JD Sports VS Sports Direct

JD Sports VS Sports Direct
JD Sports VS Sports Direct

When it comes to running shoes, trainers, and sneakers, two brands hit the mind. One is JD Sports, and the other is Sports Direct. Both of the stores compete to gain the customer’s trust because of their exact nature of business.

As we said JD Sports VS Sports Direct, both stores are extremely popular so it might be confusing to choose one of them. So here we got you a fleeting comparison of both that will help you to choose one.

Moreover, in the end, if you choose JD Sports, don’t forget to avail yourself and redeem the JD Sports discount code to save money on your purchase.

Before comparing, let’s go through the guide!!

A brief background of the stores

JD Sports

JD Sport was established by John Wardle and David Makin in 1983 as a single shop in Bury, England. And by 1996, the store had unlocked 56 stores across the UK. JD Sports started to conquer parts of Europe, including Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherland, Sweden, Denmark, and Spain, in 2011. JD launched its store in Malaysia. The store is highly aimed to expand its territory in Asia.

Sports Direct

Mike Ashley founded Sports Direct as a single store in Maidenhead in 1982. Now the outlet is one of the popular stores in the UK. The brand has 420 sports stores in UK and 270 stores in European countries. The store also aims to expand its franchises in all the major EEA countries over the next three to five years.

So now you get how the stores started….. Let’s head to the comparison of JD Sports and Sports Direct.


First, let see how the categories at both stores are different from each other.

JD Sports

The categories at JD sports are sectioned for the best experience of the customers. The categories include;

  • Only at JD
  • New In
  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Accessories
  • Collections
  • Brands

These products’ categories at the store let you shop at ease. But the most important and special category at the store is Only at JD. Here you can check out the items that are special and exclusive only at the store, and you can’t find them anywhere else. To shop at low prices from any of those categories, use the JD Sports coupon code.

Sports Direct

The categories at the store are;

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Brands
  • Outlet
  • Games

The categories are simple and almost identical, as you can find at JD. But here, the new category is Games that lets you shop gaming equipment. Although there is no tab for the exclusive items or to give in a quick insight into new material. So it might take time to find the latest item at the store.

The sales and discounts

As for sales and discounts, there is a short comparison

JD Sports

There is a JD Sports sale going on at the store almost all the time. The sale tab at the store features all the available products at reduced prices. The sales are for all, including males, females, and kids. Right now, there is a 50% sale. Not only this, but the homepage also focuses on sales and discounts, gaining customers’ attention.

Sports Direct

At Sports Direct, you can’t find any sale or discount tab. Furthermore, in contrast to JD Sports, the store doesn’t feature any discount or sale either. So at Sports Direct, it might be difficult to find any sort of discount.

Shipping charges

JD Sports

The store offers free standard shipping on orders when the basket limit reaches RM400. However, the store doesn’t provide express shipping.

Although you cannot get click and collect a benefit at the store.

Sports Direct

Sports Direct doesn’t provide free shipping. Instead, the shipping charges will be calculated at the checkout according to the customer’s delivery region.

You can enjoy click and collect offers at the store. Pick your nearby store at checkout for pick up for only £4.99.

Even though the store is not offering a free click and collect. It provides a voucher of £5 when you spend £100 or more.

So here, it surpasses JD Sports in terms of click & collects, but for free shipping, JD Sport saves the win.

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Coupons and discount codes

JD Sports

The JD Sports promo code is easy to find. You can search them online and can use them at checkout to save more on your purchase.

Sports Direct

Unlike JD Sports, it is very rare to find any coupon discount code or latest deal for Sports Direct. The store usually doesn’t offer any sale or discount and wholly focuses on pure advertisement of the brands. The only way you can grab at the store is student discount. And if you are not a student, you lose the opportunity to get a cut on your bill at the store.

Pros & Cons of both the store

Pros to shop at the JD sports 

  • Free shipping
  • Coupon codes and sales
  • 30 days return policy
  • Secure payment methods
  • Popular brand to shops

Cons to shop at JD Sports 

  • No click and collect

Pros to shop at Sports Direct

  • Click and collect
  • 28 days return policy
  • Student discount

Cons to shop at Sports Direct

  • No secure payment
  • No free shipping
  • No discount or sales except student discount


So these were some factors through which we compared both the brands. Although at first, both look the same and at the same position. But after researching and going on the depth of the brands, you can see the difference, such as the difference in shipping and return policy, display of product, easiness for customers, and other essential features.

After analyzing all the features, we suggest you shop from the JD Sports Discount Codes. As the store has more pros than cons. From extensive range to free shipping to secure and easy checkout. Don’t forget the JD Sports VS Sports Direct which helps you to shop without any problem of going out of budget. With these coupons, you can get a good discount and save an adequate amount.



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