Is GTA 5 Supports Cross Platform?

is gta 5 crossplatform

The gaming industry has gone digital in recent years. People may now play their favorite games with friends and strangers from all over the world, rather than simply locally on the couch next to them.

With Grand Theft Auto Online extending to more consoles, the question of whether it allows crossplay arises. Cross-platform play has grown in popularity among multiplayer games in recent years, to the point where it is typically one of the first questions asked of a new online title. With GTA Online being as popular as it is, the matter becomes even more pressing.

What is Cross Platform?

Cross-platform gaming refers to the ability of players to play games with or against others on multiple hardware platforms. For example, if you play on a PlayStation and I play on an Xbox, we can both play the same game but on different platforms.

GTA 5 Intro

GTA is a five-game open-world action-adventure video game franchise. The original GTA game was launched in 1997, and the brand has since gone on to become one of the most successful gaming franchises in history, selling over 150 million copies to date. If you are a pro gamer then you played coin master, Where you can get 50,000 free spins coin master.

GTA’s gameplay is rather straightforward: you travel the environment, perform tasks, and engage in action-packed combat. You are permitted to operate automobiles, boats, and motorcycles. The game also has a multiplayer option where you may play with and against friends or strangers.

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Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform in 2022?

Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not support cross-platform play. This implies that if you’re on a PS4 or PS5 and your friend is on an Xbox One, PC, or another platform, you won’t be able to play GTA V together.

While many other online games, both AAA and non-AAA, have made great use of crossplay, GTA Online’s lack in that arena is somewhat surprising. It is one of the most well-known online games of the time and is associated with a large brand, but for some reason, it does not support crossplay. Considering that gamers have been banned for moving from GTA 5 to Online, this is not the first strange issue that Rockstar has faced with relating the game.

When players join via an Xbox, for example, they will all access a single save file located on Microsoft’s servers; this means that you must have access to a Microsoft console and an internet connection before you can play online.

Some Reasons:

  • Different game saves: Because each device stores data differently, a player cannot access data from another platform’s save file. 
  • Console architecture: Because the Xbox and PlayStation have extremely distinct architectures, it is not possible to exchange GTA V between them. 
  • Different gaming licences: many creators have exclusive agreements with one platform, which means they cannot release their game on other platforms.

When players connect via PlayStation consoles, they each have their own save files, so there is no restriction on where the player can be situated in order to join an online game session. The only limitation with this gaming platform is that each player must have a PlayStation console and an internet connection.


GTA V is not cross-platform, therefore gamers may only play with their pals on the same gaming platform – Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

We hope you found this article “Is GTA 5 cross-platform in 2022?” informative and useful in determining whether GTA is cross-platform. Please leave a comment if you have any further questions about the game Grand Theft Auto. We will gladly assist you.


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