Is Salesforce Developer A Good Career In India? A 2021 Guide


Businesses flourish when they have satisfied customers. Thus, businesses at large have been relying on CRM solutions to strengthen the relationships with customers and grow faster. Advancement in technology has led to several developer cloud-based solutions to make businesses more efficient. When it comes to cloud-based CRM, Salesforce is probably the biggest name in the game. This is why every startup seems to hop on Salesforce train, making Salesforce training the most demanded up skill training in India.

From a technology education standpoint, managing a variety of Salesforce platforms can also prove to be worthwhile. With a dedicated service, an average Salesforce professional can earn about $71,175. Thus, getting Salesforce training is a worthy way to secure a good job not only in India but also across the Globe.

Even if money isn’t your driving force in your business, getting Salesforce training can open many interesting doors. With that in mind, this article will help you understand what Salesforce is, why Salesforce matters, where you can get Salesforce training from, and whether Salesforce training worth your time (and money).

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company, providing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to big businesses and startups. Salesforce services allow companies to use the cloud to improve interaction with partners, customers, and potential customers.

This software has become number one among businesses; that’s why businesses are promoting Salesforce training among their current employees and hiring potential employees directly from Salesforce training centers. While Salesforce has a wide range of applications; their core CRM aims to help companies to:

  • Retain customers
  • Find and manage potential customers
  • Keeping their customers happy
  • Grow business faster
  • Providing great customer services from anywhere
  • Go digital and empowering employees
  • Providing companies with insight into their customers

Thus, if you plan to get Salesforce training, make sure you cover all these areas and get a hands-on learning experience from your Salesforce training program.

Job Roles For Salesforce Professionals developer

Starting a career in Salesforce is not much difficult after getting initial Salesforce training. So, if you do not know about the career path of a Salesforce professional, we are here to help. Getting information about the various job roles for Salesforce professionals will help you select proper Salesforce training. Here are some job roles:

  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Salesforce Project Manager

Among these professions, Salesforce developers continue to be the most in-demand job role in India. Thus, a variety of certification centers and Salesforce training programs are available to help people learn technical skills. But what do Salesforce developers actually do?

Who Are Salesforce Developers?

These professionals design, develop, deploy cloud applications to efficiently analyze client data and deliver it to the company. It’s necessary for these professionals to know in-depth understanding and limitations of Salesforce. You can get all the basics and technical knowledge from Salesforce training, which can help you secure a good job.

Salesforce training is especially beneficial for those who do not have a technical background and want to become a Salesforce developer. Even after getting Salesforce training, such people should take some time to master these skills so they can secure a job as Salesforce developers.

Salesforce Developer’s Salary & Demand In India

In this section, we will look at the many different aspects of income and the important factors that determine how much money Salesforce professionals earn in India. We will also examine the role of Salesforce training in determining the salaries of these professionals. First, let’s start by examining the Indian economy of Salesforce.

According to the IDC report, the worldwide spending on cloud storage will grow from $147 billion to $418 billion, which is about a 19% growth a year. According to it, the Salesforce economy will generate $30 billion in revenue alone in India by 2024, creating 548,000+ new jobs.

It shows why the demand for Salesforce training is on the rise in India. Just a quick search on shows around 3259 jobs related to Salesforce developers; if you are still wondering about the worth of Salesforce training, continue reading further.

It is clear from the picture that the basic salary of a Salesforce developer starts from ₹284k and can reach up to ₹1m. So if you are not considering changing your line of career, you should do it now. Besides, Salesforce training programs make it much easier to start the learning process.

Factor Affecting Salesforce Salary

If you have made up your mind to be a Salesforce professional and opt for Salesforce training, here are some factors you should know about. These are some factors that can affect Salesforce salary in India:

  • Experience: It is an obvious fact, the more experienced you are, the better salary you will get. A person having experience lesser than a year earns ₹304k, while those in early careers, having 1-4 years’ experience get a total compensation of ₹493k.
  • Location: In India, the location of the company also determines the salary of a Salesforce professional. Salesforce professionals in Karnataka and Bangalore earn 18.8% more than national-level average salaries.
  • Skills: The better the skills you acquire, the more salary you will get. Thus, considering good Salesforce training to up your skills is helpful if want to get good compensation. The salary of an entry-level Salesforce professional is ₹304k, while mid-level professionals get around ₹593k, and experienced ones get over ₹1m.
  • Company: The bigger the company, the chances of getting a better salary increase significantly. The biggest IT giants in India are Cognizant, Deloitte, and Accenture technology Solutions that pay an average of ₹600,000 to Salesforce developers annually.

