Is hair care routine is essential for faster hair growth

hair care routine

A well-laid-out plan for hair is essential to make a faster growth of hair. In the polluted world, you have to step out every day, and your hair has to bear those pollution particles. You have to take care of your hair every day for better conditions of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will become dull and fizzy, when it comes to contact every day with pollution. Your hair needs oiling every week or twice a week to get nourishment, and if you want hair growth you should try the organic best hair oil for hair growth. It will help you to retain the moisture of the scalp. If you want to make your hair thicker and healthier, make sure you are using suplhate free shampoo to your scalp. These shampoos are good to maintain your hair growth, and scalp pH balance. That will help your hair to grow fast. The advisory if you have major issues of hair and scalps you can concern the doctor first, they give you the best guidance. If you have no issues you should follow this hair care routine treatment. 

You have to make sure you know, how to determine your hair care routine. First, you have to remember to give attention to your hair amidst your demanding schedules. Or maybe you are confused with what the hair care routine should be. The routine of hair ensures your hair stays nourished, healthy, frizz-free, and strong plus, and it does not take much time to keep reading to find the right routine for your hair types. And yes, if you know about the hair type you can easily get the solutions to your hair. 

Why is it important to choose a hair care routine?

Maintaining a good hair care routine is essential to following a skincare regimen. It will keep your hair soft, free of infections, healthy, greasiness, and other conditions. First, you have to notice how often you wash your hair, it depends on your scalp type and hair texture. The researcher once said, before choosing any hair care regimen. You have to be aware of your hair types and you should identify the cause issues of hair issues. The results help you to analysis, what type of hair care routine and treatment your hair requires. Also remember chemical treatment will damage your hair, with its harsh particles. 

Before choosing the hair care routine you should know your hair type. If you know your hair type, it will be better for you to identify your hair care treatment, and you can do it efficiently. Let’s see what are they, and how you can determine it. 

How to determine your hair type and how you can take care of them?

There are a few types that you should know before going for the treatment. 

Straight hair:

Straight hair can’t curl easily and falls flat on the roots. All ways down to the ends. It is usually silky and soft. Women with the hair types tend to have oily scalps that cause the hair to get greasy. If your hair is straight, you should try to take care more than usual. As they are thin and silky, and they can easily get damaged. 

How you should wash your hair 

  • Use suplharte frees shampoo that will help your hair get rid of extra oil and dirt. There are some products that specifically keep your scalp oil in balance
  • Wash your hair for 2-3 days is compulsory. Otherwise, your hair will become more grassy due to other reasons. 

How you can take care

  • Use the light conditioner and ignore using a level in conditioners. Heavy conditioners will give your hair weight and down and causes it to feel too heavy.
  • Apply your conditioners only to your shaft, not to the roots. 

Wavy hair:

This hair type is in between curly and straight hair. If you have wavy hairs you must notice soft, big vultures as it progresses from roots to ends. If you have wavy hairs you can experience the rough hair texture. However, you can hold any hairstyle well. If you want to style your hair straighten, curl you can style anyways. Overall your experience with this hair is most convenient and easiest. 

How to wash: 

  • Way hair doesn’t need to be washed as much as straight hair, as this type of hair is tend to be dry 
  • You should choose chemical-free shampoos, that are specifically made for wavy hairs. 

How to care:

  • Nourishing your hair with an oil massage before washing. It will keep your hair hydrated and healthy. 
  • Make sure you do condition your hair every time while washing your hair 
  • Wavy hair has tended to be more dry than straight at the ends of the hairs. 

Curly hair:

Curls are rare in India, and those who have are not happy ones. Anyways this hair type is determined by the prominent curls from the root down. Curly hairs tend to dry and fizzy as compared to the above two types. There are three types that you can experience in curly hairs. 

  • 3A(loose curls)
  • 3B (medicum curls)
  • 3C (tight curls)

How to wash:

  • Wash your hair using organic shampoos. Restrict yourself by using shampoo on your scalp as that is a cleansing need. Shampoo removes moisture and essential oils as well.
  • Wash your hair just one time in the week to protect it from getting too dry.

How to care:

  • Deep conditioning your hair can be an integral part of your regimen
  • You can use curl-defining cream to make your hair loops stand out.
  • Detangle your hair with running water when you applied conditioners.  
  1. Coily hair:

This hair alsp\o known as African American hair. This type of hair is determined by the tight curls and is actually quite fragile. This hair has tended to break easily if not taken care of properly. 

Coily hair has further been segregated into other types:

  • 4A (soft)
  • 4B (wiry)
  • 4C (extremely wiry)

How to wash:

  • Use milf suplahte free shampoo to protect your hair from dryness
  • You should focus on the roots, not the shaft. Shampoo removes essential oils from your hair. 
  • You should co-wash your hair with conditioners 2-3 days a week

How to care:

  • Oil your hair an hour before washing your hair, as it off with shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Deep condition your hair in the week at least. To give nutrients and hydrate your hair properly.

This is all types of hair you can experience. Apart from this, you have to determine the effect of washing your hair. Let’s see what are the effects, and how you can teat your hair. 

You should consider the factors that affect how often you wash your hair

Washing your hair every day is not compulsory. As for shampoo re, moves all the crucial oils and moistures, that your hair needs to stay hydrated. You should consider the below list if any is falls in any of the below categories. 

Grease oil:

Oily hair easily attracts pollution and dirt. This can clog pores and the development of other conditions like dandruff and itching. Your genes, age, lifestyle, and hormonal changes can also determine, how your oily scalp is. People who have this kind of hair, need to wash their hair daily. They should choose the best hair oil for hair growth which lies between the category of body care products

Your hair type:

The strainer your hair, the more oily it will become. However, straight hair needs to be washed often as compared to the other type of hair. Your hair type is not in your hand, but you can take care of them by choosing the suplahte free shampoo for your hair. You have to wash often, so chemical-free shampoo will protect your hair from damage. 

Dust or Pollen Gains:

If you have to work outdoors most of the time or you are indulging yourself in these kinds of activities, like gardening. You may have to wash your hair regularly. Since your scalp has been exposed to dust and pollutions. So, if notice your activities and then make a decision of washing your hair. 


Your lifestyle is also matters in your hair care routine. If you are a person who loves to travel or love to do exercise. Your scalp may feel more sweaty and you have to wash your often in the week. 

Importance of hair care routine to protect your hair

These are the main point that you can consider while taking the treatment of your hair. If you have issues with your hair. You should concern your doctor before going to choose any treatment. They will guide you better about your hair issues. If you have no medical issues you can follow this hair care routine for better condition of your hair. If you have any skincare issues, so you can take a skincare routine too. You should use the body care products that will helpful for you. However, you should know the skin type and proper treatment for that.


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