IVF Cost In Jaipur Is Now Available In Everybody Budget


IVF is the best fertility treatment among all the ART treatments and also one with the highest pregnancy rate. It is a scientifically developed and designed treatment that is sensitive and precise. Because of this, IVF is also the most expensive fertility treatment in India. 

As we know that IVF is a specialized procedure, and it is a sensitive procedure, it is considered a costly process. But that’s not the case anymore. Cost of IVF in Jaipur is now affordable to all pockets.

Whatever your financial capacity is, IVF Success Rate for IVF does not go above about 40%, and as a patient, you should have the financial ability to do 2 – 3 cycles.

When you visit any IVF center for IVF treatment, it is better to know what the medication will be, the egg retrieval procedure, and other factors to be well prepared mentally and financially. 

As a patient, two questions should be kept in mind about IVF Cost.

  1. Patients may take IVF treatment about 2 or 3 times because the per attempt IVF success rate is 45%, 
  2. What will be the complete procedure of IVF.

IVF Cost In Jaipur 

cost of ivf treatment in jaipur

All the advanced ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedures that are expensive do not necessarily have a high success rate. IVF clinic where IVF cost falls 3-3.50 lakhs, does not mean that they will give 100% results. IVF is a combination of small processes, where every process can be selected depending on the causes of infertility.

Apparently, Cost of IVF in Jaipur is now only under 1,00,000. But many other factors need to be considered.

First, let’s discuss the various attributes that make up the cost of IVF in Jaipur. IVF cost includes:

  • Pre-operative IVF medications.
  • Egg retrieval from the donor or oneself.
  • Fertilizing egg with the donor’s sperm or partner sperms. 

All the IVF process is performed in the laboratory, and then the fertilised eggs are transferred back into the woman’s uterus. It is also essential to know that all the IVF components are such that being quality assured is paramount. There are ways that you can reduce some IVF costs and make it more affordable.

In Jaipur, Mishka IVF is one such infertility clinic that has gone a way ahead to provide affordable IVF treatment to couples of all age group and even similar sex.

IVF Medications Cost

IVF centers in Jaipur prescribe varying standards of medicines to stimulate the ovaries prior to the egg retrieval. The most costly of these pills are called gonadotropins. These medications include FSH or LH hormones, much required for the better quality of eggs. 

Mishka, on the other hand, prescribes a less expensive alternative following a low dose HCG protocol. HCG hormone is way similar to LH but is not expensive. Compared to LH, HCG works better because it persists for a longer duration in the body.

International standard hormone injections are 15,000-20,000 / – more expensive than domestic standard injections.

How much does this will help to save on IVF cost?

Around Rs. 20000 on the entire IVF cost.

IVF Laboratory Cost 

IVF laboratory cost

IVF laboratory is the primary infrastructure of the IVF clinic that determines the success rate. The donor or patients eggs can be fertilized with sperm in two different ways. The IVF cost can vary with the choice of the way the egg is fertilized. 

When the donors or partner sperm are fertilized in the lab dish under standard insemination, it can save extra bucks in total IVF cost.

The other way is ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection) which involves injecting the specific sperm directly into an egg, is a more costly procedure.

Suppose you’re a couple suffering infertility issues because of low sperm counts, poor motility, history of failed fertilization or abnormal Cap-Score; in that case, ICSI is the best IVF treatment process.

If you have a regular semen analysis and Cap-Score, then only opt for standard insemination,

How much does this will help to save on IVF cost?

Around Rs. 15000 on the entire IVF cost.

Take Financial Aid 

Across the nations, many organizations like Baby Quest Foundation provide financial aid to pay for IVF treatment as part of their national health services, with some constraints. For example, in Jaipur, you can get one IVF cycle paid for, but you are still responsible for the medication costs.

Getting insurance facilities can be another avenue that can help in getting financial aid. Many IVF centers in Jaipur have facilitated insurance companies that support curing infertility problems in females. Couples who have insurance coverage can pay all the IVF expenses with insurance money. Though this facility is not applicable in all the cities, the recent budget has motivated more insurance companies to promote it across the nation.

Take Away Of The Blog 

While doing any treatment, the expertise and infrastructure of the clinic and infertility doctor are very important. Most importantly, the IVF specialist you visit the clinic can be a factor in your IVF cost. It is a legitimate thing that there can be a high IVF cost for an expertise and experienced IVF specialist in Jaipur. 

Whichever clinic you go to, you can add additional costs of the entire procedural aspect, such as Embryo freezing or Hormonal Injections, which are extra for your package. Then the patient has every right and responsibility to take complete information about it from the IVF clinic.


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