Living Your Best Life: How to Do It and Believe It


How would you describe your life now? Is it better or worse than before? What has changed?

We live in a time where we are bombarded with information from every direction. The Internet, social media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc., all bombard us with messages telling us what to eat, how to dress, what to believe, and even how to live our lives.


It seems like everyone wants to tell us how to live our lives, but who really knows what they are talking about? The truth is there is no generic path on how to live your best life, but in this article, you’ll finally learn how to live and believe in your best life. 


Live your best life is a term that started in the early 2000s. It’s simple and great advice, yet most don’t actually have an idea on how to live their best life. What our best life depends on our own personal goals for health, relationships, finances, home, and more. While reading self-help books and making it a goal to drink more water are great attempts at living your best life, consistently taking action, and showing up for yourself is essential. Living your best life is a choice that you continuously choose over and over. Eventually, you get to an awareness that you really are living your best life!


To live your best life is to move through life fulfilling your personal purpose, and dreams, and contributing to the greater good of all. It takes a lot of self-reflection and constant readjustments to truly live your best life and believe it!



Our body is what actually allows us to live and experience our best life. That’s why there’s no doubt that taking care of your body and making healthy choices are important to sustaining your time on this Earth. 


Working out and eating healthy are great steps to take towards your physical body that will help sustain your energy, prevent illness, and improve your mood. It’s important to take note of what your daily habits are and how they impact your physical body. 


An exercise you can do at the end of a day is taking a piece of paper and jot all of the things you did start from when you woke up. Did you brush your teeth first thing and then make your bed or spend an hour in the morning scrolling through social media? How did each action impact your energy and overall day? Take note of what habits served you and which did not. You can also brainstorm what healthy habits bring you joy so you can incorporate more of them into your life.

For example, if you enjoy walking in the park or making smoothies, pencil it into your calendar at least once a week so that you can consistently take aligned action toward your physical goals.

Love Your Body

Another aspect of living your best life is feeling confident in your body. While working out and eating healthy are components of that, healing physical insecurities can also increase your overall confidence. If there is an aspect of your physical body that you would like to change, there is nothing wrong with taking action towards changing it, if you wholeheartedly love, appreciate, and accept your body despite it. Maybe you’re feeling insecure about your skin and are looking for a prescription solution to your hormonal acne.

Or maybe your hair is starting to thin out as a side effect of a prescription you were taking and would love a simple and effective hair loss treatment to increase your confidence and masculinity. Luckily there’s always a solution that can help you feel better about your situation, however, it’s important to not let society’s ideas pressure you to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty. 



In order to experience and believe that you are living your best life, you have to have mental peace and clarity. Without peace and clarity, it is difficult to be true to ourselves and the present moment. To continuously evolve you have to mindfully observe what’s going on in your mind. And how it aligns with what you want the story to be. Basically, you need the clarity to show you if you are living in alignment with your best self and the peace to take non-judgemental action and adjust your reality. From an honest and non-judgmental loving space, you have the capacity and motivation to take aligned action in your life.


Just as our physical body requires energy, our mind does as well. Parallel to this, your mind or brain, literally needs rest and comfort. Meditation, affirmations, journaling, and connecting with like-minded individuals, all give our minds a rest and increase inner peace. 

Furthermore, to truly live your best life you’ll want a loving relationship with your mind. Inner conflict can be draining and increase feelings of anxiety, so take the time to notice when your self-talk is negative and could use affirmations, or when you are feeling overstimulated and could benefit from a 5-minute meditation. Overall just practicing mindfulness is a simple way to be happier and live your best life.


Being grateful for the things you have brings a beautiful loving awareness and presence into your life. Focusing on what you are grateful for gives you energy and peace. You can practice gratitude daily by focusing on your breath and thinking of something you are grateful for, or a happy memory. By focusing on the positive and things you are grateful for, you train your mind to align with the good. This is great because as you tune yourself to gratitude, you physically feel in your body that you are living your best life! 


Spreading kindness is another way to live your best life and experience more joy and connection. This lights up the world and increases your personal fulfillment and sense of purpose. Research shows that helping others increases positive feelings and brings us into the present moment, away from future worries and past distress. It brings your focus onto what matters most. It will improve your overall life satisfaction, sense of peace, and fulfillment! There are lots of simple acts of kindness you can do such as baking something and sharing it with others or creating a personalized gift. These are sure ways to put a smile on someone else’s face and yours!


Personal Inventory Exercise

First things first, to live your best life, you’ll want to take personal inventory. You have to assess the different areas of your life and how they are affecting you, in order to determine a clear understanding of what’s going on and how to truly live your best life. 


Grab a piece of paper and write down a list of the different areas of your life. Include things like career, relationships, self-care, movement, diet, education, and spirituality. In each area, create two columns. On one side, include all the things that are working well in each area, and on the other side, write down all the things that aren’t working as well. By laying out the different areas of your life and the aspects that are working versus things that could be better, you give yourself the opportunity to view from an objective perspective where to make adjustments. This exercise will align you with your priorities and make it so that you can take action towards the things that are important to you. 


Keys to living your best life

In actuality, living your best life is simple. This is your best life because it is your life. No one else has the privilege of living your life, and you are the one who knows how to do it best! 


The keys to living your best life do include taking care of your physical and mental body, but more importantly, just finding joy and peace in your overall unique journey of life. 

Believe that you are worthy of living your best life and that you have the power to live it best!


Catalina McFarland

Catalina McFarland holds a B.S. in Communication from Arizona State University. She is a blogger at where she loves sharing her passion for wellness and personal growth. Outside of writing, she loves traveling, doing yoga, and reading.



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