Keys to Successfully Marketing Yourself as an Expert Realtor


Keys to Successfully Marketing Yourself as an Expert Realtor

A realtor is not just someone who sells homes, even though that is the primary function of this position. The fundamental responsibility of a realtor is to provide a professional service to all parties involved in the process of purchasing or selling real estate.

In addition to being an expert negotiator and administrator, the modern-day realtor has also become indispensable as an expert in marketing and branding for their business. 

You are your brand, and marketing your skills, knowledge, and services can give you an edge against your competitors in this highly competitive market. Here are the keys to successfully marketing yourself as an expert realtor.

1. Focus on Your Sphere of Influence

A sphere of influence is the network of people you work with and around. In marketing, you must be building your contacts and a local reputation to ensure that potential clients are aware of your expertise. The best way to accomplish this is to network with as many people as possible constantly. 

Connect with local experts, bloggers, influencers, and other professionals in their community to stay up to date on trends and information in the real estate industry. Develop relationships with your clients and, at the same time, make an effort to cultivate relationships with those who are not clients. 

2. Be Consistent with Your Marketing

Consistently branding yourself as an expert is a key to success in real estate and any business. Your website, social media, online profiles, and in-person marketing all need to be managed and updated regularly. 

One of the most important aspects of marketing yourself as an expert realtor is to develop a unique brand that sticks out. 

This can be accomplished through many different methods, including website design, content strategy, social media profiles, and even personal branding for yourself at events or during networking sessions. You may also send postcards to potential clients or even hand out personalized business cards. 

3. Leverage Both Free and Paid Marketing Tools

There are several ways to market yourself as an expert realtor for free. In addition to networking and advertising your business through social media, a free way to market yourself is by blogging. Blogging builds credibility and is a great way to establish your knowledge on a specific subject, thereby establishing you as an expert in the field. Here are examples of free marketing options.

1. Facebook/Instagram

Facebook provides an excellent platform for current and potential clients to find a realtor. It’s important to target only specific social media profiles. For example, your goal is only to target your professional audience and not your personal Facebook profile. You should also post on your personal Facebook page or Instagram account as appropriate: active posts or engagement posts.

2. YouTube

YouTube is another free platform for realtors to advertise their business. Educational and entertaining videos show clients that their realtor is an expert in their field while ultimately sending them directly to your website to build a relationship. 

3. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy way for realtors to search for local clients. It provides feedback from potential customers who have searched for your business, and it allows you to organize your business information into easily accessed categories that enhance the discovery process for potential clients. With a good profile, you will be discovered by many potential client’s every time they search for an expert realtor in your area.

4. Email Drip Campaigns

Email is an excellent way to communicate with potential clients. Emails help you build your reputation as an expert and provide a personal touch that ultimately helps you deliver more value to clients. Realtors can use both manual email campaigns as well as email automation tools like auto responders to increase the likelihood that their message will reach interested parties and ultimately lead to new business. 

Examples of Paid Marketing

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is an affordable way to advertise your real estate business and provide valuable leads to your clients. Using these ads will help you reach those who are searching for agents or who have a specific need and are looking to rely on professionals in their fields. 

By creating informational or promotional videos and posting them on YouTube, you can also build key aspects of your brand, including a personal profile that relates directly to the services you provide. 

2. Joining Professional Organizations

The Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get connected with like-minded business owners in your area. It’s important to identify and join relevant organizations so that you can continue to learn and develop as an expert realtor. Not only will you build business relationships, but often these connections are the stepping stone that open doors to your network. 

3. Social Media Ads

With social media advertising, realtors can organically reach potential clients by posting content that expresses their expertise in the field. Not only will your posts be seen by the people who are searching for expert realtors, but they’ll also be seen by potential clients who are actively seeking information on professionals in their fields. 

4. Real Estate Postcards

Realtors can use real estate postcards to build the perception of expertise in their field and provide a personal touch. Not only will these postcards be seen by potential clients, but realtors acting as lead generators for agents in the area. This is one of the best ways for realtors to reach their target market.

4. Do Your Research

Another important part of being an expert realtor is to understand which keywords potential clients are searching for and the specific language that they use. 

It’s also important to understand how your local market has changed, whether it’s industry trends, price changes, demographic shifts, or job opportunities. Finally, it’s also important to identify other experts in the real estate industry who can provide insight into what consumers and clients are looking for. 

5. Set Goals and Reach Them

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to track your progress and ultimately measure your success. Setting goals for yourself as an expert realtor helps you set the expectations that you need to achieve to be successful. It’s a great way to track those specific metrics that indicate whether or not you are being successful as an expert realtor. 

For example, if you are trying to establish yourself as an expert realtor, you should set a specific goal for how many hours a day you will devote to internet marketing or how many clients you need to talk to each week. Setting these goals will help you measure your progress and ultimately lead to success. 


Becoming an expert realtor is not only a great way to build your business, but it’s also fun and exciting. A realtor that is perceived as an expert in their field will have a competitive edge over others in the marketplace. They’ll have a much better chance of attracting new clients and delivering more value to their current client base. 


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