evaporation. It could damage the entire water pumping, filtering, and flow system of a marble fountain. A simple regular upgrade is enough to eliminate any risk of system malfunctioning.

The Fountain is the Centerpiece of a More Ambitious Setting!

Indeed, you can choose to insert your fountain within a larger scene. It is not uncommon to associate the presence of a waterfall with a basin sheltering plants and fish, as well as surrounding benches, for example. It can also blend naturally into a large plant composition: bushes, flower arches, etc. Be careful, however, with deciduous trees because they have an unfortunate tendency to scatter their leaves on the water’s surface in autumn. These leaves can, unfortunately, pass through the filtration system. It is better to install a fountain at a reasonable distance from this type of tree.

It is intelligent to have a marble fountain to create a calming effect in your garden. Once you have found the right place to have a fountain, you are good to go with your plan. It is great to have an assembly area for your living space.


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