Make Your Bathroom More Functional Using These 6 Tips


It’s been a long day; you are tired because a lot has happened. Your only goal is to take a bath or a shower, let it all wash away, and hit the hay. As you open the door to your bathroom, the only remaining room where you can get privacy and quality alone time, you are greeted with a mess. Towels are everywhere, you can’t find what you are searching for, it’s cramped, wet, and cold. You try to remove that irritating pimple or similar and the lightning inside really isn’t your ally at this point. 

You can’t find your cosmetics product as this is an anything-can-happen-zone. You might even get surprised by some long-lost item that you find here. After exiting, you are more stressed out before getting in. Who could blame you? But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bathrooms are and should be, your haven and shelter from the world. They meant to provide intimacy, comfort, and relaxation against all the stuff that tries to do otherwise. 

Think of them as pit stops of energy. You go in, get refreshed, renew yourself, and are now ready to tackle the world. The best thing is that their design can accomplish this, and with a little bit of time and effort, you will be looking at amazing results. There is no time like the present, so let’s get started.

1. Lights, colour, action!

There is no way to bend space in your bathroom unless you know how to dabble with quantum physics. But you can work wonders with the space that you do have. Lightning should be warm and positioned in a way to light up your bathroom as much as possible. It dispels that eerie, cold, and damp feeling and replaces it with much-needed warmth. Just one more tiny note here and that is to never go for overhead hanging lighting. Unless you are the Queen of England, chandeliers, lustres, and such belong in a ballroom and not in a bathroom. If her majesty is reading this we apologize in advance.

Also, your colour palette should complement these choices. They can aim to fulfil your vision of the function that you intended for this place. One neat trick that you can pull is to paint with vertical stripes on the walls to create an illusion of higher space. That way you take care of that cramped feeling when you are inside. And you didn’t have to raise the roof to aspire to higher standards. Speaking of raising and moving things, that leads us to:

2. Waste not, vanity yes

Most bathrooms are being plagued by horrible space management and bad allocation decisions. A simple implemented, elegant bathroom vanity can make all the difference and provide you with space you didn’t even know you had. Yes, vanities occupy space but free up more than enough to compensate. Towels, bathrobes, accessories, makeup, hygiene products, cosmetics, and what not else are cramming up and suffocating your bathroom. They should be neatly tucked away and placed inside a vanity so that your bathroom can breathe. 

Vanities, of course, come in all shapes, colours, sizes, and materials so you can mix and match until your hearth’s content. Tucked away in a corner, they can hold and protect your towels, for example, or they can be next to your bath and you can put whatever you need on them, instead of on the floor. Or, if they are a bit higher, their top can be used for various plants, for example. Or they can be a two-in-one model with mirrors for added multi-practicality. And that means:

3. Multipractic conversions

Thinking outside the box can bring in new kinds of comfort inside your bathroom. By taking a different and creative look at any bathroom appliance or item you can probably find new uses for them. Studies have shown that more people prefer a shower to a traditional tub. Who can blame them? A shower can add around five whole feet to your bathroom area and this can be very useful. But, how does this help people that have a bathtub installed?

 Well, you are in luck, as there is no need to remodel everything and break the bank. There are much easier methods around this. The tub to shower converters that exist can give you the benefits of both options, minus the hassle. A simple two in one for the price of one. Want to listen to your favourite music, podcast, or get informed via radio. Waterproof electronics are not science fiction anymore and are available to be installed by licensed professionals. Your bathroom is filled with the sound of your favourite music while you relax with no risk of short circuits. 

A TV can now also be placed if you want to watch your favourite shows and not miss anything. Electric toilets with multiple self-cleaning, and various other options, are here and are making a breakthrough in modern bathroom designs. It’s all up to you to implement them in a way that best suits your needs.

4. Hidden space, crouching opportunity

There is possibly so much wasted and unused space in your bathroom that you aren’t even aware of. For example, your mirror doesn’t have to be just that. It can be made into a mirror cabinet and be used to store all sorts of things and to free up the area around your sink. Dental, cosmetic and hygiene products. Or even medicine. Hidden away behind a Mirror, it’s certainly much safer from little children and their endless curiosity and goal to swallow everything they can get their little hands on. 

Moving on, the area behind or around your toilet can house a practical trash can for easy disposal and clean-up. Your door can handle a bathrobe hanger. Use walls to mount handlebars for additional safety. Picture this. You just got out of the bath or from a shower and there is water everywhere. You’re wet, the floors wet, and it’s all slippery. Now, with the handles, you will have a firmer grasp on things and something to rely on. Also, safety is first as broken bones probably aren’t anybody’s goal when entering the bathroom. All of this is surely more than enough to ask from your bathroom in every sense of the word.

5.  Comfort is king

Let’s say you’ve done it all. Repainted, got some fancy new lights, explored and used every nook and cranny. Your vanities being filled to the brim makes everything nice and cozy. But there is still something missing and you still feel that you can get more out of the bathroom. Modern bathroom products offer more comfort and style than ever before. If you see a model or an item that has that one thing you simply must have, then go for it. 

Bathrooms are for spoiling yourself, and you should start treating them that way. While it may seem like a needless or costly investment now, the comfort that you will get in the long run will more than pay for itself. Stylish and practical, that emits positive vibes and invites you to stay a bit longer, those are the main goal of these items. Of course, we are not implying that you should take up a mortgage to repurpose your bathroom. The main goal here is to imply, that a little investment in items you are considering can go a long way to make you feel better and refreshed. Future you will be grateful.

6.  Honourable mentions

We left for last as it is highly situational and up to specific personal taste. Let’s say that you have a little cabin tucked away somewhere. Or your home has a lot of privacy with a great view. Having such benefits and not using them to their fullest is a darn shame and should be worth a second look. Look up glass pane solutions that open up your bathroom to the world and inviting nature inside. Natural light is incredibly healthy and beneficial and letting the sunshine can only help the mood you are trying to set. 

Two-way glass mirrors offer much-needed privacy and security. Glasse panes of any size come with UV light protection, are shatter resistant, and are easy to clean. While we are on the topic of glasses, your mirror needs another look. After all, only it can tell you who is the prettiest one of them all. Replacing that old, worn-out mirror with a stylish new one or picking just the right size and shape to freshen things up a bit can make you see and appreciate yourself in a whole new light.

Imagine just laying around in your perfect bathroom. You are sheltered from the world, surrounded by serenity. You feel your troubles, just washing away as the music fills the area. Everything is nice and tidy, at its place and you are also slowly getting there. The place fills you with a sense and comfort that everything is going to be just alright. You will be able to do the thing or overcome anything. As you look at yourself in the clear, new mirror, you can’t help but smile. Yes, with an oasis of positive energy and safety by your side, there is nothing that you can’t do. So let the world throw whatever at you and flush it down the drain. It’s your time to shine.


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