Is there a fee to cancel or change my flight reservation with Spirit Airlines?

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What are the policies of Spirit Airlines when it comes to canceling or changing my flight reservation? When can I cancel or change my flight, and how much does it cost to do so? This article explains all about Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policies. And processes to make sure you’re aware of your rights. And options when it comes to making changes to your flight itinerary.

When you can and cannot cancel

When you book a Spirit ticket, an unconditional Spirit cancellation policy means that you can cancel your flight. And get a full refund of your Spirit Airline tickets price, taxes and fees. As long as you do so at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure time. It doesn’t matter why you want to change or cancel. You can no longer use your travel insurance for your Spirit Airlines destinations, for example. However, if you don’t abide by these rules—if you call at Spirit Airlines Contact Number within 72 hours of departure time, for example—you forfeit any right to request a refund. And in some cases, even if you follow all of these rules but miss your flight due to something out of your control (like inclement weather). You may not be able to get a Spirit refund policy. It important to know what is require when Spirit Airline flight booking online and make sure that requirement are met when make change. For more information on how Spirit cancellations work on different airlines, check out Airfare watchdog’s guide here .

How much does it cost to cancel?

There is no charge to alter your itinerary prior to 24 hours before departure. To make changes within 24 hours of your scheduled flight, you will be charged $20.00 for domestic flights, and $50.00 for international flights. There are no charges if you decide not to travel on your Spirit Airline Booking. However, once you arrive at your Spirit Airlines destinations, you will have forfeited any refund amount from an original purchase that was fully refundable up until 48 hours prior to departure. If you choose to rebook your flight using points, they will be deducted automatically. If you prefer cash refunds, please call our reservations department at Customer Service Number Spirit Airlines 1-888-678-0392. Between 6:00am – 11:59pm EST daily. If it’s after hours, please leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. In addition to these fees for changing or Spirit Airlines cancelling flights in advance of travel, there may also be a difference in fare price when rebooking online compared to what is available by calling our reservations department directly at Spirits Customer Service 1-888-678-0392 (6:00am – 11:59pm EST daily).

What are the fees if my flight was canceled by Spirit?

If your itinerary includes two or more flights on any airline. And your Spirit Airlines flight is canceled, you may be eligible for a refund on your Spirit Airline tickets. If that’s not true in your case, check out our list of related questions below. If none of these options apply to you, it’s possible that we can still help; click here to fill out our online Customer Service Spirit Airlines form and we’ll get back to you quickly. However, keep in mind that if you book Spirit Airlines using a third-party travel site like Expedia or Orbitz. Those sites will have their own policies regarding refunds. Please contact them directly for assistance.

Final Tips For Cancelling Reservations

First off, it’s important to remember that unlike many airlines, Spirit Flights does not charge for name changes. In other words, you won’t be charge anything if you want to call up and switch your seat assignment on another day. However, if you decide to completely cancel your reservation (say, because of illness), you will lose all of your money—whether that means paying in advance or being refund. So basically, as long as you don’t have an urgent reason to need a Spirit cancelation policy (or are trying to score some free tickets), just stick with rebooking on another day if possible.


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