Is it better to buy or rent tools when renovating your home?


While some pieces of equipment can be purchased for long-term use, the majority of them are unnecessary for your daily activities. This brings us to the renting option which is sometimes more practical and economical. In which case will one option be better than the other depending on the type of project you are doing in your home. Some smaller repairs that are done frequently require you to have tools like scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, a good vacuum cleaner to clean everything up. These things can be purchased because they are overall useful. On the other hand, big renovations of your home. They are done once in a decade, and purchasing too many tools can make a mess later when it comes to storing something that won’t be used in a while. Let’s explain in more detail whether purchasing tools or renting ones is better when it comes to renovating.

Renting tools for future renovations

As we mentioned, if you plan to use the tools and equipment in future home renovations projects, then purchasing them is not a bad idea. When you have to pour a foundation for the house, you will probably do it once, unless you have several construction projects in mind. If you’re a craftsman, purchasing a table saw might be very useful and you can spare money for owning the tool and not renting it every time.

If you have several apartments or houses for renting, and you frequently do renovations, it also comes in handy to own the tools. However, if this is not the case then purchasing so many tools can be an excessive outcome not worth the money. In that case, renting is wiser since you save some money long-term. Even if you have a similar project 10 or 15 years later it is still better to rent again than to preserve and maintain all that equipment for years when it can even become obsolete during so much time. The technology advances all the time and tools you bought years ago might not be used in the future because of the constant construction innovations.

How long will the renovation last?

The duration of this particular project is another important question other than its frequency. If the project needs to be done fast and efficiently, renting is the best option since you don’t want to buy tools for something that will only take a couple of weeks maximum. For ongoing projects that require a lot of time, purchasing is not a bad option, but you need to weigh down the pros and cons. This is why you need to have a good project plan which will include all the calculations of all the project expenses.

Compare all the options and prices and don’t buy something just because you think you might need it sometimes or it would look good in your workshop. Take into consideration the facts only. Renting can decrease your expenses because you only pay a fraction of the For large and specialized equipment, renting allows you to pay a fraction of the purchase costs and this gives you the chance to invest in a more modern or expensive renovation project than you would with purchasing the tools. Once you have the list of the tools necessary for different tasks to be carried out, you will be able to see if purchasing is better than renting. Unless the project is very long renting will probably be a wiser solution.

Calling in the professionals

Even if you purchase the tools, will you know how to use them properly? Professionals rent you not only the machines but also their help and experience along with the expertise. Those people have handled machines like that their entire career and know how to use them for the best possible results. Unless you are a professional like them yourself, you probably don’t know how to drive a forklift or how to use some heavy machines. Why would you bother with deciphering how to use all that and also spending money when you can afford forklift rental along with professional expertise? You would also save money and effort and probably your nerves.

High maintenance

The purchased equipment needs to be maintained properly or otherwise, it will not work well and your investment will be lost. Regular servicing is required for any machine that needs fuel to work, such as generators. They also need to be thoroughly cleaned after the work has been done. This can be exhausting and if you think that professionals who rent the equipment also take care of the cleaning and maintenance. Then you will understand that renting has another significant benefit. Regular homeowners are usually not prepared to handle all that maintenance that can result in being expensive and annoying. Rental services on the other hand can deal with that with ease.

Lack of storage space

In the end, storage space is another issue that pops up beside the maintenance. If your garage space is limited, there won’t be room for so many tools. Rental companies are the ones who have the ability to store and maintain large machines and sets of tools. Then they supply anyone who needs those machines. This way somebody else does the annoying job for you while you pay only for the service you want to be done, without extra work.

To sum it up, when renovating your home, then renting or purchasing tools dilemma is inevitable. In case your funds are limited, you get to spend more money on the renovation itself if you rent the tools. This is the most practical choice since you will be free of any maintenance and storage issues. Only for large projects that would be carried out many times in the future can purchasing be considered as a valid option. Also for those of you who are professional constructors themselves and want to expand their workshop. In the majority of other cases, tool renting is the fastest, cheapest and simplest way of doing all the work.


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