Kheerganga Trek – Complete Beginners Travel Guide


Kheerganga tour takes you on a journey into one of the numerous secrets of the Parvati valley. Nestled deep in Himachal Pradesh, the views of the trail are slow and revitalizing. This tour also offers plenty of opportunities for exploring the region’s beautiful and unique culture.


A trek to Kheerganga makes perfect sense for an upcoming tour if you are a beginner or backpacker looking for a deeper hike into the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. The hike to Parvati Valley is one of the highly recommended.


Mythology of Kheerganga


Kheerganga has rich history, an important place for both Hindus and Sikhs. Before we dive into the travel guide, look at it in more detail.


Parvati and Kartikeya

For his meditation and prayers, Kartikeya, the son of Sivji and Parvati, chose Kheerganga. Parvati wanted to cook for her son when his parents decided to visit him. The legends say that Parvati would cook rice pudding (Kheer) in the water itself due to the presence of hot water springs in the area. This is why it is the grayish color and the river’s milkfish teint!


Kalyug Story

In Satyug, when Shivji and Parvati Ji came to this place, Kheer appeared from nowhere. But Parvati Ji demanded that Purushotam convert the Kheer into the water, knowing that the Kalyugians (aka us!) would fight against it.


During Udasi, Guru Nanak Singh Ji visited his disciple Bhai Mardana in Kheerganga. Bhai Mardana was hungry during one such visit, yet there was no food. Bhai Mardana went to Guru Nanak Ji’s Langar for the collection of Aata (flour). But the chapatis were not cooked by a fire nearby.


Gurunanak visiting Kheerganga

In this case, Guru Nanakji invited Mardana to remove a huge stone, a hot source. The Rotis sank in the spring, as Mardana tanked the Rotis. On Guru Nanak Ji’s advise, Mardana asked God to return the Rotis to float, and if that happens, he pays it to feed others too. The Rotis floated back to the surface, baked completely.


Routes to choose from for your Kheerganga Trek


You can choose from three main routes. As the saying goes – I have taken the road less and it has changed everything – or something like this.


Nakthan Route – The fastest and the most popular route. It takes about 4 hours to reach Kheerganga. If you think of the destination and not the trip, Nathan is perfect (but the journey is also nice!). You will then turn left and start to the village of Nathan, going from the river left to the river Parvati, on to the Barshaini bridge. Since this is the most popular itinerary, it has a lot of tourists and is well marked.


Kalga Route – Turn right on the Barshaini Bridge instead of taking a left and start your walk towards Kalga. The route merges with the main route (Nathan) in the meantime. On this trail you will cross dense woods, so for the first time you will walk – maybe you will want to take a guide along the Himalayan Walk jannattrips.


Tosh Route – Another path that later fuses into the Nathan Route. This road is also very popular, particularly for people who stayed in Tosh prior to the trek. The river Tosh flows near to the town Tosh that joins the river Parvati near Pulga.


Up, up and away!


I would recommend highly that the Kalga track be chosen ascending and either the Tosh track or the nakthan track descending after the Kheerganga track is completed.


The walk is mild and crosses apple gardens in the beginning. Thanks to the presence of confirmed walkers, Nakthan has developed in the region and a good number of cafes are sprinkled. If you want to explore the hamlet life, you can even stay on your way back.


You will reach a bridge 30 minutes after Rudranag (to your right) with an invigorating dhaba served with lip-sweet food. Whilst many shortcuts are available on the road – it is advisable not to go out (and advise!), as many fatal experiences have occurred here. Stick to the road! Stick to the road!


Halfway to Kheerganga


Halfway through, you will arrive at Shalom Waterfall Cafe, the dhaba alone and near a gushing waterfall. Highly recommended is Watermelon juice. Also Maggi is a must when on the hills of a dhaba (this is the law!).


From here on, the journey begins to become a little harder. It’s an ongoing climb that can be difficult for first time hikers, even if the path is well marked. The ascent is exhausting, so please go at your own pace and enjoy the nature around you! Stay moisturized, too!


The final push to Kheerganga


The journey might not end, but first, you go to two dhabas with the most beautiful views and then – one last turn – the huts and cafes and hot springs can be seen! Your steps can easily be covered in less than 10 minutes, with new enthusiasm.


Also, on the same day, maybe you want to come back to Barshaini or Tosh, but I would suggest that I spend a night in Kheerganga and that I choose your way back the next day.


Tips for the Trek


Wake up early – Wake up early Leaving when the Sun is doing is a hard thing – I understand, believe me. The walk is long, particularly for the first few people, and you will not cover much of your journey in the sparkling sun. Yes, at such heights the temperatures are mild – but there is an even greater intensity of the sun.


Homestays throughout the route – Airbnb (if you take breaks and make the trip a bit longer). Barshaini and Tosh, along with the smaller hamlets along the way, are home to some beautiful properties.


This village is so splendid and lifelong – it is a great point to rest those legs. Nakthan is the stop of the pit. It’s nearly the center of your trail – a perfect medley, as well. While you are at it, name some of the Maggi and Fresh Juice – won’t forget.


The hot springs of Kheerganga – Parvati’s Kund. Do not visit while sin is going to be! Also, imagine yourself being in a ‘warm bath,’ absorbed into the view of the Parvati Valley high mountains. Are you still fascinated? It’s a sick sensation – don’t miss it!



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