JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking How to Save More Money

jetblue airways manage booking

JetBlue Airlines was one of the first companies to allow passengers to manage their booking online, whether they booked flights directly through JetBlue or through one of the hundreds of third-party travel sites offering JetBlue flights, such as Expedia or Orbitz. You’ll have access to the same services, no matter how you book your JetBlue flight, but some tools are better designed for certain actions than others. These tips will help you get more out of your JetBlue booking experience so you can find the best JetBlue airlines flights at the best prices and take full advantage of all the tools available to you.

Sign up for JetBlue Flight deals

If you don’t have a JetBlue Airways credit card and are a fan of saving money, then you might want to consider applying for one. There are several JetBlue credit cards to choose from that can help give you more savings opportunities on your JetBlue international flights. By signing up for a JetBlue credit card, you’ll get exclusive access to special deals and discounts on select flight options, as well as earn rewards points that can be used towards even more savings in the future. If paying for airfare is something that stresses you out, try signing up for a JetBlue credit card today—you just might find JetBlue flight deals yourself saving lots of money!

Become a TrueBlue member

JetBlue Airlines offers a free rewards program to all its customers. TrueBlue members earn points for nearly every dollar they spend on JetBlue flights, as well as other ways to spend money with JetBlue partners, such as hotels and car rentals. Points can be redeemed for free JetBlue air flights or gift cards at a 1-to-1 ratio. To become a True Blue member, simply enter your email and name on JetBlue’s signup page, and then fill out some basic information about your travel preferences. Memberships are available for individuals or households, so it’s easy to sign up everyone in your family or book JetBlue tickets a trip for some friends and get them signed up too.

Get travel credit with TrueEarnings® Credit Card from American Express

Most airlines offer a travel credit card, but with all of them available in today’s market, it can be hard to decide which one to get. A great option for those who want to save on purchases and don’t want to deal with an annual fee is JetBlue Airlines TrueEarnings® Credit Card from American Express. You’ll earn 3 points per dollar spent on JetBlue plane tickets and hotel stays. On top of that, you’ll earn 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. With every 100 points earned, you’ll receive a $50 statement credit toward future travel with JetBlue air flight schedule or more than 30 airline transfer partners—including some of our favorite carriers like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates.

Download the app

Not only can you book a flight directly through your phone number for JetBlue airlines +1-888-720-1433, but if you download JetBlue’s app, you can save even more money! Pay for your seat with points; get extra points for JetBlue booking through their app and get reminders about your JetBlue change flights. You also have access to see your check-in status and airport maps. If you want to really pay less for your flight with JetBlue Airway save up to 10% by booking at least 7 days in advance. Or, take advantage of their point deal by buying 2 seats and only paying for one.

Bring your own snacks

You can save money when you fly JetBlue airlines by bringing your own snacks, but what snacks work best for flying? The size of your JetBlue carryon bag and how many hours your flight is will play a big role in determining what you should bring. You may even want to bring an empty water bottle that can be filled with a beverage once you land, which might make your trip more comfortable. If you are going on a longer flight and JetBlue plan tickets to take a nap before or after, consider packing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones for comfort so that you can rest more easily.

Do all your research online first

The average airfare for JetBlue Airways flights is about $350, which means booking a last-minute book a JetBlue flight costs an extra $100 or more. If you can travel during non-peak days, you can often cut at least 10% off your ticket price. The company offers a two-tier fare structure and most of its JetBlue booking flight options are not available online – but that’s where Google Flights comes in handy. You can use Google to compare multiple airlines as well as see if there are any connecting flights that may cost less than a direct flight. An added bonus? If you JetBlue book flight through Google rather than JetBlue’s website, it will allow you to save up to 10% on your purchase.

Check out trip status

Finding out that your flight has been delayed for hours can be frustrating. You paid for a ticket, you made it to your JetBlue book a flight on time, but now you’re stuck sitting in an airport waiting to take off. Instead of just waiting and hoping that things get moving again soon, however, there are a few things you can do if your JetBlue airline flight is delayed. First, check flight status JetBlue with your gate or check-in staff; they might know if there are other options available to help speed up their tardy itinerary.

Use discounts wisely!

JetBlue airline deals allow you to save on travel, but using them is not as simple as it seems. Before booking your JetBlue plane tickets, make sure you know how they work, when they expire and how best to use them so that you’re sure to get a good JetBlue flight deals. You don’t want to pay full price when there are discounts available! If you’re wondering what kinds of deals there are or how to take advantage of JetBlue airplane deals, keep reading for some insider tips.


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