All these factors are somehow interlinked, and Salesforce training plays a great role. For example, better skills mean that you have a higher chance of getting a job in a big company and get more experience. Big companies are usually located in big cities of India; so in short, you have to polish your skills in order to earn well in India. Getting help from an online Salesforce training program is an efficient way to update, upgrade, learn new skills, and secure a good job.

Salesforce Developer Salary In Other Countries

Salesforce jobs have become quite competitive not only in India but also across the globe; thus, the number of Salesforce training centers and programs is growing. By sitting in your home country, you can attend Salesforce training programs of another country, making learning much easier and convenient.

Let’s learn about the average salaries of Salesforce developers in other countries and the role of Salesforce training programs:

United States: In United States, more and more people are getting admissions in Salesforce training programs as the average annual salary of a Salesforce developer is $86k, which can exceed up to $125k based on level of expertise.

United Kingdom: There are several Salesforce training programs operating in the UK that connect learners across the Globe. The average annual salary of a Salesforce developer is £44k, making it popular among job seekers.

How To Become A Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce is a much broader topic to specialize in, but the good news is that because of this, anyone can develop at least a little bit of competence in the position in a short amount of time. For example, you can learn the core skills from Salesforce Training in Hyderabad. Many Salesforce developers start with basic development knowledge. To become a Salesforce developer, you may need to get Salesforce training in the following areas:

  • Data management, security, and modeling
  • Salesforce app customization
  • Lightning framework
  • Visualforce basics
  • Apex object-oriented programming language
  • Search solutions basics
  • Salesforce Developer Console
  • Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)

Thus, if you are planning to get Salesforce training, make sure you get a hands-on learning experience in all the above areas. But now the question arises, which Salesforce training to choose?

Getting Salesforce Training

Salesforce training is helpful for anyone with a non-technical background to understand Salesforce and ways to use it. Businesses that have incorporated this software require professionals who can handle it and efficiently use it for rightful purposes, i.e., benefiting business at large. Here is when Salesforce training programs come into the picture.

There are several Salesforce training and learning platforms available in India and across the globe too, but CRS Info Solution surely has the best professionals who will make you learn through daily practice tests. The reason why you should join CRS Info Solution is that they have thorough guidelines for beginners. For example, you can even find cloud computing tutorials and complete admission guidelines on the official website. Besides, their Salesforce training program is quite affordable for beginners.

Learning is an ongoing process, and Salesforce keeps on adding new features to its applications, in this scenario Salesforce training programs can be helpful. CRS Info has a curriculum for those people who have already started their career as Salesforce professionals and want to up their skills. A professional team of experts in CRS Info’s Salesforce training programs also guides about resume building and interview questions to ensure their candidates secure a job.

Is Salesforce Training & Certification Worthwhile?

When it comes to job generation, Salesforce continues to surpass expectations. Thus, acquiring a skill that is flourishing is definitely a plus. Spending money on Salesforce training is worthwhile and will help you get a good job within your country. Even if you fail to get a good job within your country, you can start freelance work and provide your services to international clients, all thanks to Salesforce training.

The skills acquired in one way or another will definitely help to get a new job, retain a current job, or even freelance. A big plus of Salesforce training programs is that they will help you receive a certificate, which is proof that you are a Salesforce expert. Even though many people are working without such certificates, but getting Salesforce training will help you move up the ladder in your career. In career progression, Salesforce training certificates can really prove to be handy.

Roles & Responsibilities

Now that you know what Salesforce developers do and where you can get professional Salesforce training from; let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce developer:

  • To work on website applications as well as mobile
  • By using Apex and Visualforce, develop products on
  • Integrating systems with Salesforce
  • Customizing Salesforce application
  • Creating customer workflows
  • Maintain security and user roles
  • Preparing and providing technical plans
  • Conducting and participating in workshops
  • Participating in developing, deploy, test, train, and documentation.

Being a Salesforce developer means to help the business grow; that is only possible if a person keeps his/her knowledge up-to-date and focuses on improving it. A good Salesforce training program can really be helpful for not only getting a new job but also retaining the current one. You surely don’t want to be get replaced by someone who is coming from the top Salesforce training center and has a better skill set than you.


Every business requires an efficient customer management system to operate smoothly, and Salesforce software is fulfilling its promise by providing the best CRM system. Salesforce training programs help individuals to acquire the right skills that will be beneficial not only for them in getting a job but also for businesses.

According to by mastering skills and getting hands-on learning experience from the Salesforce training program, many people in India are getting great monthly compensation. Technical skills that people are acquiring from Salesforce training programs are promoting freelance work in India. One such Salesforce training platform is CRS Info Solution, which is providing a practical learning experience at a reasonable price.


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