Is It Your Mobile That Keeps You Distracted? Here’s What You Can Do!


The addiction to mobile phones is real. And people realize it when they cannot do anything without checking their mobile every once in a while. You may have heard people suggesting that you find something more fun to do that you forget about your mobile, but does it work? Well, the answer is a NO. Mobile phones are basically a package of multiple activities that keep you occupied. These activities include everything from replying to a family or friend to social media notifications and the will of capturing precious moments. Without even noticing, people find themselves addicted to this mini gadget that has a whole world to it.

To continue with this addiction, you will notice yourself doing irrelevant things. For instance, you will check weather updates every now and then or view your own social media statuses again and again. This is even proved by studies as according to recent research, a normal mobile phone user is addicted to using mobile while doing other things. This shows that people sitting with family and friends too do not put their phones down.

Coming across this issue made us realize that there has to be some solution. Therefore, here we are enlisting an article that is composed of points that hopefully help in limiting your mobile phone usage.

So, let’s begin with it.


1.  Analyse Your Mobile Phone Usage

Do you know? Even mobile phone creators know that excessive usage can harm your inner peace. And that is why most mobile phones of today come with a screen time feature. This feature helps you analyse how much you have used the mobile and identify the apps that are used the most. If your smartphone has this feature, this point is an easy thing to do as you can set daily limits for apps that you use the most. Once you exceed the limit, your phone will notify you. Although you can ignore these notifications, still, it is a good idea to create a barrier at least inside your head.


2.  Keep Your Notifications On Off Mode

Saying no to notifications is a hard thing. And we can certainly feel you. The thought of missing something never really lets you press “no” when apps ask permission to send notifications. But, what is it that you can possibly miss? Nothing more relevant than your peace and time, right? If there is something important a loved one needs to tell you, they would probably call – with this thought, set all your social media notifications to off. And of course, to stay connected with friends and family, you can keep the messages and call notifications on.

The ring of notification is the most highlighted source of distraction. No matter if it is just a follower who liked your post. Once you pick up your phone and open the app, there is no way back till 2 hours. Thus, use socials when you are entirely free and turn off notifications.


3.  Before Your Hand Touches the Mobile, Think!

Before you think about picking your mobile, think. Yes, pause and think about the reason why you are unlocking the mobile phone. Is it something important or just random scrolling? If it is something important and has to be done right now, if yes, then go for it. And if it is something random, restrain yourself from picking the phone.

Of course, we cannot neglect the other reasons for using a mobile phone. For instance, to avoid the attention of people you are not familiar with, to eliminate the feeling of uneasiness. Once you realise that you are overusing your phone to avoid people, start working on your networking skills.

Talk to people, go to meetups, and make yourself comfortable to reach out. Doing this will not only improve your antisocial behavior but also limit extensive mobile usage. The main thing is to find the real reason behind why you use your mobile a lot, once that is done, everything else becomes easier.

If you use your mobile phone because you feel lonely, go talk to your family, or plan a meetup with a friend or a colleague. If it is boredom that hits you, try watching a movie or taking a short walk, and even reading a book can also be a good idea. Find things that can play a replacement of your mobile using fun.


4.  Uninstall Apps That Are Not Useful

Sometimes your mobile usage is not always something you do intentionally. Most of the time it’s unintentionally, out of a habit of tapping the same icon. It usually happens with social media apps as they are more addicting than others due to their colorful self. So, here’s a question. How to avoid this urge of opening such apps? Well, as an initial step, remove these apps from the home screen. The less you will see them the less likely you are to open them. Also, group all the distracting apps and put them into a folder. Once they are a few taps away, you are good to go.

If these two options do not work, go for the uninstalling option. It’s a good idea to say no to meta applications and go for google’s news feed. Not only will you get a chance to learn about the world but also will be aware of current world affairs. Also, try to stay away from your phone if you have posted something. We also have been there and done that. The temptation of checking the likes and comments you have received is real and hard to ignore.


5.  Put Your Phone Away From Your Sight

It is the best way to reduce mobile usage, yes, put it away from your sight as far as possible. Even in the other room. The more it is away from you the better it is. Want to know a tried and tested trick? Try leaving it inside your bag when you come home or put it in a drawer. Easy, you will not miss anything. If there is something urgent, someone will call and you can surely hear that (just make sure to put your phone on high volume). The trick of putting away your phone is clever because no one wants to get up just to get the phone unless it is actually ringing.

This same trick can save you from looking rude at family get-together parties or other dinner and lunch meetups. How will you use a phone if it is not available in front of you? You will be left with no other choice than to focus on what you are already doing.


6.  Try Not To Use Phone While Going To Bed

Checking your phone frequently throughout the day reduces your productivity, as does look at the screen right before bedtime.

Try to put your phone away at least two hours before bedtime. When you breach this rule, it will hurt. And there the job will be done.

To schedule time away from the screen, use Screen Time (iOS) or Digital Wellbeing (Android). For example, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., your phone may disable most apps and only allow you to make phone calls. You may also set the Do Not Disturb mode to turn on automatically every night to ensure that nothing disturbs your sleep.

A Quick Check-list:

  • Stop and think before you pick your smartphone, think about the task you have, if it is something irrelevant, do not pick.
  • Analyze your screen usage and establish time limitations for apps that you use excessively.
  • On the second page of the screen, hide the most irritating apps.
  • Consider removing all social media apps. You can check your newsfeed in a browser if necessary.
  • After you’ve posted something on social media, put your phone away. Checking your fresh likes and comments every 5 minutes is far too tempting.
  • Turn off or reduce the number of notifications you receive.
  • When you’re at home, work, or school, put your phone in your bag.
  • To get a good night’s sleep, avoid using your smartphone before bedtime.



The overuse of smartphones has become a common issue thick and thin. Therefore, it was essential to provide something that helps the readers elevate towards betterment. The overuse is bad for multiple things. For instance, your eyesight will be affected, you will have a list of undone tasks, and the time you spend between friends and family will be reduced. Although students do not get affected in terms of education as they can now hire cheap assignment writers to assist with academic assignments. But other things such as lack of personal time come under the influence. So, we hope our write-up will help you limit mobile usage and succeed in breaking the addiction.

Best of luck.


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