Is Facebook WordPress Plugin Not Working Properly?

Is Facebook WordPress Plugin Not Working Properly?

Facebook made a WordPress plugin for WP bloggers seriously it’s amazing. It really makes our blogs a social place for readers like there are many features which are developed and designed by Facebook for WordPress blogs e.g Like button, send button, follow button, recommendations bar, comments box, social publisher, insights, etc we can use any feature within our blogs if we have installed the Facebook plugin.

The real name of the plugin is Facebook but I love to call it Facebook for WordPress because it’s unique and looks great. So if you don’t really know or never used this plugin then read another article that I wrote only to explain everything about this plugin that how can we integrate Facebook with WordPress blog? And if you have already installed this plugin and got some issues with it like the social publisher feature is not working properly and you don’t really know that how to solve it then you should keep reading this article.

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Facebook WordPress Plugin: What is Social Publisher?

The social publisher is a feature or option we can say it’s a built-in feature of this plugin. Actually, it helps us to post on Facebook using Open Graph actions like when we post a new article on our WP blogs it will post action on Facebook like Roomi published an article, etc so it is a very different way to tell your Facebook friends and followers that you published an article on your blog instead of just posting or sharing post URL on your Facebook Timeline.

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If you are using a Facebook plugin for your WP blogs then you must have noticed that after publishing a new post it shows you an error and doesn’t publish any action on your Facebook Timeline like an explicitly shared error so if you see it and you don’t really know what to do or how to fix it then you are at right place.

How to Fix Explicitly Shared Error?

So the problem is how to fix this error and seriously I searched about it a lot but didn’t find the solution then I came to know that there are some new changes that we have to do to make this feature working properly so all you need is to go to your Facebook app’s Open Graph settings there I hope you have already made an Open Graph action for your app Publish action just click on it will show you new page there check three boxes as shown in the picture.

After that just click on the button saying Save Changes and you are done now your plugin should work properly. Hope you have found the solution to fix this explicitly shared error if yes then please say something in the comments below, you can also ask anything or if you have any problem with this plugin then share with us I will reply to you as soon as I can with the solution

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Best Adsense Alternatives

I have talked about the top 5 best Adsense alternatives and explain little bit about them hope you will love it if you know any other best online advertising network then please share with us but for beginners even advance bloggers and webmasters these are the really top 5 best Adsense alternatives in 2013 because you can sign up on any of the sites listed below without any complications like we have to verify our Adsense accounts

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the most famous and high-paying Adsense alternatives in terms of in-text advertising for all content-based websites or blogs. And the most amazing thing about it is that you do not need to have a high profile website or blog to sign up on Infolinks all you need is to register and wait for 2 days or more it depends on them.

Actually, after successful signup and getting an approved account now, you just have to copy and paste a code into your website’s source code then it will do its work automatically that code will search the content and will match the keywords with your content and ads will be shown related to your content so it’s amazing.

2. Clicksor

Seriously Clicksor is also very famous and good for those who want to add targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs. You can earn decent money with it if your website has decent web traffic. You must give it a try. If you didn’t like Infolinks and didn’t get approved by Adsense then Clicksor is for you and for your blogs and websites. The minimum payout is only 50$ and you can cash out directly to your PayPal account. You can also refer others to earn commission from their earnings so it’s cool.

3. Adbrite

Adbrite totally works like BuySellAds means it doesn’t show ads on your website but a link that helps advertisers to buy ads on your websites or blogs. You also must give it a try hope you will love it.

4. Chitika

Few months it was my most favorite online advertising network seriously I really enjoyed it because it only shows targeted ads which are suited to your audience’s interests so it helps us to earn more and more and Chitika also pays you good money more than other websites except Adsense. You can also cash out to your PayPal account.

5. Adhitz

I used this website too and seriously I enjoyed it first because I got approved accounts within hours and one of the most amazing things about this website is that we can cash out through our Payza (AlertPay) accounts as well as PayPal accounts once we reach to minimum payout which is 25$. It is on number 5 because it does not pay you well but you can get your accounts within hours even within minutes.

Most of you are using Twitter and me too if you want to follow me on Twitter then here is my profile @sohaib_ilyas and if you do not want to follow me then think about it
I hope you have followed me now let’s talk about this article actually in this post I am going to share that how you can add the Twitter Timeline widget to your website or blog. Twitter has released its latest widget and we call it Twitter Timeline so I hope you like to show your Twitter Timeline on your website so that website visitors will be able to interact with your Twitter profile directly from your website or blog.

Twitter Timeline Widget

Twitter is also a very famous social network as well as Facebook. Facebook has already released many plugins or widgets for webmasters or blog owners but on the other side Twitter seems not much interested in it but finally, they released its latest plugin or widget Twitter Timeline so if you want to add it to your website or blog then keep reading!

How to Add it to Website or Blog

This is not like an article that you have to read every single word to get some knowledge it’s just a text tutorial to inform you that there is a new Twitter widget so if you want to add it to your website then go ahead do it now! So let’s add the Twitter Timeline widget Robotics Team Name Ideas.

First of all, go to this link there you will see few boxes just add your username, set height for the widget (if you want to), select theme (light or dark), set link color (blue by default), now add domains where you want to add Twitter Timeline widget and then click the button Create widget and it’s done.

Just check sure that you have added the domains where you want to show Twitter Timeline, hope you understand it! Even if you want to show domain on a naked domain then add if you want to add on www domain then add or you can add both like this, and then click on the big blue button to save changes then get your code copy it and paste on your website source code. You can also add it to your WordPress blog or Blogger blog all you need is to paste the code where you will paste the code the Twitter Timeline will appear exactly there. If you want to edit changes to your Twitter Timeline widget then go


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