IP1 License: 4 Things to know to give Infrastructure as a service

ip1 license

Infrastructure as a service (IP1 License) is a new buzz-stream-of-words. People talk about it a lot within the tech-industry. And within the telecom industry, it’s slowly gaining more and more importance now that competition is increasing. If you want to participate within the same competition, you should know about the IP License.

So here are the 4 things to know about license the license to Infrastructure as a service

Know who provides you the IP1 License

The primary body that provides the license to who want to use Infrastructure as a service providers is the Department of Telecommunication.  Governed under the Ministry of Communication and notorious for being the department with the highest application rejection rate, the DOT is the one that you must tackle to get the license.

The entire premise of you getting the license on time depends upon whether you or not you comply to the rules that the DOT sets up, replaces, consolidates and changes again. What I mean to say is – you need to keep up with the changing policies of Department if you want to be successful at getting the IP1 License.

Know about the scope of IP1 License

There are two types of Licenses for Infrastructure provider. One that gives them the ability to provide the active infrastructure – resources that are electrical in nature. And other that gives them the ability to provide passive infrastructure – the non electrical resources. They are as follows:

  1. Right of Way: Giving passage to the electrical resources.
  2. Duct Space: Giving space to setup the wiring.
  3. Cell Towers
  4. Base Stations
  5. Antennas
  6. Coaxial Cables

The IP1 License application form is filled to get the IP1 License, one that gives you the right to provide non electrical resources.

Know about the IP1 License procedure

The IP1 License procedure is not a tricky one and entails the following steps:

  1. Gathering and drafting the requirements: These include:
    1. Certificate of incorporation of your company
    2. MOA and AOA
    3. Board Resolution
    4. Power of Attorney
    5. Specifications of resources that you’re providing for your role as Infra as a service
    6. A demand draft showing the fee that you need to pay to get the license.
  2. Filing the offline application: Because the licensing process primarily deals with hard objects and not abstract one, the government thought that a completely offline process would suit the IP1 Licensing process. So, file the application for IP1 License offline along with the documents mentioned in the step above.
  3. Getting the assessment going: The Department of Telecommunication will get straight to assessment when it receives your application.
  4. Get the IP1 License: After the completion of assessment, the DOT official will generate a report. Based on that report, the Department can grant you the IP1 License.

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Know about those who can provide you the license

IP1 License is not unlike other government licenses. You need to break your neck to convince the government that you deserve the license. Which is why, don’t try to get the license on your own. The DOT Consultants take great pride in acting as your IP1 registration tools. You can use them to reach out to the government bodies and file the application. You can assert them when there is an error with the application. And, you can get all these services at a relatively small price.

And these are the four things to know about IP1 License.

Now that you know about the process, the scope, the provider and the service provider of the license, are you willing to go one step further? Our consultants specialize in tackling multitude of services that are concerned with DOT. We can assist you in not one, but most of the certifications that DOT provides through its various wings, including:

  1. TEC certification for specialized telecom equipment import.
  2. WPC Certification or Equipment Type Approval for wireless product import.
  3. Infrastructure sharing.
  4. Multi Service Operator license.

If you’re looking for an IP1 license or any of the above business registrations, feel free to contact us. We are always ready by the phone to pick up your call, take on your needs and fulfil your requirements pertaining to the services you need.


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