Is Your Morning Coffee Killing Your Probiotics?

Is Your Morning Coffee Killing Your Probiotics?
Is Your Morning Coffee Killing Your Probiotics?

There is no doubt that probiotics could be useful in treating gut disease effectively. Although its performance can be affected by different cold or hot drinks. This could make you think that is your morning coffee killing your probiotics.

Most people believe that even a single cup of coffee could affect the performance of probiotic supplements. This might be because the acid found in every coffee; doesn’t matter even if you eat well or exercise daily. 

If you’re familiar with gut flora and probiotics then you must know that unlike any other drug probiotics must store in refrigerators. These conditions would also remain the same in case of shipping, at home, or sale storage. Although there isn’t any proof that probiotics could affect on storing a probiotic at room temperature. 

Various other things aren’t included on the label of a probiotic

For instance, there is a myth that probiotics coat with compounds that could withstand the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. But there is no such thing included on the label.

You could also read the probiotics label to see whether they are freeze-dried …or not? Although it isn’t ideal there are instances where we’ve made strides to keep strains viable. Furthermore, the label of a Perfect Probiotic also doesn’t state the number of probiotic colonies or active strains.

Now, this generates a big concern about their system and the way they approach anomalies like you which isn’t a surprise — as the companies like this and make big money. The data gathered from different platforms indicate a large number of Americans dealing with gut disease and looking for magic pills; with a blind eye and blind faith. 

In this topic, the complete discussion would share with the audience that’ll allow them to draw their conclusion.

What are Probiotics Good For?

I’m sure that the audience must be aware of probiotics and are looking for the answers that what they’re really good for. But you’ll surpris to know that probiotics could also foun in yogurt and different other food.

Now the question that stands here is why do we need them? Or more importantly, what do they do?

  1. Hunting down or slowing the growth of bad bacteria
  2. Reducing cholesterol levels
  3. Support the immune system
  4. Regulate pH value
  5. Boosts the digestive system
  6. Detoxify and protect the intestine
  7. Supports the absorption of minerals and vitamins
  8. Reproduce vitamins such as folic acide, vitamin B6, biotic and niacin
  9. Minimize the effects of depression
  10. Minimize the risk of tumors and cancer

Freeze-Dried vs Live

Many companies in the probiotic business now use the freeze-drying process so that the probiotic could survive at room temperature. Although this process also increases the viability of probiotic strains over the past few years. Furthermore, the conditions have to be right to store the freeze-dried probiotics.

Any moisture entering the package of probiotics could also affect the stored probiotics as it’ll activate the strains. You could also purchase the live strains from the company directly to keep the probiotics refrigerated while transferring the probiotics via shipping. Therefore the live strain will keep the probiotics freeze-dried until it reaches your doorstep.

Here’s the Rub

After understanding the benefits of probiotics you just need to make sure that the magic of the probiotic could last enough. So what about this coffee kills probiotics problem?

The researchers couldn’t find the facts behind this myth. However, there is strong evidence that coffee (both brewed and instant) could increase the level of Bifidobacterium (good bacteria) in your gut.

The health professionals normally say that “the benefits of probiotics could be affected due to the heat or hot drinks”. Therefore it’s recommended to take the probiotics before or after the 30 minutes of taking coffee; especially with an empty stomach.

What you really should be concerned about

There is no doubt that the acid from the coffee can’t kill the probiotics. But still, you have to maintain some checks while consuming a cup of coffee. As too much coffee can cause different problems in the body. 

1. Adrenal Gland Burnout

If you use the coffee then it could be possible that your body will be in a constant state of emergency. Due to this, the adrenal glands will start working overtime to produce cortisol resulting in adrenal burnout.

There could be several other side effects of taking too much coffee. This includes the breakdown of healthy bones and muscles. Furthermore, this could also disturb the digestive system of the Aging Body.

Moreover, the coffee will also slow down cellular healing and interfere with the mental functions and metabolism of a body. In short, the caffeine kick will shut down everything which will further burn out the gland.

2. Sympathetic Nervous System Stress

Coffee make up of a very important ingredient called caffeine which could trigger the sympathetic nervous system. This includes the “fight or flight” response that could increase the risk of chronic stress. These conditions can lead to an increase in issues such as cortisol and adrenal gland burnout to simple agitation and the ability to relax. 

3. Insulin Resistance

Caffeine can also use to exaggerate the glucose-insulin response…if you have taken any. At the same time, the effect of insulin resistance depends upon the sensitivity level of any person; so the impact of caffeine must keep in mind.  

It’s strongly recommended to remove the use of caffeine from the diet if you’re already bordering on insulin resistance or have become insulin resistant

4. Cortisol Levels

Unlike other ingredients, caffeine could increase the cortisol levels which release by the adrenal glands in response to stress. The cortisol released as a result of a natural response could be roughly three times extra a day.

Different researches indicate that “the consistent consumption of caffeine could minimize this effect but can’t be eliminated“. Therefore the risk of adrenal gland burnout remains there due to this you also have to face problems in losing weight.

5. Catabolic Muscle Breakdown

The use of caffeine could also cause a sudden increase in testosterone resulting in muscle gain. As we know that caffeine also increases cortisol levels. If the cortisol levels rise above the testosterone levels then the effects of caffeine could be opposite.

This means you could suffer from catabolic muscle breakdown. Rather than benefiting from the anabolic muscle gain.

Final Thoughts!

After exploring the overall article we’ve come across different side effects that can cause by using caffeine. The only benefit that can be obtained using caffeine is that it gives you a feeling of simple “awake” but the side effects would be beyond imagination.

If you’re fond of coffee and also want to take probiotics then you must consider the

timing. For instance, you must take the probiotic 30 minutes before or after with an

empty stomach. In the end, if you follow these instructions carefully then this could save you from lots of problems.

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