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26% – The reduction in employee attrition

34% – The increase in productivity of businesses

42% – Enhancement in Operational Efficiency

How Our Management Consultants Are Able to help you?

MSMEs in a country like India with more than a billion people and a huge population growth, are playing an essential part in boosting the economy. According to the Ministry of MSME, there are more than the 63 million MSME units in India. MSMEs offer employment opportunities to millions of people, skilled and unskilled, across the nation. MSMEs are the second largest employment source in India following agriculture. MSMEs are also annexes to larger scale industries and assist in the development of the entire industrial ecosystem.

MSMEs make up 30 percent of India’s GDP as well as 40% of the total exports. The percentage of MSMEs that contribute to the manufacturing output of India exceeds 45 percent. Given the significance of MSMEs in the development of the economy as a whole, the government has made a decision to increase the proportion in this MSME sector in GDP to over 50 percent. In addition, the Government of India recently revised the definition of MSMEs within the country, which allows them to receive more benefits of the state. The contributions from MSMEs to MSME sector is crucial to creating India an one of the most powerful economies and superpowers of economics around the world.

In India of the total number of MSMEs More than 99percent are micro-enterprises. This indicates the inability of these micro-enterprises in growing into medium or small industries. All of this boils into a lack of direction to MSMEs regarding the expansion of their businesses and for management. In addition they are also faced with a variety of issues, including inaccessibility to finance resources slow tech adoption, insufficient infrastructure, slow cash flow capacity building, lack of skilled workers, and fluctuations in the availability and price for raw material.

The management services we offer help you to tackle these issues while managing your business . We enable you to grow and expand your business with the help of changes management. Through collaboration with your team members Our expert management consultants help you boost the efficiency of your employees.

Different kinds of certified Management Consultants We Provide

Management is a vast field that primarily consists of product and change management. We therefore do not offer just one individual consultant but a variety of accredited managers who have been certified as specialists in their fields of expertise.

Change Management Consultant

Product management is a broad term that covers all tasks related to the product, including analysis designing prototypes, product development and planning, production costing, release of the product marketing, and so on.

Our experts in product management can assist you through all stages of the product’s lifecycle. Launching a brand new product on the market is a challenge that involves a number of business and technical challenges, aside from social, economic environmental, and other aspects. Our Product Management consultants can help you overcome the various issues in launching the product on the market.

Furthermore, different geographical regions require different strategies for marketing when making the launch of the item. This is even more important, particularly in countries with diverse cultures such as India. Our experts in product management can assist you in determining diverse strategies for various geographies in accordance with local conditions and other factors.

Consultant for Product Management

Change management is the process where a company makes modifications to internal and external processes covering all elements of the business like people, process technology, structure, collaboration and budget. The company has to be aware of a multitude of elements when implementing the change and tackling changes, including the people and processes that are that are involved in the process as well as the resources required to carry out the change, and so on.

Our change management experts help effectively implement changes to your company and improve performance by analysing all the variables to be considered. Our experts in change management assist you through the process of preparing your employees and the management, as well as establishing essential steps for implementing the change, as well as monitoring prior to and after-change activities and more. They will assist you in a variety of methods, such as crisis management, risk management, and help you to make your organizational change more efficient and smooth.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Management Consulting Services?

There are many areas where a manager consultant can aid you, like increasing productivity, developing the infrastructure needed and identifying channels for vendors methods of outsourcing, building capacity the management of warehouses, employee training and more. Here are a few areas in which our management consultants could be useful to your business:

Examine and evaluate the Design of the Product and provide suggestions for improvement

The business owners draw on their experiences and concepts to develop the design of their product. Although the design might be acceptable based on the ideas of the business owner however, there are certain elements that have not been thought of. It is always advisable to have the concept or production plan evaluated by an professional in the area. The project management consultants have many years of experience in the industry and bring their expertise into the discussion. Owners of businesses can have their plans and product designs evaluated by management consultants, who might be in a position to offer suggestions for improvement , if needed.

Help to Create the Right Infrastructure to support Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities require the right infrastructure to be prepared before production can begin. The process of acquiring the infrastructure needed is a daunting task, especially for those who are not experienced in this field. Technology is always evolving and there could be a myriad of alternatives for a specific business scenario. The evaluation of all the available options may not be something business owners are experts in. Management consulting can assist in bringing the experts on the subject in an advisory role to help evaluate the different options to be considered, thus minimizing the costs for the company. Certified management consultants with years of experience in the industry assist businesses in making the best choices when it comes to developing the right infrastructure to start production.

