Is Laser Treatment Good For Skin?


For a start, most people find laser treatment as a magic wand to alter their skin conditions and other surface-level issues to disappear. However, it’s only necessary to mention that medical lasers are far more serious and demand knowledge and experience. This is why you must go through fundamental facts about laser skin treatment. This can effectively help you to achieve notable results like laser hair removal and ignore side effects.

What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Definitively speaking, laser Skin clinic or laser skin treatment is one of the more popular skin care procedures that require the help of experienced physicians or dermatologists. The said process essentially uses lasers to assist in skin texture improvement and appearance.

Most dermatologists will recommend you either ablative or non-ablative lasers upon assessing your individual needs. If you are learning about laser skin treatment for the first time, you must realise that ablative lasers include Erbium or carbon dioxide (CO2). Aesthetic clinics worldwide use CO2 laser resurfacing treatments for removing scars, deep wrinkles, and warts. Additionally, Erbium is particularly popular for refined lines and wrinkles.

Then again, you have non-ablative lasers as well- they don’t necessarily serve the purpose of removing skin layers. However, they are more efficient in spider veins, rosacea, and acne-related skin concerns.

Who Should Get This Procedure?

Although you won’t find any strict guidelines or restrictions for using laser skin treatment, these skin concerns generally need it. People who struggle with sun-, age-, or acne-related skincare concerns often settle for laser skin treatment. This is because such skin concerns are not treatable with over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Here’s a list of various skin concerns that essentially require laser skin resurfacing for treatment:

  • Age Spots
  • Acne Scars
  • Scars
  • Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Sagging Skin
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Warts Enlarged
  • Oil Glands

Additionally, you must realise that your skin tone can also verify if laser skin resurfacing is your skin’s ideal skin treatment procedure. According to skin aesthetic clinics, those with lighter skin tones often find this skin treatment beneficial since they carry a reduced risk for hyperpigmentation.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is essential to mention that laser skin resurfacing is primarily considered a cosmetic procedure worldwide. This is why any medical insurance does not cover the procedure. When it comes to the expense of laser skin treatment, the range varies from time to time. This is essential since different people choose different lasers. A special American report found that ablative treatments cost about $2,330 per session while non-ablative laser treatments cost roughly $1,031 per session.

Furthermore, you must also realise that your overall expense greatly depends on the number of sessions you demand. Patients typically require numerous laser resurfacing sessions until they get their desired results.

What to Expect From the Procedure

Although laser skin resurfacing is not a new cosmetic procedure, the modern innovation in medical science has meant that things are done a lot differently. The procedure essentially targets the external skin layer while concurrently heating the lower layers in the dermis. This essentially contributes to promoting collagen production. This is particularly necessary since new collagen fibres contribute to developing new skin.

What to Expect From Aftercare and Recovery

Although dermatologist surgeons participate in laser skin resurfacing, it is essential to mention that this procedure doesn’t fall under any surgery model. Patients can essentially leave the medical facility as soon as the procedure is complete. However, recovery and downtime are obligatory to ensure absolute healing. Moreover, it will also prevent the risk of side effects.

Side Effects and Duration

When it comes to laser skin treatment, you must realise that the cosmetic procedure involves healing and recovery, as mentioned already. As per skin aesthetic clinics and dermatologists, the healing process typically takes about a week time.

However, you want to develop a comprehensive understanding; you must note that the bigger the treatment area on your skin and the deeper the laser, the longer the recovery time. To put this into context, patients take up to three weeks to recover from an ablative laser treatment.

Additionally, you must realise that the skin during the recovery phase tends to be highly red and scab over. Patients may also experience slight peeling on their skin. Aesthetic clinics suggest using ice packs to comfort the skin and reduce any swelling. Moreover, you may also choose to avoid visiting areas that could expose your skin to germs and other unwanted conditions. You don’t need to quarantine at home for the entire recovery period. However, you could avoid stepping into places such as gyms.


