Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange light? Here is the Complete Guide for you

Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange

If the LED turns orange, it indicates that the extender device is not connected to the router properly or is experiencing other issues when it was set up previously. It also indicates that the range extender is set to the factory defaults and ready to be set up. If the WPS light is orange, it indicates pairing mode. When the WPS light appears to be off, it indicates that the WPS was not utilized. We can go through this blog to find out more about the behaviour of light with the Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange light issue and the best way to fix it.

Common troubleshooting tips for fixing the blinking light issue

  • Examine the power supply regularly and ensure that all Linksys devices, whether extenders or routers operate with a sufficient power source. If the issue lies with electric sockets, you can connect your device to different sockets.
  • The WiFi should be switched on and verified that the devices are connected to the network correctly.
  • Even faulty and loose wires can cause the same issue. So always check that the Ethernet cable is connected correctly.
  • Lastly, try rebooting the extender of Linksys. This is a highly effective method of resolving issues that arise with Linksys devices.

Linksys extender firmware update

Like the routers, the extenders also regularly need firmware upgrades whenever the new is available in the market to fix issues that you may encounter while working. The firmware may provide enchantments to the range extender’s functioning. It can also refresh the device and resolve the dropping or intermittent connection. Start by downloading the latest firmware for the range extender from the Linksys Support Site. Download the file and save it to the computer. Also, remember to refrain from performing unnecessary updates.

Accessing the range extender’s web-based utility

  • Firstly, plug the computer into the ethernet port of the range extender.
  • Then, the range extender to the power outlet. You can wait until the indicator lights become stable.
  • Open any compatible browser.
  • You can use the primary gateway to access the login page of the extender.
  • After filling in the login credentials, you can click OK. If you have customized the password previously, you can enter that password.
  • The Linksys WiFi extender login page is accessible now.

Upgrading the firmware

  • Firstly, choose Firmware Upgrade under the Administration
  • Select Choose File.
  • Select the firmware (.bin) file you downloaded to your computer earlier and open it.
  • Select Start Upgrade. You will see the upgrade process on the same page and please do not interrupt the upgrade process for smooth functioning.

Reset process

There are two main methods by which you can reset the range extender:

  • By using the physical reset button
  • Or via the web-based interface

However, before proceeding, be sure that your device is turned on.

Reset the device by pressing the button

The reset button is present on the device. Make sure to hold the button for at least 8-10 seconds. Following that, you’ll be able to turn off the device and complete the reset procedure.

Reset the device using the web-based interface.

  • Use any compatible browser to go to the login page of the device.
  • Select the default factory option in the Administration.
  • Once you have done that, click on Restore Factory defaults.
  • You can disconnect the range extender and leave it off for about 30 seconds; after that, plug it back. This is the final action to reboot the extender.


The Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange issue can be resolved using the above means. In case nothing helps, call our technicians for help.


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