Living Room Ideas: 9 Smart And Easy Ways To Make Your Living Room Clutter Free

9 Smart And Easy Ways To Make Your Living Room Clutter Free And Appealing Look

Living Room Ideas

The living room is the room in which many family members spent plenty of time there. It is crucial to decorate or create a wonderful and peaceful environment and atmosphere there.

A clutter-free living room is a key to living effectively in your home as most time is spent in that room. So in this connection, we share our best nine smart and easy ways to make your living room more stylish and clutter-free, and appealing.

Here are some creative and attractive ways to set up your living room so it looks incredible, minimizes clutter on lower surfaces free, and gives you optimal use of space. A big part of making things look like they’re in order is moving the eye. Use furniture placement to define a space clearly.

The 9 Living Room Ideas:

  1. Ensure Enough Lighting condition:

The first step in designing your living room is that enough lighting conditions must be there. Darkness always symbolizes negativity. So lightening your living room either by inducing more lights or enabling the sun rays into the room.

  1. Proper Space:

Enabling proper space is a necessary thing as, without proper space, a living room looks like a body without a soul. Adequate space in the living room ensures ventilation, which is also essential for every room. In this coronavirus phase, proper ventilation is necessary.

  1. Cozy Living Room:

With proper lighting and proper space, a living room can be cozy, but if the beds and other elements in the room like comfortable lamps, beautiful sceneries, etc., will beautify the living room and make it cozy.

  1. Paint Your Walls White:

It is the best tip to lighten your living room. The while color is eye-catching, and it is also satisfactory. White also helps in better lighting in your room, and all things you will put onto the wall look very calming and beautiful, which will make your living room like heaven.

  1. Modern Furniture:

If you have enough space in your living room, you must purchase the modern future like soft and plush sofas into the room. It is your personal choice depending upon your taste. The best step to organize is to add a chair in space with similar cushions. It will cover your space and enhance the looks of your living room and enhance the extra sitting functionality.

  1. The Carpet Under The Center Table:

For beautifying your living room, put a matching carpet under the center table. The carpet must match with the room sofas and tables and also with your cushion color. You can use a designed carpet or specialize it according to your needs in the room.

  1. Ornaments To Your Living Room:

We will suggest you add a bottle with rose petals to it as it looks great in the living room, or you can add some of your favorite ideas. Also, you can put some books at the corner of the tale as books will help enhance your knowledge and are great for your living room. A photo frame is also the best option for your living room. Flower vessels also can be framed in the left corner of the room; it will also beautify your living room.

Center Table, we will suggest you put a wooden box and add some posters and remotes of TV, ACs, etc.

  1. Posters To Your Walls:

You can also add the poster to your living room’s wall as the poster helps choose the matching color according to your furniture, lighting, etc. It is beneficial for all living rooms, whether small or big.

  1. Hang The Curtains Higher:

Does your room feel dull and your windows little? Your drapes may be hung inaccurately. To give your family room progressively normal light, rehang your drapes higher—at roof stature—and ensure that the shaft is broadened wide enough for the blinds to sit outwardly of the window outline. If your window ornaments are too short to consider reaching the floor, give sewing a shot a differentiating fringe to the base.

People seem many talents in their brains. Numerous people possess a hidden talent of craft. Moreover, these crafty ideas can make your place decorated. One can make an adorning showpiece at home. Also, it makes a juncture with your memory forever. Are you in the glance of craft ideas? Do you want to decorate your area? If yes, then you can find some unique ideas to enrich your skills.

Here are few DIY Craft Ideas

Pineapple Pencil Case

  • You need to inaugurate with square paper having dimensions of 15cm.
  • After this, fold it in half and make a circular shape. Cut this shape with the help of scissors.
  • Now you will need a rubber page accessible in merchandise of yellow color.
  • Draw the same pattern on both sides of the rubber. This drawing should carry out on one plane.
  • You have to make a small space for enumerating pencils in it.
  • Therefore cut down that part with a cutter or spatulas.
  • Take a yellow color sip. You have to load it with affable quality of glue. Now fix it with that cut part. Could you not select the top part of it?
  •  It will make a body of pineapple case.
  • Now land over to the green rubber page. Draw the leaves of pineapple over it. Tend to cut that part with the cutter. Could you fix it? Finally, you can enumerate some design over it, and it’s ready.

Cute Holders

  • Take a 15 cm square paper of your designated color.
  • Roll it down to a triangle shape. Now lift one corner and attach it other. Thus you can make observance of folder-like shape.
  • After this, fold the upper part and insert it inside one of the cavities. Thus now you can suspend the things inside it.
  • Enumerate the graceful cute appearance of design-like eyes and much more over it. At this moment, you can use it as a holder.

Lip Gel Eraser 

  • For making this lip gel eraser, you have the essentiality of your stick lip gel.
  • You have to take the stick that you have used already.
  • Now land one with an eraser that seems damaged. If you possess a minor age, then make sure you have an adult with you.
  • Take a cutter and slice down the eraser into two. After this, remove all damaged parts from it.
  • Finally, at the top, try to designate a shape like lipstick. Now you can insert this eraser into lip gel.

DIY Crafty Laptop 

  • You need a paper having 14×10 width and height, respectively.
  • Fold this paper in half. Cut down the edges a bit to give the appearance of the laptop to piece.
  • Draw the border of paper into another. It will frame your laptop. After this, enumerate the double-sided sticky tapes. Now cut down the exact size of pages with frame.
  • Therefore you can change the display by inserting it. Now you can land over to paste the frame on the laptop.
  • After this, enumerate the keyboard design. Also, you can make designs from outside of the laptop.

DIY Handy Container 

  • It would help if you had some empty color bottles. Now paint them with your designated colors.
  • After this, take a thread. Wrap this thread around the cap. Also, paint the top of the hat the same color.
  • Make a hole in between the cap. Now insert thread and make a suspended type of knot.
  • Now you can fill any necessary items in it. You can also enumerate a cute design on the surface of bottles.

DIY Fairy Tale Container 

  • Take a small plastic bottle. Cut down into two pieces. Now take a cap side part and remove the cap portion too.
  • After this, take a doll and fix its inner part with the cap portion. It should manage such that the dish acts as the cap of the bottle.
  • Now color down or wrap the remaining part of the bottle with chart paper.
  • At this moment, you can fill anything in your bottle. The doll will act as a cap on it.

Fairy Handing Piece

  • Firstly draw or print the doll structure through it.
  • Cut it down with a cutter. Now insert the two pieces together.
  • After this, enumerate some shapes like snowflakes in them. Make a hole in between the structure of a fairy. Now you can hang this with a thread.

Ballerina Dance Wall Hangings

  • Firstly draw the ballerina on paper. After this, enumerate a sticky tap with an artificial rose.
  • You can make many more ballerinas on paper. After this, hang them with the help of a thread. One can designate its diversified position.


The living room is the room in which many family members spent plenty of time there. It is essential to decorate or create a wonderful and peaceful environment and atmosphere there. By using the above tactics, you can decorate your living room in a cozy and stylish manner.

One can get many of the crafty ideas. It can help you to save money. Also, one can enhance their room with their skills. Therefore one should utilize their free timings in such workings. DIY décor ideas can help you with many rationales. It can reduce your screen timings. Therefore one should certainly lodge down to make some DIY items.


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