Locate Vendor Channels for Raw Materials as well as to manufacture Components

Raw materials are the vital ingredient of manufacturing. The quality of the raw materials is a major factor in the final quality of your product. Finding good quality raw materials for a reasonable cost can be a problem for all industries, particularly those who are just beginning to enter the marketplace. A reputable business management expert can help you find the most appropriate suppliers and partners that are both affordable and reliable. Making sure you’re not paying more for high raw materials of the highest quality is essential to ensure profitability over the long term. Expert consultants can assist business owners to identify the most suitable suppliers to manufacture the components needed in the manufacturing process.

Assistance in determining if any Manufacturing Processes Could be Outsourced

One of the most challenging issues for any manufacturing company is making a decision between buying or building. Although manufacturing all the components of the product could not be economically viable or profitable for the company It is essential that the owner of the company decides which components that will have to be made at-home and which components are outsourced. Although this can be challenging, having a knowledgeable and trusted advisor in form of a project management expert can help the business owner to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of all possible options before deciding. A good decision in this phase can have an enormous difference to the profitability of your business.

Create Quality Control Specifications to different components/ assembly

Before establishing the production schedule It is essential that the manufacturing industry creates specifications for quality control and the acceptable tolerances for each of the components and the whole product. Without quality specifications that are established, it’s impossible to know if results of the manufacturing process are in line with the standards of quality demanded by the clients. If the manufacturer doesn’t believe that the product is in line with the specified quality standard the product is nearly impossible to compete on the marketplace, except if it is an exclusive company. Business management experts with experience can assist a brand new business identify and define the specifications for quality control of the various elements of the manufacturing process. They also help in the establishment of processes for quality control to ensure that the quality of the product is monitored regularly.

Plan for problems to be anticipated during the production Phase and offer Solutions

Have you ever come across problems during production? These interruptions can be devastating particularly if you do not have experience with dealing with such problems. Production issues can put the works off because everything slows down and you face loss of money and time. Professionals with experience in project management can anticipate these interruptions in the production process due to their expertise and knowledge of the field. In addition to anticipating the most frequent problems they also assist entrepreneurs by offering possible solutions to handle these difficult circumstances. They may also aid with the creation of routine maintenance programs to avoid unexpected interruptions.

Help determine the right Distribution and Warehouse Distribution Centers

For an industrial company, it’s not enough just to create top-quality products. The owners of the business must make sure that their products are delivered to the market in date and arrive in perfect shape especially when they are perishable. It is essential for the business to identify the best distribution centers that are close to the customer, and employing top-quality logistics. When it comes to perishable products, it’s crucial that they find the appropriate warehouse that will provide the ideal storage conditions to preserve them. Business management consultants with years of knowledge in this specific sector are aware of the facilities available and can assist owners of businesses find the ideal solution for their products with a cost-effective price.

Examine of the Manufacturing Process and Suggest Improvements to improve long-term profits

Even the most established manufacturing processes have inherent inefficiencies. Some might have slipped into the form of overtime. Inviting an expert within the role of an expert in manufacturing to look over the established procedures of the industry could uncover some of these weaknesses. Apart from identifying areas for improvement in your manufacturing processes, the expert might be able provide ideas for technology enhancements based on their previous experiences in similar industries. These suggestions can aid the company in achieving significant improvements over the long term. The new players in the industry are able to benefit greatly from the knowledge and expertise that these experienced professionals provide.

Support with in-house training for personnel

In the case of a new manufacturing facility it is essential that the workers are properly educated on the machinery and the assembly process. The degree of expertise of the employees directly impacts the effectiveness that the process of manufacturing and ultimately, what the final final product. The process of training the workforce is a difficult task for anyone in the business, particularly when they’re not hands-on or the setup is brand new and untested. This is when a skilled as well as a certified manager will help. Being a part of the planning and setting up of infrastructure the management consulting could help in the development of an internal training program for workers in the factory. Many of the management consultants have a lot of knowledge of training and can help to scale up the workforce quite quickly.

Develop Growth Strategies and Implement Lean Operations

Companies are always looking to increase their profit. Lean operations are the easiest way to accomplish this. Many businesses employ strategy consultants to assist them implement lean processes to cut operating expenses, increase productivity , and improve profits. Strategy consultants, through their knowledge and expertise can also assist entrepreneurs develop key strategies to drive growth. An effective and well-thought-out growth strategy can boost revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and generate savings for your company. This is crucial for companies that want to increase their revenues over time. And this goal will only be achieved when the growth strategy is flexible and allows scaling.

About SolutionBuggy

SolutionBuggy is the largest Indian business consulting service dedicated to MSMEs with over 800 management consultant. Our experts can help you tackle the technical and business issues to improve processes and gain growth through the implementation of changes management strategies.

We are aiming to build an integrated digital ecosystem for MSMEs across the country, allowing them to tackle their issues and improve productivity through higher ROI. To date, we have accomplished more than 300 projects of management consulting for our clients across the nation.


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