Know about software development trends in 2022


Know about software development trends in 2022

With the emerging technologies, new societal demands, and external factors, the software development sphere is changing. After Covid, it has turned into the point of inflection for businesses. Large and small enterprises reorganized to accelerate IT priorities, innovate roadmaps, and change working procedures. Each company started to move towards the digital world where software solutions would determine the path of life.

As the digital products recognize the adaptable and sustainable businesses, IT specialists and software developers play a significant part in constructing the world post-pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to know the upcoming software development trends in 2022.

Focusing on standards of software quality:

Many fast-growing software development companies are thinking of getting compliance certificates with international quality standards like IEC/ISO 27001. As the services and software applications are firmly embedded into different areas, use of software product quality is turning into the main priority.

The trend of ISO certification will keep on rising because it helps the organizations to attract more clients and improve their popularity. It is through assuring that they obey the highest standards of software quality.

The realm of Kubernetes:

The other prominent trend to look out for is the rise in adopting microservices and containers powered by Kubernetes. It is an open-source container platform of orchestration.

Professionals predict the firms which are utilizing Kubernetes that will keep on growing. The reason is that the adoption of various projects needs security, 24/7 availability, and scalability. Cloud-based microservices architecture and containerization are suitable for such types of projects. Also, Kubernetes is the best device for automating the software deployment process, managing containers, and constructing a microservices architecture.

Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency:

Blockchain got associated with cryptocurrency at some point, but that phase is gone. However, because professionals keep observing that blockchain growth is happening quickly in different industries. It is a decentralized and distributed system where you can obtain an excellent level of transparency and security for different types of transactions. Therefore, it is also applicable to various business sectors.

Here are a few examples of the blockchain system

  • Account in software systems that ensures energy consumption traceability.
  • Supply chain systems of monitoring in automotive, gas, oil, and logistics areas.
  • Creating platforms for the protection of intellectual property.
  • Building software systems for secure electronic voting.

The use of blockchain-based applications is evolving in different industries.

DevOps observability tools:

At present, DevOps is a used practice by any software development company. The observability tools are essential for the teams of DevOps in SMBs and large enterprises. It can be made understandable to an individual by increasing the cloud-native app development and microservices adoption in a meaningful manner. The requirement is to identify and solve the problems present in these tricky architectures.

Observability is not a single person’s responsibility. It is a decision-making and data-driven culture that has to be fostered in the teams and departments of software development within a company. If there is an expert employee who monitors, logs, and reports, then the troubleshooting and debugging process turns into something easy and quick. It also ensures continuous deployment and integration.



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