Lessons We Learned While Being a Law Graduate

Lessons We Learned While Being a Law Graduate
Lessons We Learned While Being a Law Graduate

Law seems to be a challenging and complex subject, but the lessons you learn from it are lifelong and have significant practical application in real life Being a Law Graduate. You learn several things related to your life, society, rights, obligations, and repercussions at individual and collective levels. Whether you plan to seek a career after completing your degree or wish to pursue specialization studies, your law school can offer a lot to learn for your life.

Following are some of the most precious and useful life lessons we learned while being a law graduate.

Asking Questions is Not Dumb

Many students and generally people are reluctant to ask questions fearing that they might sound dumb. An important lesson that law studies teach is that asking questions should never be a matter of shame since it is crucial. You must never lay back from seeking answers to your queries. It is rightly said that incomplete knowledge is harmful not only to the person who possesses it but also to others.

Whenever you learn about something new, try to find full knowledge. Do your research from diverse, authentic sources. Ask others about it if you need to. Even if you are taking a class at your school and you find something confusing, do not hesitate to ask your instructor only because others might find it funny. Your goal should always be to get the full authentic information about everything.

Not Everyone is Your Friend

Having a friendly attitude towards your fellows, colleagues, and others is a good gesture representing fine interpersonal skills. However, it is not important to make friends with everyone. You do not need to award the same place in your life to every individual you meet. This might seem a small matter but can land you in big trouble. You might offer someone law assignment help as a fellow student; this does not make you friends. It would be not very reasonable to become overly friendly with someone without knowing enough about them.

The risk is hidden behind considering every other person your pal is that you might allow them to share your private space. You might even share your secrets or confidential information with them or even some minor details that can cause big problems for you in the future. It is good to connect well with others and create a strong network but not allow everyone to invade your personal space.

Have Room for Disagreement

Our thinking patterns are significantly influenced by our society and the collective behavior of individuals in a society. This narrows down and mostly vanishes the room for disagreement. The continued practice of thinking like this makes disagreement a taboo, and we are often reluctant to present our point of view even when it is crucial. This creates a hindrance to personal intellectual growth and development. It can also become lethal for a society when people are denied their right to have a difference of opinion.

Law studies tell us that disagreeing with a proposed idea or philosophy is nothing wrong rather, and it can generate amazing ideas. It lays the foundation for creativity and innovation. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be able to support your arguments with logical reasoning. This field offers you the freedom to think independently and generate new ideas irrespective of whether you consent to the prevalent views or not. Implementing this in real life promotes acceptance of others and helps in establishing a peaceful and constructive society.

Arrogance is not Confidence

Confidence is a key trait essential for a successful personal and professional life. Without it, you cease to make the most of the opportunities available. However, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. We often blur that line so much and behave arrogantly in the deception of confidence.

Since the law is a professional field of study, you get a lot of opportunities to demonstrate confident behavior. At that time, you must be gentle and empathetic towards others. Otherwise, it would be challenging to prove your arguments right even with all the supporting evidence.

Keep Growing your CV

If you wish to head start your career soon after completing your law graduation degree, you must prepare for it during studying. One of the most crucial things for starting your career is a well-prepared CV or Curriculum Vitae. It represents a track of all your academic achievements, expertise, and skills. It also includes your professional experience gained through internships, apprenticeships, projects, and assignments.

The hack of having a presentable CV at the end of your degree program is making it while at school. Add all your academic details even if there is not much to include. Over time, keep adding things as you achieve them. This will benefit you in the end but also helps you track your individual performance. Search for opportunities to enhance your CV and show it to others to have feedback. This little step will go a long way in your professional life.

Smart Work is better than Hard Work

We all have grown up listening to quotes, poems, stories, and sayings about the benefits of hard work in life. It seems that the magical formula to success is only hard work. However, law school taught us that smart work sometimes supersedes hard work. You might be trying too hard to achieve something but not get the desired results because of a lack of thinking and analysis.

It is not the volume of your efforts but the effectiveness that generates results. For instance, you might learn every single word in your book but still not be successful in getting through your exams. Instead of putting excessive efforts into the process, think about the results first and then formulate strategies from a pool of available options. This will make things way easier for you.

Respect your Opinion

You might have heard that you should first do it for yourself if you want respect. Our minds work amazingly smartly and constantly produce ideas about anything you see, hear, watch, experience, or imagine. Everyone has a point of view of perceiving things, and this matters a lot in how you live and make efforts to achieve your goals in life. It is significant to respect your thought, ideas, and opinions.

Respecting your ideas means allowing them to dwell in your mind, taking time to ponder and reflect over them, creating room to cross-examine them, and always trying to improve them. All these things lead to broadening your wisdom and enhancing your intellect. This is yet one of the most precious and lifelong learning we get from studying law.

Finish things Well

Doing extensive hard work and consistent efforts pays back only when you are determined to conclude well. It is unnecessary always to bag success at the end of your journey, but it is crucial to reach the final spot. Leaving things halfway through due to lack of interest, fear of failure, threatening competition, or lack of self-confidence is a destructive act.

When you start something, be it your homework, assignment, pursuing a degree, applying for a job post, solving a problem, or any other thing in the world, always be determined to conclude your efforts on a good note. Try to reach the finish line, whether in the first place or last. This gives you such experiential learning that you cannot get anywhere else.

Focus on the Big Picture

One of the biggest and toughest hindrances in the way of a successful life is short-sightedness in terms of thoughts and ideas. We come across making several decisions every day with a slight variation in their significance and impacts. The biggest mistake we make while making a decision is not considering its long-term effects. You might not be able to see results from your efforts immediately, but they can bring fruitful results later in your life.

Similarly, something might not seem significant at the time but have a transforming impact in the long run. It is important not to let go the hold of the bigger picture whenever making decisions. Whether you are making a seemingly less important decision such as buying a shirt or a big one choosing your career path, keep your eyes and mind on the broad perspective.

Every Plan might not get Success

It is an unsaid rule that things do not always go as planned. Several factors and unforeseeable situations are hindering your way. You must always have room for flexibility to act according to the situation. Also, having an alternative set of actions for every plan can help you face the challenges of life successfully. The efficiency and impact of your efforts depend greatly on this flexibility.

Bottom Line

All these lessons are useful and beneficial for law graduates and all other students and people belonging to any area of life. If you follow them with determination and consistency, these are the learnings and lessons that go a long way in life. Whether you manage to become a professional lawyer or not after completing your law degree, you can still have some life-changing lessons that can transform your life completely.

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