Kundalika Rafting Camp – A Must Do Things



Situated in the forest along the Kundalika river, the campsite resides in a picturesque setting that attracts peace lovers like a magnet. It’s located safely away from the busy city of Mumbai. The camp demands teamwork for setting camp and water-based activities. Rafting is the most sought after activity in this camp. Rafting is a famous adventurous sport in which a person navigates a river in an inflatable raft. The best thing is it’s open throughout the year and you can head straight and raft anytime. The River is filled by the excess waters of dams and hydroelectric projects. It’s the best way to get your adrenaline pumped up and refresh yourself.



The hamlet is located 120km away from Mumbai and 100km from Pune. 


Best time to visit

kundalika Rafting is open all year round and that’s the best thing about this camp. 



  • White wafter rafting : kundalika Rafting is very sought after in this area. There are many professionals to guide you throughout and make the experience memorable.  Experienced rafters can go for higher grade rafting


Classification of rapids

Rafting  has five ranges from grade- I to grade- V, each providing a unique tailor-made experience of its own.


Grade-I: It’s the easiest level and recommended for beginners. They involve fewer challenges and have a smooth experience. This kind of rafting mostly occurs in the plains. The flow and speed are lesser than other rapids so it requires fewer skills to complete grade-I stretches. Even non-swimmers can participate in grade-I rafting.


Grade-II: Grade-II is slightly harder but can be done by beginners. It’s more challenging and requires more skills. It’s better if you gather some experience and skills before rafting in grade-II stretches. It can be found in regions where the main river passes through uneven regions. It’s famous and sought after the grade of rafting as it is a sweet mixture of simplicity and adventure.


Grade-III: With this grade, you enter the adventurous white river rafting stage in Rishikesh. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles at this stage. It requires a lot of skills such as navigation and cruising. It needs a lot of experience and technique to complete this grade. When the high-speed water crushes the rocks, they look white so it’s called white water rafting. These types of rapids are found in places where the river flows downwards with great speed. There are some rocky patches you’ve to overcome. It’s a very thrilling and adventurous experience.


Grade-IV: You need to be very experienced and skilled to complete this grade. The rapids of this type are very fast and hard. They offer various challenges and are not suitable for first-timers and non-swimmers.  These rapids are found in regions where the river flows downward with hard rocks at the end making it a memory worthy rafting experience. It needs a lot of navigation skills and endurance level.


Grade-V: Grade-V is the ultimate adventurous rafting grade. It is not for the weak-hearted. It is recommended for highly experienced expert rafters. There are numerous obstacles and challenges which make the journey more thrilling and exciting. These are found in regions where the river passes through extremely rocky patches accompanied by sudden drops.


  • Sight- seeing
  • Star gazing
  • Setting camp
  • Exploring
  • Photography


Precautions and Essentials

  • Wear light and comfortable clothes. 
  • Carry woolen clothes. 
  • ID proof is a very important essential for all. 
  • Listen to the professionals before going for adventure sport. 
  • Carry flashlights with extra batteries. 
  • Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 
  • Carry raincoats, jackets, first aid and some extra clothes for emergencies.
  • Carry minimum weight. 
  • Don’t litter. 
  • Take care of your own luggage. 
  • Carry your medicines, if any. 
  • Bring your camera, mobile phones, binoculars etc.  at your own risk. 


You will not regret rafting in the calmness of Kundalika. Be prepared to lose yourself in the calm loveliness of the surrounding. The lush green setting of trees along with the soothing sounds of the river makes the camp worthwhile and memorable. Rafting in Kundalika must prioritize your bucket list if you want to experience something as wonderful as this.



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