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Fiberglass pots

Basically, a planter is a pot or container in which flowers or other plants are displayed and refined. Moreover, it comes in various materials, however, nowadays, fiberglass planters demand is on peak. Why? You have to go through the below-mentioned aspects about it to know the answer.

Here are some factors that you will love to know….

What Is A Fiberglass Planter?

Fiberglass planter comprises a composite material made of spun glass fibers bound together by resin. Glass reinforced plastic is another name for fiberglass. Different materials are increasingly being used by some producers to improve the texture of planters.

Rectangular planter

Benefits Of Fiberglass Planters

Although there are a plethora of factors which say that fiberglass planters are very beneficial, however, some of the major factors are below. 


Fiberglass plant pots are extremely light in comparison to stone, concrete, ceramic, and terracotta planters. The proper mix of fiberglass material and resin creates a planter construction that is easy to move, even in extra large proportions.

Weather Resistance 

Fiberglass rectangular planters with high-quality finishes can survive extreme weather conditions in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Snow, sleet, rain, and direct sunlight are no match for the toughness of fiberglass planters.

Perfect For Plants

These planters are fantastic decor pieces for many indoor and exterior design projects since they come in a variety of forms, sizes, and finishes that can flawlessly compliment any contemporary or traditional setting. 

Modern fiberglass planters can balance  a wide variety of plants and flowers that are build to enhance the overall appearance and ambience of different locations, whether you want clean, crisp lines or beautiful curbing.

Design Flexibility

Commercial planters are wonderful decor pieces for both indoor and outdoor design projects since they come in a range of forms, sizes, and finishes complementing any contemporary or traditional setting. 

Whether you want clean, crisp lines or lovely curbing, modern planters can balance out a broad array of plants and flowers they can enhance the overall aesthetic and ambience of different areas.


When talking about its life period, it is very high as compared to other materials of planters. Fiberglass planters are extremely durable. Fiberglass plant pots, whether indoors or out, can survive harsh weather, foot traffic, UV rays, and more while providing a beautiful base for plant designs.

Low Maintenance 

As everybody knows, fiberglass material requires a lot of maintenance. There is no need to clean it on a regular basis, you can do it either on a monthly basis or weekly basis. They can be refrained without care for an important sum of time in both outdoor & indoor stipulations. 

Excellent Value For Money

Water, fading, and chemical resistance are all features of commercial-grade fiberglass plant pots. Because fiberglass planters do not rot, warp, or degrade over time, can use indoors and outdoors, regardless of the weather. 

Even after lengthy exposure to water, UV radiation, temperature changes, sea air, and chemicals, they show virtually no evidence of wear and tear. They are build to last year after year, saving you a significant amount of money in the long term. These planters are very lightweight, resulting in decreased per-unit transportation costs.

Adding allure to your interiors

It serves two objectives to select planters that match well with your interior design themes: To begin with, these planters house your favorite plants that provide life to your space. Planters, on the other hand, increase the beauty of your interiors while complimenting other design components. 

You can play around with different planter configurations and see what works best. There are endless opportunities to demonstrate your creativity and sense of expression. You may express yourself in your home design with the various colorful colors, textures, and rustic finishes of these unique indoor flower pots.

naptune planters

How To Take Care Of Fiberglass Planters?

As you all know, that fiberglass plant pots are for both indoor and outdoor purpose. So to keep it safe and secure, you need to take care of your planters. For going through this process, you can follow up the below explained points. 

Use Supreme Quality Wax

Apply a layer of high-quality marine-grade wax to your outdoor fiberglass pots every six months for increased protection and a glossier surface. Sealers in marine-grade wax repair microscopic pits in the final coat, resulting in a smooth, shiny, like-new finish. 

Furthermore, regular cleaning and waxing will restore the protective coating to original specifications, considerably extending the life of your fiberglass pots.


Repair Your Pots When Needed

Time to time repair is necessary for all the things. So, you should also repair your plant pots whenever it is necessary. There is not any rocket science in it. It is very simple to fix it. Normally, the planters got scratches, or sometimes they got a dent. 

So, you just need to give a touch-up with paint. And for removing dents, you can try to fix it by giving some pressure by hand, or something harder. If it is not healthy to be ok, then you should replace it, otherwise it will decrease your home’s beauty. 

Use a Mild Soap Mixture

Regular cleaning of indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters is require to remove dirt and dust collection. Wipe off the exterior of indoor fiberglass plant containers with a moist cloth to remove any stubborn dirt. 

Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge to clean large outdoor planters with a smooth, glossy finish. Dirt, stains, mold, mineral, and/or algae deposits can be removed from ribbed and textured planters, as well as planters with matte surfaces, using the same mild soap solution and a soft bristle brush. Rinse your planters well with clean water after washing them.

Inspect each Fiberglass Planter Regularly

Despite their toughness, fiberglass plant pots can be scratched or chipped if misused. Although minor damage to fiberglass pots has no effect on their performance, it can reduce their aesthetic appeal. 

Debris and water could enter under the protective layer of small fractures and chips are left exposed. Because debris and water intrusion can cause the protective coating to peel and/or chip over time, inspect your fiberglass planters for superficial damage after cleaning.

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Summing Up

In the end, if you are wishing to buy the supreme quality of fiberglass planters, you must contact International Art Properties once. Because they have been showering their peak quality services since 1974. 

Moreover, if you still have any doubt related to your search or want to have a look at the products, you can visit the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although, several questions are asked by people related to fiberglass plant pots. However, only a few common questions are answered here. 

What is the lifespan of fiberglass planters?

Fiberglass planters are more expensive than other types of planters, such as those made of plastic. However, their overall endurance makes them well worth the investment. Plastic pots frequently crack after only one season, however fiberglass plant pots are build to survive for years.

What is the best way to seal a planter?

Apply an oil-based varnish on the exterior of the planter box with a brush or a cloth. To avoid getting varnish on your hand, consider using a protective glove. Varnish the expose wood where the drainage holes were drill.

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