Is it Possible to Learn Quran Online within a Year?

learn Quran online in a year

People have different priorities in life. They have different needs, goals, and aspirations too. Everyone wants to achieve something within the time frame they have set. Quran learning is also an important goal that every Muslim wants to achieve as early in their life as possible. Obviously, the best time to start learning the Quran is childhood when one is free from other responsibilities and the learning capacity is optimal. But things don’t always work as they should have and you can be late to start learning Quran.

This is the age of technology that has changed the way people used to learn the Quran. Gone are the days when one had to face all the hassles of traveling to a Quran learning center and compromise on your daily routine. Now one can learn Quran with the ease no one would have thought a decade ago. Technology has made it possible for everyone to learn Quran online without having to step out of their living room and that too with utmost flexibility of the schedule.

In case you have started learning the Quran online at a later stage, you would want to complete the Quran before you get occupied by educational or professional responsibilities. Or even if are a kid, you may want to learn Quran online before college. Hence, you may come with the question ‘is it possible to learn Quran online within a year?’ I am frequently asked this question so I thought of answering it at length.

To answer this question in a simple Yes, No, it is a definite’ Yes’ provided you do the following. These are proven tips and I have had students who actually completed their Quran in a year following these tips.

  1. Take class every day

When you decide to continue your online Quran classes after the trials, you are given options as to how many classes a week you would like to take. For fast online Quran learning, it is obvious that you should go for the maximum classes per week preferably every day.

Remember, inconsistency is the one thing that will come in the way of achieving your goal. When you take a class every day, you learn fast. Also if it’s possible to increase your class time, you should do it. Although it will come with an extra fee it will increase your chances of completing your Quran within a year.

  1. Master Noorani Qaida

Don’t underestimate the power of Noorani Qaida or Qaida Noor ul bayan for that matter. Noorani Qaida is for complete beginners that lay the foundation for Quran learning. It contains the basics that play a pivotal role in your Quran learning process. A complete understanding of Noorani Qaida is essential for fast Quran learning. You must master every topic and every subject covered in Qaida without an iota of confusion.

Even if you spend six months i.e. half of your time frame on this tiny book of 40-60 pages, that’s worth it. The objective should be to fully understand all the Tajweed rules. If you do this, Quran recitation will become extremely easy. Otherwise, you will struggle and make mistakes.

  1. Practice everyday

Don’t rely entirely on classes. A class is only for 30 or a maximum of 60 minutes which is not enough keeping in mind your goal. You must dedicate 30-60 minutes of your time every day to revise your lesson. It will help you reflect on your mistakes and better prepare you for your next lesson. It will help you make the most of every class. Practicing every day will greatly shorten your online Quran learning time.

You will be tempted not to practice on certain days thinking you have grasped everything discussed in the class or because you have a heavy schedule. Let these excuses not stop you from reading the Quran every single day throughout the year.

  1. Take notes during the class

For quick online Quran learning, it’s important that you identify your weak areas and your mistakes as early as possible and work on them. Every student struggles somewhere that holds them back from perfecting their Quran recitation.

It’s important that you note down your mistakes and the tutor’s suggestions on how to correct them. You should then focus on them during your practice session and try not to repeat them next time. It’s perfectly alright to make mistakes but you should learn from them.

As a side note, it’s also important to be active in the class and ask questions where you feel the need to. Don’t shy away from asking questions as this will only increase your knowledge.

The above tips have helped hundreds of students learn Quran online within a year and they will surely help you too.


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