Manage Local SEO for Business without Physical Premise


Is it possible to stand out business without having a physical premise? Local search for business can be challenging and competitive with other businesses even without the businesses physical location. Nevertheless, some useful tips for SEO can help your business stand out from the rest. It is about making a prominent position online and retains it for a long time.

Categories of Business
If you do not have a businesses physical presence, before opting for local SEO, try to identify the category of business. There are four categories to list your business with, and it goes as follows

Work from Home business
Here, the home address acts as the businesses physical address, and depending on the nature of business service, you can serve customers. You can help the local ones and create a home studio. The main idea is that you are offering the service of business from home.

Service Area Business or SAB
Most works like plumbing, electrician work, and housekeeping are in this category. For this, you need to visit other locations. This is mainly because your business service does not have a physical location. But you meet the customers face to face to offer the service.

Having a hybrid business
There is a combination of activities even when there is an onsite business facility, but customers would pay online. It includes the service of a specialist who brings in items to offer service. This includes installation of locks, eCommerce service of security items, and the like options.

However, this form of business has risen in number owing to the Covid situation, and the businesses are trying to have local SEO optimization. This helps bring in better attention of the target customers in the region of the business. In hybrid forms of business, try to tie up with other firms to boost business sales.

Virtual Form of business
As the name goes, every work and transaction occurs virtually via phone and laptop and may be part of the eCommerce industry. Here, you have to scope to attract the attention of customers belonging to various regions. The operation area can be more than just one, and it has the flexibility of work. The identifying feature is that you never get to meet the customers in person.

Things to Keep in Mind to Use Local SEO
If you wish to get local SEO without the physical premise of business, the tips can help you better and get effective results from SEO service. You should know the correct steps to protect the brand for effective outcomes of your business. As there is increasing competition in the market, a single wrong step in the market can cost a huge loss for your business’s initial stage.It would help if you did the following when trying to earn business visibility in your local area.

  • Do not use fake office address to create fake office listings
  • Do not use multiple locations by means of friends and family contacts to multiple fake locations of business operations
  • Do not give lists of a model or empty houses being sold or rent. In this case, you can list the sale office but not the property.
  • Do not violate Googles guidelines as in this, you and the client is risking penalty in the business. You agree to the potential disaster in business without the knowledge of the client.
  • Do not make any unrealistic goals or want to get promising results from the business. Google ranks locations-wise, and without having a physical premise, you cannot make for it in real.

How to Implement Local SEO for Category of Serviced Area Business?
If your business falls in this category, there are plenty of scopes of local SEO service without the business’s physical presence. You need to approach local marketing for Google requirements in the SABs category of business. Some of the points to remember in this regard are as follows.

It Requires In-Person Contact
This category of business should have some form of customer contact to be eligible for Google business listings. However, amidst a situation like a pandemic, it will not be disqualification from the listings. You can still offer the service by maintaining social distance.

Hide Your Address
It requires mention of a home address, locality address, or warehouse even when you do not want the customers to visit the place. It is important for Google business listings. This is also an effective way to create a prominent position online. In this, you need to hide the address.

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The Ending Part
Therefore, without a physical premise of your business, you have to follow the tips properly. If setting up more than one location, try to have a unique contact number for each of them. This would add credibility to the business even without a physical location. To get suitable assistance, it is better to seek assistance from experts at Dubai SEO Company. Our team offers dedicated local SEO services to make a solid online presence and compete in the market.

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