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The term web development has its own history and the etymology is traced back to the creation of the World Wide Web and browsers. Web developers are application developers who create and develop software and web-based applications. As the term suggests, web development also extends to the development of network technologies that allow creating, maintaining, and updating mobile applications.

Now, the term web developer is used as an umbrella term for two different but complementary types of developers; Web developer and app developer Therefore, web developer generally means web developer and web application developer and specifically app developer. Why are web developers important? They are the promoters and keepers of the future.

What are frontend and backend developers?

There are 3 types of web developers one frontend and another backend developer, but what do they do and what are their work? I have divided into 3 categories in detail if you want to know more detail read the full article

  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Fullstack Web Developer

Frontend web developer: Who are front-end developers and what are their jobs and what do they need to know? Front-end developers are the ones who create the website design. Remember you don’t need any qualification to become a web developer because there are a lot of people who have earned by freelancing. 

As a front-end web developer, you can earn 1 to 2 lakhs per month. But what do we need to learn for frontend developers? You need to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP and that is enough to become a front-end web developer.

Backend web developer: Backend developers are the ones who write the backend code so that the design created by the frontend developer can work. It means that the backend is the R skeleton and the frontend is the structure of your body, shape, and so on. Backend developers are the ones who write the backend code so that the design created by the frontend developer can work. 

This means that the backend is the R skeleton and the frontend is the structure of your body, shape, and so on. But what you need to learn to become a backend web developer, JAVASCRIPT, PHP/PYTHON, MYSQL, JQUERY, and other programming languages ​​should be learned to become a web developer, you don’t need any qualification in this field.

The Average Salary of a Backend Developer is 10 lakh per annum

Fullstack web developer: Fullstack web developers are those who know both frontend and backend work. Most of you have learned both backend and frontend which is really cool because you can create websites for others and start money from your home. There are lots of full-stack developer courses that earned more than 5 lakhs per month. If you don’t like doing the job then this can really be your best option.

How to become a web developer?

Before you embark on the journey of becoming a developer, you should know that we need to learn to code before we can write anything for the web. The only way to learn to write HTML and CSS is to learn to program a computer. If you want to become a professional developer then you must learn to code. Once you know how to code then you should try to find a job related to web designing and programming.

Programming work on the web comes in different levels such as application development, API development, JavaScript development, etc. For this, you should decide what your goal is and focus on the web development level that is best for you. One of the most beneficial skills I learned while learning web development is how to create an HTML page. This is a simple and basic skill.

How to learn web development?

How to get started and what is the best way to get started? When should you hire a web developer? The best tool to learn web development. Let’s start The main reason people want to learn web development is because they want to earn money online. Here’s the thing.

It is said that making money online is really difficult to earn. To make it easy you need to know the most important steps. This is not the story of an app developer who went bankrupt. This is the story of my past and presents how I went bankrupt before earning good money online.

My story is not unique. Many people feel the same way as you. Some people became successful and made good money online. Some others didn’t. Let me tell you my story here. Before becoming a web developer I am an Indian software engineer. Presently, I am a student of class 12th, studying in a school.

What are the benefits of becoming a web developer?

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a web developer is the increased performance and flexibility of websites. A typical website consists of a lot of elements that can be easily broken down by a web developer and now consolidated to make the website more responsive and scalable. 

Another big advantage is financial freedom, so instead of working in certain corporate locations like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, or Google, you can choose to work from home and earn money as you like.

Web Development Courses In today’s computer world, a good web developer needs to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and many other programming languages ​​and languages ​​like Java, Ruby, C#, Node.

Relationship between Web Developer and User

From the last generation to our generation it was very clear that web developers would be on technology. However, this generation is different. These new generation students are no longer interested in computers. 

Since they can access the Internet on their smartphones, they have no need for a desktop PC. In this rapidly evolving digital age, we have seen a large number of small and medium businesses conduct their operations through their smartphones.

So with this change in technology, which is enabling small businesses to run their operations, web developers need to reach out to a greater number of these businesses. So if you want to work as a web developer then you must have an interest in this field.

Role of Web Developer in the Web Industry

From learning to building web applications to making it work for millions of customers; From building custom CMS websites to designing and writing code for various web apps and games, the web developer is the bridge between users and digital technology. 

4 Stages of Development of a Web App The fast pace of web development requires a web developer to work quickly following the standard development of a website or application.

The first thing a web developer should learn is HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, and PHP. HTML All websites are made of HTML. It is the most important content in a website, it is the structure of the website, in other words, HTML defines the structure of the web page, the way a web browser views a web page. HTML is a two-way street.

What are the types of web developers?

A web developer is a job that requires strong skills and knowledge. To become a web developer, you need good programming skills like C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, etc. And usually, programming languages ​​are learned before becoming a software engineer.

The good thing is that the job of a web developer is different from that of a software engineer as it focuses on web development. You have to spend most of your time learning web development so that you can build websites, web applications, mobile applications and more.

Types of web developer jobs It is very difficult to create a website, mobile application, or many more in few months. To make a website you have to study programming languages ​​like JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML, PHP, VB.

Web developer salary

If you are asking me about web developer salary then I want to tell you that you can get unlimited money by developing your website, there are many people who have no idea about web development, they just Use to write one article on WordPress and earn more than 5 lakhs per month, even you can. But the average salary of web developers in 2021 is 7 lakh per annum.

How long does it take to learn web development?

There are different languages, you need to learn, so it is up to you how much time you take to learn the concept and how much time you spend learning. On average it takes around 6 months to become a full-stack web developer, but as I already told you it depends on you. But I want to share my experience, how much time did I take? It took me 8 months to become a full-stack web developer

But how much time should you spend to become a full-stack web developer?

Frontend: To become a frontend developer you have to spend 3 months, HTML does not take much time, but JavaScript will take more time.

Backend: To become a backend developer you have to give 4-5 months’ time because the backend is the only thing that needs more time to learn. Here you also have to learn database, which will also require 1 month.


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