Is Your Inglis Fridge Not Cooling?

inglis fridge repair ottawa is your inglis fridge not cooling?

If your Inglis fridge is not cooling, there are a combination of factors that could be the culprit. With an Inglis appliance, rest assured that you’ve made a great decision to buy a quality appliance. A Canadian brand, Inglis is a top choice for a reliable household appliance. In 2001, Inglis became Whirlpool Canada to continue to provide hard-working and long-lasting laundry and kitchen appliances for Canadians. Is your Inglis fridge not cooling? Contact Doctor Appliance today.

Is Your Inglis Fridge Not Cooling?

As professional appliance repair technicians, we often receive phone calls from Ottawa residents in distress over their broken Inglis fridge. The common complaint we hear is that the Inglis fridge is not cooling. If this is your issue, we recommend booking an appliance repair appointment. Be sure to have a professional Inglis appliance repair service come over and help you deal with your fridge’s problems. What could cause an Inglis fridge from cooling? Let’s explore the most common problems.

Dirty condenser coils – Inglis Fridge Repair

When it comes to an Inglis fridge, not cooling, the issue could be in the condenser coils. A fridge’s condenser coils are responsible for cooling down the gas in your household fridge. If the condenser coils get dirty, the fridge will not operate as it should. Thus, it could burn out the compressor. The condenser coils are located under the refrigerator and they often get dirty. To ensure proper air circulation, we recommend that fridge is not flush with the wall. Instead, leave two inches to ensure your fridge doesn’t need repairing.

Malfunctioning condenser fan motor

As with the dirty condenser’s coils, a malfunctioning condenser fan motor will not work because of compressor overheating. Eventually, the fridge would burn out completely if the repair is not looked at immediately. The cost to repair a compressor can exceed the cost of a new fridge. Thus, we always recommend having a professional appliance repair technician diagnose the fridge asap.

If your Inglis fridge isn’t cooling, it might be because of a malfunctioning condenser fan motor. If the motor is defective, it prevents your fridge from performing the air ventilation necessary to cool properly.

Malfunctioning evaporator fan motor

Another common Inglis appliance repair is related to the fan motor located in the freezer. This component draws air over the cooling coils and circulates it to the fridge and freezer compartments. If this isn’t working adequately, it won’t distribute the cold air to your fridge, preventing your Inglis fridge from cooling. This would result in the fridge not working, and the freezer is cold. If this is happening to your Inglis fridge, we recommend contacting Doctor Appliance for your Ottawa Inglis fridge repair service.

Problems with the main control board

Sometimes, an Inglis fridge not cooling might occur because of a malfunctioning fridge control board. This is the brains of the fridge. A control board is very complex to install and should be left to a professional technician. This involves the wiring of the fridge’s internal workings. This sends voltage to the cooling system, and a faulty control board would ruin the proper temperature of your Inglis fridge. If your Inglis fridge is not cooling, have a professional technician diagnose the main control board. Rest assured that a professional technician will know how to diagnose your Inglis fridge.

Old compressor

As mentioned, sometimes due to frequent wear and tear an Inglis fridge might need a new compressor. This is a pump that compresses the refrigerant and circulates it to the evaporator and condenser coils. If it stops functioning, the refrigerator won’t cool. This is one of the rarest situations encountered when a fridge isn’t cooling. So, it is highly recommended to ask a technician to assess your device. Your Inglis fridge might not be cooling due to a wide array of factors.

Doctor Appliance Inglis Fridge Repair

If your Inglis fridge isn’t cooling, be sure to contact an appliance repair company near you. Instead of trying to repair the fridge yourself, save yourself time and money by calling a technician to diagnose the fridge. Only an experienced technician can identify and address the problem in little to no time. Remember that DIY projects might cause further damage to your device. Usually, one or more of the factors listed above can lead to broken Inglis fridge. It is challenging to diagnose this appliance remotely, so asking a technician to diagnose your fridge is the best approach! Contact Doctor Appliance for free same-day Inglis fridge repair services.


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