Learn How to Determine Your Own Home Loan Eligibility

What Are The Documents Required For Home Loan

A home loan is a perfect solution to buy a home without draining out the entire income and savings. It is true that you need to arrange the down payment, but the maximum amount is disbursed by the financial institutions. It takes away a huge burden from those aspiring for home and tired of living in a rented apartment. A home is a social and financial security. It is important to own a home and feel financial security. Availability of an easy home loan can be difficult if you are not meeting the eligibility criteria or have a good credit background. The decision of a home loan should be taken only after calculating the monthly income, expenses, and obligations. It is a huge financial commitment that goes on for years and takes up a huge part of your income. If you are having a good income, only then should you take up such a burden. Assess your home loan eligibility by considering your credit score and income. This will open up opportunities and make borrowing easier for a house repair loan or a home loan.

What is the basic eligibility for home loans: 

  • An individual availing of a home loan needs to be a citizen of India.
  • An individual needs to be self-independent or salaried.
  • Your Age should be more than 21 years or more than that.
  • Have a good income: An individual with a good income is eligible for a home loan. A home loan takes up a huge amount of your money from the monthly salary. Without a good salary, it will not be possible to go for an easy home loan. There are other expenses that one needs to manage from the monthly income. If you can accommodate your expenses with a new debt like a home loan, only then you should go. A loan provider will assess your eligibility in terms of income and expenses that you have monthly.
  • Many individuals accept the home loan when offered by the bank or non-banking financial institution(NBFI) as individuals are always in crisis due to various instant needs and emergencies. It is indeed a very helpful approach from the loan provider. Therefore if you need instant funds in your account to meet emergencies or any ongoing instant need, you can accept the top-up loan request and get instant funds credited to your account within no time.
  • A good credit score: A credit score accounts for all the past debt and credit history of an individual. A good score means the record is clean with good repayment and a maintained credit background. If you do not have a good credit score you will not be eligible for an easy home loan. You need to maintain your credit health with good credit activities. A good score is essential and there is no other alternative.
  • Type of property: If you want to assess your home loan eligibility, you need to select a good property. Make sure you are choosing the right builder and the property type. The loan provider will only approve if the property is worth investing in. They will keep the recovery option open for the situation of default or any undesirable situation.
  • Save a good amount of money: Save money from day one. A good amount of down payment will be required and that is a part of your eligibility. If you have the dream to get home, you will need the down payment. Do not keep your down payment for the last minute and make sure you start saving early. If you start saving after your loan provider tells you, it will be a burden for you to arrange money in small time. Make sure you arrange your down payment.
  • Keep a good track record: A good credit background and credit record need to be there since you start your credit journey. Be disciplined in terms of credit payment, your credit account and do not keep any outstanding or overdue amounts. A good credit track record needs to be there from day one. It will help you get an excellent credit score and your report stands out to be well. A good credit background needs to be taken care ofit.
  • Documentations: It is important to take care of your documentation at the time of taking a home loan. For self-employed and salaried individuals it is very important to produce all kinds of documents that are essential to validate the credit as well as the personal background of the borrower. If your an important document is missed, it will directly lead to a rejection of a home loan. One you needs to make sure that a home loan document will be important.
  • Job stability: Stability in income is important. The source of your income is important and the loan provider will try to understand whether the borrower has the right stability in employment or not. It takes into consideration whether the salary is a fixed component or solely variable. Apart from this, a loan provider also checks whether the employment is permanent or temporary contract-based.
  • Business stability: For self-employed individual business stability and revenue is important. If a business is stable and has a good market cap, it is important to get a home loan approval process This ensures that you get the best experience in borrowing.


Wrapping up

A home loan is a high-value loan that demands your good eligibility criteria. In order to reduce the your risk of default on a home loans, good credit eligibility is checked very carefully. One can take a house repair loans if a home loan seems to be a burden. Clix Capital offers the easy and fast home loan on online in India with lowest interest rate for long term. Here you can easily apply for a home loan and our customer support team quickly will get back to you on call or chat and tell you all documentation requirement and the processing. With Clix Capital you can easily fulfill your dream.



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