Managed Directadmin VPS Advanced Features


Fully Managed Directadmin VPS Hosting

  •  Blazing Fast SSD Storage
  •  Directadmin Control Panel
  •  Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  •  24/7 High Priority Support

Managed Directadmin VPS Hosting Features

Get hosted at Veeble for a full featured experience.


Never worry about bandwidth limits. All our Managed Directadmin VPS come with unmetered bandwidth. This means no more overage charges for you.


Upgrade or downgrade Managed Directadmin VPS resources anytime without any data loss.


All our Managed Directadmin VPS comes with full root SSH access as well as Directadmin admin access so that you have got full control over it.


With our Managed support, you can report Managed Directadmin VPS issues related to hardware, OS or basic configuration at no additional cost to you!


Your Managed Directadmin VPS is hosted on powerful hardware which includes Dual Hex Core Processors, Enterprise Grade SSD Storage & Battery backed RAID-10 Protection


We backup your Managed Directadmin VPS once every week. The backups can be restored anytime with the assistance of our 24×7 available technical team.

Managed Directadmin VPS Advanced Features

  •  One click reboot
  •  Easy re-installation
  •  Console Access
  •  Resource Usage Statistics
  •  CentOS 7,8 with Directadmin
  •  Free Migration Service
  •  24/7 Priority Support
  •  Xen Virtualization
  •  TUN/TAP supported
  •  Network Level DDOS Protection
  •  Management API available
  •  IPv6 supported

Benefits and Important Features of Managed VPS Hosting

If you have decided to choose managed VPS hosting, it is important that you know some of the features it offers. A few of  the important services that you can expect from this type of hosting include:

  • Control panel set up
  • Backup services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software installation
  • Security auditing
  • Hardware and software up gradation
  • Full root server access
  • Server maintenance
  • On call maintenance

If you are really serious about your online website or business, then opting for a managed VPS is no longer a choice but a necessity. Managed web hosting offers you numerous benefits that supports the growth of your business. Let us look at some of the most important benefits of this type of hosting:

Faster Performance

According to statistics, users leave websites that fail to load within 6-7 seconds. So for the sake of ensuring good traffic and retaining the customers who visit your website, it is very important to make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible. Search engines like Google gives higher priority to websites that load faster because it takes speed as a ranking factor. A faster website gets more customers visits, which means more revenue and profit. Managed VPS servers are well-known for their super performance and faster speeds. So choosing this hosting option will definitely help you achieve a better performance for your website.


Security is a huge priority when it comes to online businesses. With managed VPS hosting services, you don’t have to worry about security threats because it offers a higher level of security, which includes features like running security audits, virus scanning, OS updates, spam filtering, daily data backup and software firewall configuration. The best part is that your hosting provider performs all the necessary security configurations for you. These experts are highly experienced and well equipped with various tools that help fix any kind of  server security related problems. Moreover, the service of these security experts are available to you 24/7.


Yet another benefit of  Unmetered VPS hosting is that it offers high scalability. This means that depending on your business requirements, the VPS server allows scaling up and down the resources allocated to your server such as CPU, RAM, Disk space, without your website experiencing any downtime.  If you have been using shared web hosting, you will know that it’s not possible to scale the resources since you are sharing them with other users. Also since there is no isolation of the resources between the websites, any problem affecting any website will automatically have a negative impact on your website as well. However, with managed VPS hosting, you have your own isolated server and therefore you are able to scale the allocated resources.


When compared to shared hosting, managed VPS hosting is definitely costlier. But considering the fact that managed hosting comes with a full control panel license in addition to the allocated disk space, CPU, RAM, monthly data transfer and dedicated IP addresses, it is actually more cost-effective. Furthermore, if you have a problem with the server, the provider will do everything necessary to resolve the problems without charging you any extra money.

Customer Service

It is highly important for an online business website to have a reliable web hosting provider who provides 24/7 premium support, because if in case something goes wrong with the hosting service, you need someone to solve your problems immediately. Choosing a managed VPS hosting plan means that you get good customer care round the clock. Any questions or concerns you may have about your plan will be answered by a dedicated team of customer care experts, whom you may contact via chat, email, or a phone call. Managed VPS hosting comes with good quality customer service that allows you to run websites without having to worry about any technical issues.

Ease of Use

If you don’t have any technical knowledge or experience with server management whatsoever, then opting for a managed VPS hosting service is the ideal thing to do. The advantage of using this plan is that you don’t have to worry about any server-side configuration because the provider essentially deals with everything related to the VPS server. From reboots to advanced software configurations, every single element needed by your website to run smoothly is set up by the hosting provider.

Why Choose Veeble?

Veeble is a major web hosting provider that has been offering excellent hosting services from 2009.  With a client base of over 5,000 spread over more than 135 countries, we are one of the fastest growing domain and web hosting providers, hosting more than 20K websites up until now. We offer a wide range of services including top quality managed VPS hosting services. Some of the important features of managed VPS provided by Veeble includes:

  • Basic management support, where you get assistance with network related problems, hardware failure, load issues or sluggishness, failure of server to restart, basic website related issues and troubleshooting pre-existing configurations.
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Physical hardware management, monitoring and replacement
  • Free installation of the cPanel control panel
  • Free initial security hardening
  • Free initial accounts migration from remote system with the same control panel

Veeble’s expert technical team is available 24/7 to address any issue or concern that you may have. Our servers are capable of giving you 99.9% uptime, thus performing at extreme levels to deal with the extra traffic. We guarantee that your website will be online & running at maximum efficiency 24/7. With Veeble, your business will be in safe hands as we make sure to use nothing but the best & latest technology for our servers for hosting your website. We perform periodic firmware upgrades so that the web security remains updated. Above all, we strive to provide our customers with excellent quality service at affordable price. We offer the best deals that can’t be found in the hosting industry. With Veeble, managed VPS hosting has never been easier!




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