Latest Lehenga Choli Designs For The Wedding Season


The iconic lehenga choli is a much-loved outfit in India where it has taken the fashion industry by storm. It has become common wear for parties and has even become a substitute for the saree for bridal wear. 

The reason for all this fame being that it is simply a fashionable dress that looks traditional and stylish leaving all other options looking drab when compared side by side. It consists of a long skirt that is most oftenly heavily decorated and a short blouse that ends at just below the bust. Besides all young girls and women want to look their best and sport the latest designs available on the market. 

Although the lehenga choli is a traditional outfit that was worn by royalty in the Mughal era, it has been revamped to live up to the ever-changing fashion standards and for this reason, we see various different styles every year.

Weddings are the most prestigious events in Indian culture and dressing accordingly is a must especially if you are a close family member of either the bride or the groom. Wedding day is the most important day of a girl’s life and she will remember it for the rest of her life, as will her parents which is why every father will make sure his daughter looks like a princess in her outfit. Thus the world of fancy, trendy lehenga choli designs has evolved.

Latest Lehenga Choli Designs

Anarkali style

The Anarkali style is one that also originated back in the Mughal era and has recently made a reappearance on the fashion scene. Described as a timeless style that is fashionable to wear for any event especially extra special events such as a wedding, you cannot go wrong with this style as you will look stylish and elegant and eyes will follow you. 

Pick the right colours such as reds, maroons, gold, and silver that will make you feel like true royalty. The main feature of the anarkali lehenga choli is the short choli (blouse) and the floor length skirt/lehenga.

Netting fabric lehenga choli

Netting is a fabric that everyone is all too familiar with today. It is used in almost all traditional Indian garments. Some lehenga cholis feature this fabric in an increased amount and is almost entirely made from this fabric apart from an inner to stop the garment from being completely see-through. 

Nonetheless, this style is an amazing choice for attending a wedding function. It incorporates both style and sophistication so that you can get the best of both worlds from a single outfit.

Jacket style 

Recently, the jacket style lehenga choli was released and has flourished with even Bollywood actresses donning this attire to several parties and promotional events. 

This is a rather modern style that is known for the jacket, either a jacket is an extra addition to the overall outfit or the blouse is made to replicate the jacket itself. 

It gives a royal ethnic look. Even if you have a simple lehenga choli, you can spice it up with a heavily decorated jacket making it suitable for attending a wedding. Go ahead and dare to be different and don’t stick to the rules. 

Long or 3/4 sleeves

Long sleeves are the craze these days and make the choli look different (in a good way) not to mention they are a great help when attending an evening wedding ceremony in colder weather, so no need to unnecessarily shiver to death! wear the long sleeve choli and show off how stylish different can be. 

The ends of the sleeves can be decorated with borders or cuff buttons to add extra detail to the whole outfit and can be made to match the decoration on the lehenga itself.

Gotta Patti work

This old-style of decoration originates from Rajasthan. This form of embroidery involves an applique technique that involves the sewing of small zari ribbon (usually gold, silver, or bronze colour)  onto the fabric to create elaborate patterns. 

This looks best in bright colours such as pink, green, yellow, and orange as is best for brides who are brave enough to done these colours for their special day. Suitable accessories to match your breathtaking outfit can be found at all wedding accessory stores nationwide due to their high demand.

Velvet fabric lehenga choli

Velvet is a fabric that will always be in fashion and not called old or too plain, it is soft and smooth in texture making it a fabric similar to silk fabric. The fabric speaks for itself even if the design is somewhat plain and simple.

 Velvet cholis can be fashionable when styled right in the appropriate design. Also, velvet borders on the lehenga make for a star-studded attraction and will surely be a hit for the wedding season. 

Kurta Lehenga 

When it comes to the fashion world, it is an ever changing scenario that requires you to be up to date and this calls for some modern improvements to your wardrobe. A trendy new style is the kurta lehenga, this style has a lehenga paired up with a kurta as a substitute for the traditional choli, this look is still traditional and definitely wedding worthy.

It is a unique look that will make on lookers look twice. The kurta can be highly decorated and even features a slit or two to give it an extra special look. 

When it comes to weddings, lehenga choli is an astoundingly popular dress that many women and girls choose to wear on this special occasion where the common saree is just not enough to please the crowd. 

With so many designs and styles, you will have a hard time picking the right one, but no matter what you choose you will be sure to look stunning and have people talking about you (or rather your outfit). 

Pair up the lehenga with different types of blouses and feel free to experiment with it, but most importantly do not forget to enjoy the outcome. if you love this lehenga choli designs and want to try this you can try buy lehenga choli online


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