Make Sure You Read The Latest Guidelines Before Booking Flights To India


Latest Guidelines to follow Before Booking Flights To India – As the world slowly recovers from the pitfall and effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for precaution and rules has become more critical than ever. People go out to restaurants, clubs, back to their schools and offices, and even international travel. It is no doubt that many people are a part of essential service or in a situation where they have to travel. While we cannot restrict moment again, it stresses the importance of having necessary guidelines and rules to be safe for everyone to go somewhere without facing risks. While these rules are easing eventually, it does not mean that it may be the time that things are back to normal. The virus is not gone and still wreaking havoc on many countries and people. It is also the reason behind thousands of deaths, economies crumbling and the world going into lockdown. The devastation that the world faced makes it essential that everyone adheres to the rules to minimize the spread and hope that people can feel their old lives and enjoy them like before.

Many people consider this the best time for travelling post the pandemic owing to the low airfare prices and the easing restrictions. Because of the low airfare prices, many people are encouraged to make plans for their favourite destinations and fulfil their travel aspirations ruined in the past year. India has emerged as a top destination on the travel bucket list of many. If you are looking to check this destination off your list, this may be a great time. Also, the number of people looking to return to their homeland and their families is extensive, emphasizing the importance of having strict and necessary guidelines in place.

The government introduced many guidelines for international travellers arriving in India and the protocols they need to follow. These protocols are created by keeping in mind the current situation of the virus and the remedial steps to control it. If you have booked those nonstop flights to Mumbai from USA, and flights to India you must read up on these guidelines and make sure that you adhere to them. It will help avoid trouble and have a smooth trip. Also, there are different protocols in place for every state, and you need to check up on them regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Here are the latest guidelines for travellers arriving in India:

Covid-19 related documents

  • Before getting on the plane, you are required to upload the negative RT-PCR test report, indicating you are not suffering from the coronavirus. This report should not be any later than three days before your departure for India. You need to upload all the necessary documents on the website of the New Delhi airport.
  • You need to submit a declaration indicating that your test result is authentic according to your best knowledge.
  • According to your best ability, a declaration form declaring that you are not suffering from any symptoms of Covid-19 is essential. You need to submit this form along with the others on the official portal.

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Self and institutional quarantine after arrival

People with a negative RT-PCR report can choose to opt to quarantine in their home instead of an office facility for 14 days. If you want to skip the institutional quarantine, make sure to upload your test results before getting on those Non stop flights from USA to India.

  • Upon arrival, you have to undergo a thermal screening to identify and coronavirus symptoms. If you show any signs, you need to get tested again at the airport or nearest testing facility.
  • In case you get a positive report, you will be shifted to the nearest quarantine facility to treat the virus, where you will mandatorily quarantine for at least 14 days after a negative statement.

Vaccinations and travel to India

Many countries have developed their vaccines and administered them to a large number of people already. Vaccinations have helped ease travel restrictions in some countries, and these tourists can skip some of the rules allowing them to explore freely.

If you are vaccinated and looking to visit India, here are the protocols you need to follow:

  • People who have received the mandatory doses of a vaccine still need to get tested for the Covid-19 virus.
  • They can opt for doing this before their departure, within three days left for the boarding or get tested in their destination.
  • Apart from that, they still need to adhere to all the precaution and safety guidelines such as social distancing and using masks.

Protocols while travelling

If you are travelling and exploring Indian cities, you must follow all the safety and precautionary guidelines. You need to check up on them before arriving in a specific state and city.

Also, for your safety, you should avoid the places that are seeing a significant surge in the cases. It will help prevent any risks and getting sick during your trip. Here are the safety protocols to follow while exploring India:

  • Maintain social distancing protocols and a distance of at least 1 meter from other people when outside.
  • Wearing a mask is vital, as it is a crucial step in saving yourself from the virus. Also, if you do not adhere to this, you can get a considerable fine and penalty.
  • Follow basic hygienic practices while travelling.
  • Carry a sanitiser and use it while touching any surface. Wipe down your hands before eating anything and after touching high-contact surfaced such as doorknobs or table surfaces.
  • Follow the local guidelines such as a night-time lockdown and restriction to travel in certain places.
  • Avoid any large crowds or famous places and try to visit them during off days. It will help you reduce the susceptibility to the virus.

Things to keep in mind before arriving in India

India is a large and diversified place, which can be overwhelming for many people. Especially during these times, you must plan the itinerary and follow it. Following are the travel and safety tips for adopting during this pandemic:

  • Please make your hotel bookings after ensuring all the safety protocols and hygiene practices they follow. If your budget allows, choose a reputed hotel chain as they follow safety rules.
  • If you are eating outside your hotel, make sure that the place is hygienic and avoid street vendors. The street vendors usually don’t follow the safety protocols, which can be a considerable risk during this pandemic.
  • Carry all your essential medicines and other things that may not be readily available in India. Also, you need to have your medication with you if a specific place goes into lockdown due to the rising cases.
  • Carry your water bottle and buy only from reputed vendors and shops. Make sure to only buy sealed bottles before drinking from them.
  • If the place you are visiting has a night lockdown or curfew, make sure that you plan the itinerary accordingly and stay at your lodging during the night.
  • Keep the contacts of a few local people or your travel agents to have someone to call in trouble.

Follow all these guidelines before you board nonstop flights to India and begin your trip. Keep them in mind and be aware of any changes to have a smooth journey. It will help you have a safe tour and also avoid any risk of contacting the Covid-19 virus. If you begin to feel any symptoms, get tested and stay home to maintain your loved ones’ safety and yours.


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