We have known about Sanskrit writer Kalidasa. We have heard his accounts, we know his scholarly works.

In any case, relatively few of us know about the actual spaces in India that are related to him. A major stone remaining in fields generally looking like elephant frames a hillock with a few caverns in it called Ramgarh.

In the ongoing day, the Sarguja locale of Chhattisgarh is where Kalidasa should have resided after he left Ujjain.

Kalidasa Natyashala, Ramgarh

One of these caverns in Ramgarh should be the old amphitheater or Natyashala where the plays of Kalidasa were performed.

Going by the comparable present-day structures it is hard to envision how plays were performed here. In any case, I surmise we need to travel once more into the past and comprehend that the populace was little.

Delhi to Badrinath

Networks were private and caverns were homes. What is quite important is the astounding acoustics this stage has. A little strong on the stage in the cavern can be heard in a seriously enormous region plainly.

Presently is this not a matter of some importance prerequisite for an amphitheater? There are openings in the caverns that might have been utilized to put drapes of some sort or another. The semi-round arrangement can undoubtedly situate 50-60 individuals.

Kalidasa Poet

It is said that when Kalidasa left Ujjain after a battle with the ruler Raja Bhoj he settled here.

What’s more, made his most notable work Meghdootam here on the slopes of Ramgarh. Indeed, even today on the primary day of Hindi month Ashadh social projects are coordinated here.

Underneath the slope, there is a cutting-edge stage with a composition portraying the hours of Kalidasa and citing his works in Devanagari.

Sita and Ramayana

A portion of the connecting caves has cave canvases. Yet, I was unable to find those caverns. This cavern with the amphitheater should have been utilized by Sita in Ramayan. During the Vanvaas or remain in the woodland.

It is privately known as Sita Bengra. Certain individuals likewise accept that Sita was snatched from here by Ravan and taken to Lanka.

Also, the put falls on way to Lanka on the antiquated street associating Prayag to Rameshwaram. A few engravings have likewise been tracked down in this cavern. However I am don’t know whether they have been translated.

Chardham taxi

Stone slopes here have normal caverns and sections that are cut on a mission to go to the opposite side of the slope.

There are water sources that move through these caverns. Showing that life might have been handily supported here. Today, there are legitimate moves toward going up the slope.

However, the last mile to the amphitheater is as yet a test. There are a few cut-stone pictures around the cavern.

A few pictures were laid on the red material with some rice before it. Furthermore, some little change and coins on it. Showing where you ought to give while visiting Ramgarh.

At the time I visited this spot in March-end, there was a Mela or a fair happening beneath the slope. Furthermore, similar to a regular Indian fair, it has varieties and confidence upheld by colossal Mithai and Chaat shops.


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