Itikaf – Acts That Nullifies This Holy Act

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Itikaf This Holy Act

Itikaf is an extremely important voluntary act that Muslims undertake in the final 10 days of Ramadan. Allah (SWT) infinitely blesses a person who undergoes Itikaf by leaving all the earthly matters behind in order to focus solely on worshipping Him. Muslims prefer performing Itikaf in Mecca and Medina but not everybody can afford it. Therefore, a lot of travel companies are providing budget-friendly Ramadan Umrah packages that Muslims can conveniently avail of. If we talk more about Itikaf there are several acts that invalidate this auspicious act and a lot of people are unaware of it. Thus, mentioned below we have listed some of the most common acts that can nullify your Itikaf, so be conscious of them:

Stepping Out of the Mosque

You cannot exit the mosque without a valid cause after you have declared your intention to remain for Itikaf. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to put his head outside the mosque for Aisha (R.A) so that she may comb his hair (Sunan Ibn Majah 633). However, if you step out of the masjid without any legitimate reason, your Itikaf will be null and void. If you need to use the restroom, you may exit the masjid without invalidating your Itikaf. Even though most masjids provide meals throughout Itikaf but if not then, you may consider leaving the masjid to buy food, like for suhoor and iftar. Moreover, you can also ask your family members to bring some for you.

Unsound Mind

This might be a result of living under the effect of a drug that causes intoxication or impairs thinking. It might also be the development of insanity or mental disease, either short or long-term, which disrupts one’s intellect.

Developing Skepticism

If a person starts doubting Islam or connects others with Allah Almighty in any manner (considering others to be equal to Allah), the Itikaf is meaningless, and they must depart the mosque.

Having Bad or Wrong Intentions

Itikaf is a spiritual act intended to draw one nearer to Allah by ardent devotion over a prolonged length of time. If one is merely partaking in Itikaf to show off to friends, family, as well as other people, the Itikaf is worthless and illegitimate and will not get accepted.


If a woman is undergoing their menstrual cycle, she is not permitted to engage in Itikaf. If a lady starts her monthly flow at the time of Itikaf, she should vacate the mosque discreetly and not rejoin until her cycle is over. Even if they are at their homes, they are not permitted to0 continue their Itikaf.

Making an Argument

It is not permitted to actually debate on global issues, like politics, as it might lead to a dispute owing to conflicting viewpoints. It is also encourage not to do religion-based claims or discussions. However, it is every Muslim’s responsibility to dispel myths and teach people about the facts but be cautious about how you go about it. There is no sense of becoming enraged or disrespecting the other individual. Faith-based talks are permit as long as they are conducted calmly and rationally.

Intimate Relationships

It is not allow to get intimate with your spouse even in the state of fasting. Moreover, it is extremely prohibit if you are performing Itikaf as it can also nullify it. Not just this any kind of physical interactions are also strictly forbidden like holding etc.

Feeling Sick

If somebody feels unwell or gets sick during Itikaf, Itikaf should be discontinue since it is no longer acceptable or approved. That individual should return home to recuperate from sickness.

Wrong and Sinful Deeds

All sins, large and petty, should be prevent in Itikaf, no matter the circumstance. If a person does a wicked deed, the Itikaf is void and irrelevant.

Business Dealings

This is not the time for business deals. Itikaf is intend to direct one’s attention to Allah and to dismiss earthly aspirations and dealings in order to focus fully on worshipping Allah (SWT).


Perfumes are consider to invalidate Itikaf if they are use with the idea of receiving pleasure from them. Whether by the individual using them or by others around them. Just applying perfume does not invalidate Itikaf. Rather it is the prospect of engaging or inducing somebody to involve in acts of sin that negate Itikaf.  It is suggested not to use perfume because even. If the person wearing it does not have any bad intentions certain. Individuals around them may gain pleasure from it, nullifying their Itikaf.

Summing Up

All of these acts can easily null and void your Itikaf. Therefore, Muslims must be extremely conscious of what they do, their acts must be according to the teachings of Islam. Above we have mentioned some major points for you to consider if you are planning to undertake Itikaf this Ramadan.


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