Moreover, you will also do well by adjusting your regular skincare routine. As per the most skilled dermatologists and knowledgeable skin care aesthetic clinics, you must consider cleaning the treated area at least two to five times daily. Furthermore, it would be best to choose saline or vinegar-based solutions instead of the usual cleanser, which the doctors recommend.

Then again, it would be best if you also adapted to a daily habit of changing the dressings to keep the clean skin underneath. You could also consider using a skin moisturiser to accelerate the healing process.


If you are not aware of the skincare procedure, you must also note that the patients must guard their skin against the sun during the recovery period. The skin tends to be sun-sensitive following each laser skin resurfacing procedure. Your best choice would be using sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to reduce the risk of sun damage or sunburn. You must ensure the skin is always under the guard of sunscreen throughout the day.

What to Expect From the Results

Finally, it’s only necessary to mention that non-ablative laser treatments don’t bring as much threat for side effects. However, patients will most likely require several treatments to achieve their desired results. Then again, the ablative lasers tend to provide immediate results in one treatment.

It is essential to mention that Individual results vary tremendously. This is essential since the extent of the treatments of initial concerns. Skin resurfacing is popular for its long-term skin treatment. But having said, the results of aren’t permanent like laser hair removal.

Do you want to have unwanted body hair removed at a skin clinic by a professional? At Skinduced Aesthetics Clinic, we offer unique and affordable therapies that produce tangible results. The laser, unlike most other hair removal methods, is successful. Your skin will remain unaffected, but the results will be noticeable. The best aspect is that laser hair removal removes hair from the body permanently.

Painless Hair Removal Service

The Clarity laser is used by Skinduced Aesthetic Skin Clinic to provide the best laser hair removal service. We use cutting-edge technologies in our treatment. It is also suitable for everyone, no matter what their skin tone or texture is. Without a doubt, you will achieve fantastic results.

Avail the Best Laser Hair Reduction Service from Us

Laser hair removal has become extremely popular now. Skinduced Aesthetic Skin Clinic specializes in laser hair removal. We have professionals on staff who can give all of our clients’ advice on taking care of themselves after therapy.

Come to Skinduced aesthetic skin clinic to learn more about what makes us the best laser hair removal service in the neighbourhood. The Clarity Laser is one of the most versatile dual-wavelength platforms available, allowing us to treat almost any skin condition. We will be able to significantly reduce your treatment duration with the Clarity Laser while still giving exceptional results.

It is preferable to visit a reputable skin care facility when it comes to your skin. Skinduced Aesthetic Center is the only skincare clinic in the area. Our services include dermal peels, laser peels, hydro facials, laser therapy, and other skin treatments.

With Laser Therapy, You Can Get a Youthful Glow

Laser skin resurfacing might be able to help you get rid of the early indications of aging. This anti-aging skin treatment can help to decrease wrinkles and fine lines. The therapy recommended will restore the young shine of your skin. We have a board-certified dermatologist on staff that will provide you with the best possible care.

Skinduced employs dermatologists because skin therapy administered by a dermatologist is always safer. We work with a highly skilled team of professionals from a variety of sectors on a regular basis. The skin, the most sensitive component of the body, necessitates extra care. As a result, we don’t cut corners in this department.

At Skinduced, Get Rid Of Fine Lines through Laser Treatment

If you want to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, or tattoos, come to Skinduced for laser skin resurfacing. As a result of this therapy, your skin will become tighter and younger-looking. We provide a non-invasive skin treatment, and you won’t have to worry because a dermatologist will oversee the procedure.

Skin necessitates a great deal of attention, which may be provided at home by simply sticking to a regular skincare program. You will obtain skin-related advice from the finest dermatologists at Skinduced. It would be best to see a visible result if you chose a skin treatment in our facility.

Get Long Term Results from Our Skin Clinic

There’s a reason why laser treatments and pigment peel are so popular. Our dermatologist is the best in the country, and our laser clinic is the best. It is painless, and after a few days, the benefits are visible. You will get a long-term solution if you have your laser skin treatment done at Skinduced.


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