Linksys Extender Setup Without Computer

Linksys extender setup

The steps for the Linksys Extender setup without computer are similar to what follows with it. The only difference is generated upon use of the smartphone based app. You can easily follow the steps for setup once you have connected your smartphone to the extender’s local network. Subsequently, you can follow some easy steps to access the login page and then configure the network and device settings. Here is some key information to help you get started with the setup process:

Linksys Extender setup

  • Connect your Linksys extender to the power outlet and turn on the power supply.
  • Allow the device to boot up and notice the power LED’s color turn to solid blue.
  • Once it does, open the wifi settings of your smartphone device and connect to the Linksys extender’s local network.
  • You won’t require any password to connect to the local network. However, if you have configured your device network once, you’ll need to type in the network password to connect.
  • Once the smartphone is connected, you can launch a web browser on your smartphone and in the address bar, type the default web address or the IP address
  • Tap on the Go button and you’ll be redirected to the linksys extender login screen.

Login to the setup wizard using the default access credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the linksys extender setup without computer.

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