Jira Software Review; Features, Pricing and More!

Jira Software

About Jira Software 

Before we dive into the specifics of Jira software, we want to tell you about the software itself generally. Jira software uses agile technology to work. This means the software gives you the option to choose what you prefer and set it up according to that. You can choose whether to go for a Kanban or a scrum design. With the Jira project management tool, you are easily able to cater to all of your needs and adopt the software to your preferences. 

In this piece, we will be going over Jira software and all the benefits it can give you. Jira software is quickly becoming very popular for a number of reasons and in this piece we will talk about what it means to use Jira. Keep reading if you want to learn more and want to be able to use Jira at your work to manage all of your projects! 

Highly Rated Features in Jira


The first feature in Jira software we want to tell you about is how flexible Jira software is. You can adjust the software however you find convenient for yourself. Managing a software can be stressful at times but with Jira, you have full control over it. You can choose whether you prefer a kanban or scrum style. You can further customize the software to your preferences and edit the scrum or kanban features as well. All in all, being able to choose a board helps you work faster because you choose something of your preference which motivates you to work harder and also catere to your style of working as well! 


The roadmaps feature in Jira software is another wonderful feature you get to enjoy with this software. This feature allows you to make a roadmap of your project so you can have a visual reference of the various steps involved in taking care of that project! You can change the map according to your preferences and edit it so that you can have a better representation for what steps need to be completed before you are able to mark a project as complete. Being able to create a visual map of your project and the tasks within it really helps you to ensure you and everyone working on the project with you are on the same page about what needs to be done! 


Jira software is completely worth the Jira pricing because of the power this type of software has. The software builts with agile or scrum projects in mind which allows you to do whatever you have in mind because of the malleability this software has. You are able to access several features through Jira software and these features help you make a roadmap, make edits and plans according to your needs. You do not experience any sort of lagging, loading and can be at ease knowing the software is robust and can handle anything you might throw at it! 

Anyone can Use it

Anyone can use Jira software considering how easy it is to use. The ease of accessibility you get with Jira software is one of the reasons this software is so popular with a lot of companies since they do not have to spend any extra time or resources on getting their staff up to date on the software. You can hit the ground running when it comes to Jira software because it is completely simple in how it allows you to operate it and execute various features within it. This is one of the most popular things about Jira software which makes it such a hit the world over! 

Reporting Features 

The final feature in Jira software we want to talk about is the reporting feature in this software. This feature allows you to get an automatic report of how your project is carrying on, how much progress you made, how much work is left, what your efficiency levels are and more. This helps you to set expectations more realistically about when a project can  complete so that you know what to expect and can also alert clients about it similarly. This really allows you to set expectations right which is very important for any business or project! 

Jira Pricing

In terms of pricing, Jira pricing is standard according to what the industry charges for a solid project management software. The software however, also has a free version but of course, the number of features you have access to and the number of people who can use the free version per office is severely limited. The paid version of the software which gives you access to all of Jira’s features costs about $14.50 per month. The mid-tier version which gives you access to several features but not all of them is about $7.50 per month. 

Is Jira What You Need?

Jira software is a wonderful tool for you and your colleagues if you are in search for a robust and useful project management software. Jira project management tools are used in offices around the world for ease in doing your work. 

The software has so many features which make it a top choice for you and your colleagues. We suggest you read as many Jira reviews as you can by users who have used the software for a while to help you understand the pros and cons of it clearly. This will help set expectations for you. 

We also suggest asking for a trial of the software so that you can make sure you are choosing a software right for you. A Jira demo or trial will give you a first hand look at the software so that you are able to know whether in practice the software can give you what you need. 

When we look at Jira’s features, we can’t ignore the Jira Portfolio, a product that runs on top of Jira Software. This product allows all Jira tasks, flexible sprints, etc. displayed in the appropriate planning view, which allows you to perform high-level planning and capacity planning.

We are sure you will make the right call for you! 


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