List of Best Dab Pens

List of Best Dab Pens

Dab pens are the most appropriate method of vaping wax concentrates. Like a dab rig, dab pens vaporize wax concentrates producing flavor that is less harsh to your throat and lungs.

If you are unfamiliar with dab pens, you may buy one that does not match your expectations. Read the text below as it will review some of the best dab pens you can order for.

  1. Kandypens Crystal 2.

Kandypens Crystal 2 is one of the best dab pens currently in the market. It features an all quartz crystal glass atomizer that will vaporize your dab concentrates and create smooth vapor with an incredible flavor. 

The dab pen‘s chassis is made of electro-plated stainless steel that is of medical grade. Thus the dabbing device is very durable.

The battery of the Kandypens Crystal 2 has a capacity and is sub-ohm. It ensures you enjoy your dabbing sessions throughout the day while out there. You can recharge the dab pen’s battery via a micro USB cable. The battery is also compatible with pass-through charging

Kandypens Crystal 2 also has an adjustable airflow system and four variable voltage settings (2.6 V, 3.O V, 3.6 V, and 4.2 V). Both features enable you to find that perfect hit that you are looking for.

Other common features found on the Kandypens Crystal 2, include a sesh mode, 510 threaded connections between its accessories, and a lifetime warranty for all its components.

  1. Linx Hypnos Zero.

The Hypnos Zero, from Linx, is discreet and sleek. For a long period, the dab pen has been among the dabbing industry’s best seller products. Consequently, it falls among the list of the best dab pens that you can purchase.

The dab pen’s atomizer is all-ceramic. It is made of a remarkably designed ceramic plate. The atomizer will instantly and evenly heat your dab, creating authentic vapor that is safe for ingestion.

Linx Hypnos Zero is constructed from high quality and durable material. It comes backed by a one year warranty (limited).

  1. Yocan Regen.

Yocan Regen is a dab pen that you can use with any of the Yocan line of coils. These coils include single quartz, double quartz, and triple quartz coils. The package of this dab pen includes a QDC coil and another QTC coil.

Yocan Regen is powered by an integrated 1100 mAh battery. You can recharge this battery via its micro USB port. To enable you to customize your hits, the battery features three power/ wattage levels (3.0 V, 3.5 V, 4.0 V).

The chassis of the Yocan Regen dab pen is constructed from a zinc alloy that is very strong and durable. It also features a threaded coil installation and a magnetic top cap.

The dab pen also has a threaded silicone lined container at its base which you can use for storing the concentrates when on the go. The container has a capacity of 2 ML.

The package of Yocan Regen includes a user manual.

  1. Linx Ares.

The Ares is another dab pen from Linx that fits into the class of the best dab pens in today’s dabbing market. 

Loading dabs onto a dab pen’s chamber can be less efficient or sometimes get messy. Fortunately, the Linx Ares eliminates the loading process. It features honey straw technology that allows you to dab the concentrate from its tank. 

The dab pen also features a coilless ceramic atomizer that vaporizes your dabs, producing magical vapor. This atomizer is powered by a 750 mAh lithium-ion battery. Recharging this battery takes an average of 2 – 3 hours via USB.

The vapor path of the Linx Ares is built from medical grade materials, including stainless steel, ceramic rod, and a signature glass mouthpiece.

  1. Yocan Magneto.

Yocan’s Magneto is an incredible dab pen that features and a double stage inventive ceramic miracle coil. This coil is powered by a 1rechargeable 100 mAh battery, ensuring you get the high quality draws in your daily dabbing sessions.

The Yocan Magneto also features a zinc alloy construction on its chassis that enhances its durability. 

 The dab pen has magnetic connections between its components including the base, the atomizer, pick tool, and coil cap. Its storage compartment (non-stick silicon) is 510 threaded. 


Dab pens are a great way to experience the benefits and effects of dab/ wax concentrates. The list of best dab pens goes on and on. Based on the reviews in the text above, you know some of the features to look for in a dab pen.

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