Is React Native Worth Using for Mobile Development?

Is React Native Worth Using for Mobile Development?

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile application development frameworks for both iOS and Android in recent times. Plus, react-native has combined the traditional and modern methods of hybrid app development. Today, with new updates, React Native is improving in every way. With the recent version, you can easily change the existing features of React 0.59 as well. The number of issues has been corrected that were in the previous version providing you a hassle-free development experience.

Here are the top things that why React Native is worth using for Mobile Development:

1.Improvement in Accessibility

Because of a new update, React Native is expected to improve further in terms of accessibility. The 0.60 release has multiple changes to improve accessibility for both iOS and Android platforms. Such as they add several missing roles for many components, they add Accessibility State API for web support, Reduce motion and iOS accessibility flags will now be supported in iOS, and, also in Android, Accessibility Info. Announce For Accessibility, will be supported.

2.A New Start Screen

React Native latest release comes with a new app screen. Facebook  Hire dedicated react native mobile developers claimed that it will be more user-friendly and will share valuable instructions. The new react-native UI will introduce the user to the ecosystem more clearly and engagingly. As for in business, there is nothing more important than providing a good UI UX to your users

3.Auto-linking for OS

The additional benefit is React Native libraries comprise native along with platform-specific code. It will help you enable your project to find the reuse the code. However, the CLI team of React Native has presented major head ways in the auto-linking so you can easily hire dedicated react native developers.

4.Fast Refresh

Fast Refresh is one of the latest updates of React Native, and it takes the mobile development experience to the next level. Fast Refresh function is a combination of “hot reloading” and “live reloading” with full support for modern react. Even Experts now agree that the feature will make the app development even faster than before.

Wrapping up:

No doubt the future of React Native is very high. We would say that it can benefit about 80 percent of businesses by saving them a great deal of time and money. React Native is a perfect solution for most use cases unless you have some specific platform issues. Scale your business on top with Hire React Native Developers. We will help you set up a complete dedicated mobile application team in a short time.


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