Major Factors to Consider while Comparing Health Insurance in Dubai

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Whenever we have to buy a health insurance policy, it is essential for us to focus on its benefits, price, and exclusions. With large numbers of insurance companies available in different areas of the UAE providing varieties of health plans and products, identification of an appropriate plan is a challenging task. Thus, whenever you have to compare health insurance in Dubai, you have to consider the following major factors, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Health Insurance Plan as Per Your Profession

Your chosen health insurance plan depends solely on whether you are a dependent, domestic worker, elderly member or spouse i.e. female person.

Check the Hospitals Network

Good insurance companies have their networked hospitals across Dubai and other cities of the UAE, where it exists. The selection of hospital networks depends solely on a specific insurance provider and its grade. When you go to compare health insurance plans in Dubai, you have to check the list of clinics and hospitals available under the medical network of an insurance company.

You should select a health insurance plan depending primarily on the network of an insurance company offering most of the hospitals. Furthermore, you may need medical treatment at any instance and it is essential that your insurance plan covers most of the multi-specialty clinics and hospitals. You have to keep in mind that if you choose for treatment within your chosen network hospital, you often get cashless or direct billing.

On the other side, while undergoing treatment outside of the hospital network, the clinic or hospital will charge you according to the reimbursement. To come up with a wise decision, you should select an insurance company or provider, offering coverage for each of the big networks across the country and that too cashless way to avoid all sorts of paperwork hassles required in the case of reimbursement.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

Pre-existing health conditions refer to all types of health conditions, which exist during or before get a particular type of health insurance policy. A pre-existing condition has a huge influence on the premium amount you have to pay to buy health insurance policy or while you compare health insurance in Dubai.

A few of the insurance companies offer 100percent coverage in the case of pre-existing conditions and demand for a high premium amount depending on the specific nature of the pre-existing condition. However, a few other insurance companies only give coverage only after a predefined period. For instance, coverage may start 6months after you make the purchase of an insurance policy.


Deductibles refer to fixed charges, which you have to pay from your own pocket at the time of undergoing any treatment.

Fixed Amount in a Single Visit

According to the mentioned type of deductible, you are bound to make payment of a fixed amount and it may be anything between AED 20 and AED 75 for each of the visits you make to your doctor’s hospital or clinic. A fixed amount type of deductible is applicable only in the case of outpatient treatments. Insurance companies refer to it as any treatment that eliminates the need for hospitalization of a patient for more than a 1-day period.

Annual Deductible Amount

You have to pay an annual deductible amount to undergo treatment in any of the networked clinics and hospitals. For instance, you have to pay AED 1000 for each of your availed treatments on an annual basis. On the other side, your health insurance provider will make payment of other charges incurred on you excluding the amount of annual deductible.

To conclude we should say that you have to consider each of the mentioned aspects carefully before finalizing your deal with a Dubai-based insurance company.


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