Is Esophageal Cancer Curable?

Esophageal Cancer

People may have the growth of abnormal cells in the esophagus over some time. In general, one needs to know that cure for esophageal cancer isn’t prominent. But, an individual may be able to treat the causes of this disease. Here, a patient’s survival rate becomes very low after a certain time. Besides that, an individual’s willingness to prevent its occurrence can be helpful. So, one may consult the Oncologist in Bangalore for this cause. 

Here, an individual may go through this article to know more about esophageal cancer. Furthermore, one can come across various means to treat its cause.


Can Esophageal Cancer get cured completely?

The final answer to this question is a big “No.” An individual may not get away from esophageal cancer completely. Following that, a person may go to resilient oncologists for help. Besides that, an individual can find his way to regular treatment.

Here, the person can be helped with certain chemotherapy and radiation therapy doses. Furthermore, a doctor may also recommend certain medications to help. 


What are the treatment options for esophageal cancer?

There are multiple treatment options targeted toward alleviating esophageal cancer. In general, an individual’s treatment depends upon his stage of cancer. Besides that, the person’s choice regarding treatment options also matters the most. However, a patient’s diagnostic test aids a lot regarding this.

So, one can treat esophageal cancer in the following ways:

  • Chemotherapy

Many individuals rely upon chemotherapy to cure esophageal cancer. A doctor can inject these anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. Here, one’s drug moves through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells. However, a person needs to note that chemotherapy isn’t relevant for esophageal cancer. So, an individual takes this along with radiation therapy. But, one need not ignore its implications for treating other cancer types. 

  • Radiation Therapy

Usually, doctors take the help of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells. Simultaneously, a patient may have an 18% survival rate by having the doses of radiation. Besides that, an oncologist may use other means of treatment along with this. Furthermore, one’s cancer cells can be killed easily by administering chemotherapy alongside. However, an individual need not remain aloof from the side effects of radiation therapy. Following that, an individual may seek his treatment plan accordingly. 

  • Surgery

Precisely, one may consider surgery as the most common way to attain the cause of esophageal cancer. Here, an individual may use surgical means to remove a part of the esophagus. Moving on, the person’s cure for esophageal cancer may target removing affected lymph nodes as well. Following that, a doctor reconnects the healthy portion of the esophagus back to the stomach. However, a person can have certain infections after having surgical intervention. 

  • Immunotherapy

A person with advanced esophageal cancer goes through combined immunotherapy-based treatment. Most importantly, an oncologist makes the immune system strong to defeat cancer cells. Here, the person may improve his overall health condition as well. 

  • Laser Therapy

Usually, a doctor may initiate the use of high-intensity light to destroy cancer cells. In general, one’s targeted area is treated with laser therapy. Following that, an individual may destroy cancerous tissue in this manner. Besides that, the person’s blockage in the esophagus can be treated thoroughly. Moreover, one need not ignore the complications associated with this treatment.

  • Cryotherapy

A doctor may use the means of cryotherapy to help the tumors shrink. Following that, an individual need not worry about the effectiveness of this disease. 


  • Electrocoagulation

Generally, an individual may use this palliative treatment to destroy cancer cells by heating. A doctor may take the help of an electric current for this. In doing so, This help to attain a person’s signs of the tumor completely. 

Therefore, the patient may come across several ways to treat esophageal cancer. An individual must be determined enough to get rid of cancer cells rapidly. Here, one may discuss other health conditions with the concerned oncologist. 


How can you know about esophageal cancer’s occurrence?

Truly, an individual needs to recognize the signs of esophageal cancer to cure its cause. A patient may not have any symptoms in the early stage of esophageal cancer. Following that, the person may have the worst condition in his advanced stage.

So, one’s symptoms of esophageal cancer may include the following:

  • Problem in Swallowing
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Chest Pain
  • Having Indigestion
  • Coughing
  • Hoarseness

How can you increase the risk of esophageal cancer?

Normally, a person’s lifestyle habits can become dominant in risking the cause of esophageal cancer. An individual should try to alleviate such factors for their help.

So, a person’s risk factors may include the following:

  • Heavy Alcohol Use
  • Smoking Tobacco
  • Suffering from Barrett’s esophagus
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Age
  • Family History
  • Obesity

How can you prevent Esophageal Cancer?

People’s willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle can aid in preventing esophageal cancer. Following that, an individual must understand the significance of a proper diet. Furthermore, the person’s cure for esophageal cancer lies in its prevention. 

So, one can prevent esophageal cancer in the following ways:

  • By maintaining a moderate weight

One can reduce his weight to alleviate the cause of esophageal cancer. In general, an individual must carry out physical activities for this purpose. Besides that, the person can control his cravings for fat-based foods.

  • Healthy Diet

The person’s intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can ward off the signs of esophageal cancer. An individual can consume nuts to aid the cause. Moreover, one may also add cheese, eggs, and yogurt to the diet. However, the person needs to stay away from red meats. Eventually, the person should avoid processed foods to escape cancer. 

  • Exercising Regularly

Generally, a cancer patient can have his workout session to ward off the cancer’s cause. Following that, the person can go for aerobic exercises as well. Besides that, an individual can boost his immune system to defeat esophageal cancer. Furthermore, the person may improve his entire health condition in this way. So, one may relax his body by carrying out daily exercises for about 15 to 20 minutes. 


An individual can aid in curing esophageal cancer by treating its cause. The person must generally remain acquainted with every treatment option for reference. Besides that, one need not avoid the side effects associated with them. Following that, an individual should try to recognize its symptoms as well. In doing so, a person can treat his cancer in its initial stage itself. Furthermore, an individual needs to know more about preventing esophageal cancer. However, one may contact the Oncologist in Bangalore for its treatment. 

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