JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker Feature

JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker Feature

JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In this post, we are going to unbox and review and take a look at the newly launched JVC portable Bluetooth speaker. So let’s move in this is the box of the newly launched JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker which is a portable Bluetooth speaker as written on the box. I don’t think that’s a portable Bluetooth speaker so let’s move and see what’s written on the box and then we are going to move inside the box. So first as you can see it supports Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, MicroSD card slot, oxford, and has a mic jack. I can tell you that this is having an LED display over here and has some kind of a lighting mode on this side as you can see some more specifications.

Inside the box:

I bought the speaker at the back the pricing and everything is written on here it has it so it weighs about 1.45 kgs that’s a lot. It’s very heavy and on the top the same thing so let’s move inside the box and take a look at the speaker. I think so warranty got away as written away it’s a warranty card this is the user manual and inside every packet. We get a remote control for the speaker that’s the nice thing provided in the box at this price point.I think so this is the best thing that’s provided your micro USB cable for charging your aux cable and your triple-a batteries for the remote.

Build quality:

The whole cell of the JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker is made out of plastic like as you can see the center part is properly made out of plastic. The sides of this black accent as you can see are also made out of plastic but has a rubber coating onto it like a soft-touch coating onto it. It feels very high quality and you can see this grab handle on top of it to pick up the speaker or carry the speaker anywhere with you. If you want to carry the speaker because it’s a heavy speaker like 1.5 kgs. It’s a heavy speaker so this grab handle is also made out of plastic but doesn’t have this kind of a finish to it it feels very plastic.

The quality is top-notch like it doesn’t have any panel yet nothing is rattling or anything is it’s all good it like the build quality. Everything on the speaker the fit and finish is just top-notch it’s just terrific to see at this price point you can get such a great speaker JBC is doing a great deal. When it comes to the build quality is just superb to see your company which is making car speakers for a very long time. It like not only car speakers but total and a single din music systems also for your vehicles is doing such a great job.


The build quality is just terrific on this speaker everything you see over here is very well built the quality of the speaker is very good everything is made out of plastic like all other speakers. The quality of plastic is too good it doesn’t have any kind of panel gaps over here and everything is just top-notch over you as you can see on the bottom part you have these stands over here to keep the speaker stable.


So design wise as you can see this is a barrel design speaker which we are seeing for a very long time like the artist. lots of artists because or many speakers have unboxed with the same designer’s. Design is a very portable design like if this would be a square is kind of a design. This would be a bigger speaker but in this kind of a bear, this is a smaller speaker.

This is a 20-wide speaker in this kind of form factor so this is a superb speaker. It’s kind of portable you can say that you can carry it somewhere but you cannot keep this speaker inside your luggage or keep this speaker. Inside your bag because this will take a lot of space and this is heavy also like one point four or five kgs it’s a bit heavy in my opinion. You should carry your portable Bluetooth speaker but this speaker is a bit heavy to carry with you if you are traveling somewhere but nearby you’re going for a party it’s perfect in my opinion.


In the RGB kind of a setup, we have different lights purple green blue different many kinds of lights over here. On this side of the speaker as you can see this has an LED display here which can display all the stuff happening like the volume changes. The EQ mode everything the speaker has five EQ modes by the way and you can see you get a mic but also way here superb. I know you don’t get a mic but at this price point I don’t expect a mic also inside the book but if you want to connect a mic. There is a port over here or if you are having a mic you can connect it over here and this is a 20 watt speaker.

The Bluetooth is the latest you can pick up calls from the speaker like you can see over here there is a microphone. There’s a microphone you can switch off the LEDs also which with this button you can change mode also with this button. if you want to change tracks you can change through this button.


The battery capacities 2000 images and the playtime is about four to five arts. You can go to six as it depends upon the volume but in my usage, at 100% volume. It has given me about five to five and a half of playtime which is okay in my opinion for a 20-wide speaker. There are GP Lighting’s also so it will consume a lot of power so it’s okay in my opinion.But I still think that they should have given us a bigger battery because the size is very big but still it’s okay in my opinion four to five or five to five and a half hours is just perfect.

Button & Ports:

The power on/off button is the mode button you can mute the speaker playing pulpit and changing tracks you can actually. This is fast-forwarding button this is changing tracks you can change EQ modes there are five key modes. I have told you and you can put the song on repeat and you can change modes also like SD cards and USB. These all buttons for the FM’s and all those stuff if you read the manual you will see all those kinds of information over here but the main problem with the remote which I am suffering from is that you need a proper angle to let the remote work.

let me just switch it off slowly so it’s not turning off like you see you have to put it into some kind of an angle some kind of angle. If I do it like this from some different kind of a thing like you see her it’s not happening you need a proper angle from this angle. It will turn off as you see over here it will you have to adjust the angle that is the only gripe with this remote but other than that this remote is working perfectly you can do each and every kind of task.


But only the thing is that you cannot reduce the volume like you don’t have a volume button on the remote do you have a play/pause button over you can change tracks you can fast-forward the music you have that end of ease but you cannot change the volume. I don’t know why they haven’t given you the volume controller inside this remote but it’s okay like you can directly mute.

Sound & bass quality:

The sound is very clear you can hear and everything the singer is singing the bass is too dope like the bass is banging hard. The bass level will love this speaker and loudness wise also this is a very loud speaker for a 20-wide speaker it’s super loud. The sound clarity the bass it’s super dope in my opinion that it’s just terrific no doubt it’s a JVC branch.So you expect that thing but at this price
point this is a very high quality speaker

My opinion:

I got this JVC XS-N218BC Portable Bluetooth Speaker it was just mind blowing like I’ve got this pickup for 1800 rupees. It was at a high discount but now it’s priced at about 2,100 rupees but considering that much money. It’s worth every like this speaker is giving you the quality of a speaker which is cost about three thousand rupees. The sounds are superb the features provided are just mind-blowing the build quality is just terrific the design is super good. Inside this whole unit as you can show on this site and this is for air ventilation. Over here other than that this speaker is just awesome like this is a great package for twenty one hundred rupees…


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