Keyword Research In Relation To SEO Services For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing

Most SEO providers in Australia understand the benefits of keyword research. Keyword research is considered to be the most important part of SEO. Before small businesses can come up with a plan to improve their rankings, they have to know the types of keywords to target. Generally, each page on your domain is supposed to target a single keyword or two keywords and the keywords should be unique.

You need enough pages on your site targeting enough keywords to cover the main aspects of your business. When looking for keywords, it is important to look for synonyms too. Choosing the right keywords comes down to the following factors.


When choosing keywords, you should ensure that the keywords are relevant to your business. The most desirable keywords are those with commercial intent. For example, SEO services in Australia are better than “how to get SEO services in Australia” because the prior has a commercial intent and not an informational intent.

How is the keyword searched?

When choosing keywords, it is important to consider the number of people searching for the keyword in your serviced geography. Your ranking is not relevant if few people are searching for your keywords so you need to choose keywords that are searched by a lot of people.

Competitiveness of the keyword

Make sure you choose less competitive keywords because you will require less money and time to be successful. Make sure you target keywords that you can win on because 95% of website clicks go to the top five rankings. You should look at the number of pages with targeted keywords in the title at the domain authority. This will help you evaluate its competitiveness.

Most SEO providers in Australia use premium tools to do a keyword search. Accurate and easy to use tools are the best for small businesses.


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