Long-Form Video Content: Should You Use it for Digital Marketing?

Long-Form Video Content

Video content is a material that combines audio and visual aspects to transmit messages to customers, helping them to retain information more efficiently than written text. This covers vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, client testimonials, recorded presentations, and webinars. 

The demand for video content is boosting. Google reports that YouTube can reach more 18-19-year-old users on mobile devices alone than traditional channels like cable TV networks. Additionally, the number of individuals watching online streaming videos through their TV is doubling yearly. Unsurprisingly, firms in the digital marketing area, like an outsourcing SEO agency, are taking advantage of this trend.

Uploading videos to YouTube that target popular search phrases can help your company rank on Google’s first page. This is because, for many search keywords, Google displays YouTube videos at the top of the result.

Many company owners instantly think of the shorter films that you see on social media when they think about adding video into their operations and marketing initiatives. But long-form video material is continually on the rise.

Long-form video material is defined as a video that is longer than other videos for the same purpose. This kind of content is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate sector as people recognize how much value it provides.

A long-form video will be a better option if you want to create something more meaningful and engaging. With the support of an SEO outsourcing Philippines, marketers can reach a large number of people with long-form videos. With the level of technology today, businesses can now create and distribute high-quality video content more easily. If video is currently not a component of your content strategy, you might consider trying out a few initiatives.

Read more about the benefits of using long-form videos in your digital marketing campaigns in a Digital Marketing Philippines (DMP) infographic.

Long-Form Video Content


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