Keep Your Car Ac and Tyres in Good Condition This Summer

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You would not be able to drive your car comfortably in the hot season if your AC is not working well. The health of a car’s AC system is related to driving comfort. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your car Air Conditioning Shipley fit and fine.

Similarly, you have to keep your car tyres in good condition as well. Heat degrades the rubber material of your tyres.  Moreover, you will observe overinflation in your tyres due to hot weather as well.

Therefore, let us talk about your Car Air Conditioning Shipley system and tyres to make you’re driving more comfortable this summer.

Let Us Begin With the Ac System!

Sometimes you feel that your car’s AC system is blowing hot air. In this condition, you have to look at some common danger signs:

Air Is Not Cold:

It is the most significant that your AC is not working well. You have to check the compressor with the help of a car mechanic. This sign takes place when your compressor is not able to regular the flow of refrigerant.

Faulty Compressor Clutch:

If you are driving with a faulty compressor clutch, the compressor of the AC will be active or inactive permanently. See your mechanic resolve this issue. Maybe you have to change your AC compressor due to this fault,

Noisy Compressor:

Some noise from the AC compressor is quite normal. However, if you hear odd noises coming from this part, you have to see your mechanic as soon as possible. It is possible that your compressor’s bearings are faulty and they are producing an odd noise.

Leaking Refrigerant:

You can notice this symptom easily. The leakage in the AC will make it inefficient over time. Therefore, try to find out the leakage problem if your AC is blowing hot air.

Circuit Breaker Trips Regularly:

If the circuit breaker trips regularly, it clearly means that your AC compressor is weak. It is getting extra power to cause overheating in the system.

Electrical Issues in the Ac:

Electrical faults may occur in the system to reduce the efficiency of your AC through Air Conditioning Shipley. Your compressor has to function on low voltage due to the failure of electrical wiring. If you are sure that there is a wiring issue in the car AC, see your mechanic resolve the issue.

Unfamiliar Smells:

Check the car AC immediately if you experience smells that you are not familiar with then you need to see your mechanic immediately. It is likely that your compressor is under pressure due to the mould buildups.

As you see, there are several warning signs that make you aware of the problems in your car’s AC system. It is better you resolve these issues before the summer season. If you drive with these faults, your AC will stop working suddenly reducing the level of driving comfort.

Just like your AC system, your tyres will also affect the level of driving comfort if you do not consider their maintenance.

If You Want to Maintain Your Tyres Well in the Next Summer Season, Look at the Following Warning Signs:

Bulges and Cracks on the Sidewall:

Change your tyres if you observe bulges on the sidewall. This sign makes it clear that your tyres have internal damage. Bulges usually occur when your tyres hit a pothole or any hard object. Besides bulges, cracks also take place on the sidewall due to ageing factors.


Bald tyres are dangerous. If you observe that the tread depth of your tyres is below 1.6 mm, you have to change them as soon as possible. Driving with balding tyres brings several issues like poor performance, improper control over the vehicle, reduced grip and traction, and the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions. Moreover, bald tyres increase the risk of punctures and blowouts as well.

Odd Sounds and Vibrations:

Normally drivers do not consider the normal sounds and vibrations. However, if the intensity of these sounds or vibrations may increase over time, there is certainly a fault in your tyres.  

Poor Grip and Traction:

Does your car skid often on roads nowadays? If yes, look at your tyres. It is possible they are unable to hold the roads perfectly. Change your tyres if you want proper grip and traction on roads again.

Whenever you see these signs, change your bald and old tyres. Moreover, try to keep your Tyres Shipley cool while you drive on a sunny hot day. Hot tyres are responsible for various issues like tread wear, blowouts and degradation of rubber material.


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