Make Your Home Burglar-Proof With These Pro Tips

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Who doesn’t want to make his home burglar-proof? Especially in Australia, with a burglary rate of one per three minutes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statics, 20% of Australian homes face break-ins. In these circumstances, it is important to make your home safe so that you can lower the possibility of being the next target of burglars.
The first thought that came to your head to secure your home may be the installation of a hills alarm system. But wait before making investments in such expensive systems. Some little steps can make a huge difference in protecting your house from burglars. You can try them. Just follow the pro tips from our experts-

Windows and Doors Must be Locked

Though this is a simple step, this can ensure the protection of your house from various kinds of threats. Whenever you are leaving the house always ensure that all doors and windows of your house are properly locked. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, 68% of intruders get access to the house by using an unlocked door or window. So, always lock your doors and windows securely before leaving your house and with this step you can reduce the possibility of being broken in.

Keep the Lights On

It is a smart as well as a simple move to keep the lights on because this can represent your presence to the outsiders in your absence. But it can offer you a huge electric bill.
But you don’t need to worry, you can go with the option of a light timer. They came cheap at price but allow you to easily operate according to your wish.
You can go for more advanced options like smart lights. It is easy to schedule them and they support remort controlling.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Intruders and burglars take high interest in old doors and windows because they are easy to break without a huge effort. So if you have this kind of door or window, it can make you their next target.
So, make your entry and exit points strong and resist events like a break in or robbery. Make reinforcements, repairs and replacements to your doors and windows if needed.

Go Hi-tech

In the above portion, we have discussed easy and cheaper methods to secure your house but if money is not an issue, you can choose the hi-tech option. You can go for smart lights, smart locks and so on.
The smart lock comes with keyless technology, you can unlock them with your keycard, smartphone or simply with a code by entering into the keypad. You can also manage temporary keys for your relatives, guests or tradesmen. with this facility, they can get access to your home but the total control is in your hand that is they will be allowed to get the access whenever you want. You can also control the locking and unlocking process of your door through an app on your phone.
Digital cctv cameras can maintain the security of your house and they are cheaper also. So they can be a great and affordable option for enhancing your home security. You can also operate them by smart devices like smartphones, tabs, desktops, laptops etc.
Hope our tips help you a lot and pave the way for you to manage better security system for your home in easy steps.


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